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Feb 26 2015
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This guy's cute but what an idiot. Like some (mostly younger? because they've grown up in a world gripped by conspiracy theories?) others, he openly suggests Madonna's fall at the Brits was staged. I mean, you'd have to be a complete idiot to think that for one second upon viewing that tape. Madonna was forcefully dragged backwards off of three steps and fell on her ass in mid-sentence. There's no way she could have rehearsed that safely. It's obnoxious, but it's also incredibly stupid, to think such a thing because while one might understand being cynical in general, the fact that common sense can be thrown out the window is scary.

Meanwhile, this is incredibly creative and not unkind, a funny way to laugh off what happened. I think Madonna should use it on tour.

Madominos pic.twitter.com/OcXrWUZC53

— cyriak harris (@cyriakharris) February 26, 2015

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Gotta agree...no capes!

So glad Madonna's fine and that rational, empathetic human beings realize mistakes happen and that she did well under the circumstances. Nice shoot-outs from Cher, Elvira, Boy George, Adam Lambert, Liza Minnelli and others on social media.

Still so many nut jobs in the world talking about how it was staged, insisting she was lip-synching (I guess a lot of people with zero showbiz experience fail to realize that a light track with a hot mic is not lip-synching), saying she's an Illuminati witch or—more mundanely—insisting this had anything to do with her age. So may gay people joining in the bashing. Madonna may not be your cup of tea, but she isn't your enemy. Pathetic.

Feb 25 2015
She's Gonna Carry On Comments (0)

Sadly, Madonna's big Brits performance didn't go as planned. Some sort of mishap with her cape led to her being forcefully dragged from the stage by a dancer when it failed to disengage. Madonna, stunned momentarily, gathered herself and returned to the performance, singing live strongly over her track.

This is the true meaning of irony: Singing a song about stumbling and falling and carrying on right after being snatched off a stage.

MadonnaThis reminds me of the Hillary Clinton sunglasses meme—she is falling but looks very focused, like plotting how to right it.

My heart sank. I hope she will make light of it and persevere. She sure continued on like a pro after a fall that had to hurt.

MADONNAVia Joseph Mora!


Need To Know: Balking DEAD Fans + Twink First + Flipping The BIRDMAN + Ass-Backwards + FASHION POLICE Brutality + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureWalking Dead fans can't stomach...a gay kiss???

*widget boy cultureAs you know, I love a good word controversy. But is “twink” a slur???

*widget boy cultureThis Michael Keaton Vine makes me sad.

*widget boy cultureThe girl is on FIRE.

*widget boy cultureBoehner loses it over President Obama's Keystone veto. (Ha-ha.)

*widget boy cultureSaw Kingsman and found the final joke really tacky & weird.

*widget boy cultureIs your dog food brand killing your dog?

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper's murderer found guilty.

*widget boy cultureKelly Osbourne has some balls. I'm turning the corner on liking her.

*widget boy cultureGiuliana Rancic issues a legit apology for her racially insensitive comment.

*widget boy cultureGovernor of Arkansas is on Cher's Chit List.

*widget boy cultureSticky: A great place to find BUBBLES.

*widget boy culturePower bottom + Power Rangers + coke = must-see.

*widget boy cultureCongrats to Kevin Sessums on the publication of his latest memoir.


Feb 24 2015
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NewlancelogoIf you were a fan of Desperately Seeking the Exit, or if you are into laughter at all, you may wanna check out Late with Lance!, the newest creation from Peter Michael Marino. What's it about? Well:

Meet Lance…delusional cruise ship entertainer, celebrity stalker and pathological musical theater fanatic. After a 15-year hiatus from the cabaret world, Lance is back in town with his own brand of variety talk show. He’s invited Liza Minnelli, Hugh Jackman and Miami Sound Machine to be on his show  - and that’s surely bound to happen. This solo show/talk show spoof with a musical theater twist features original song parodies, The Sound of Music performed in five minutes, an homage to the film Fame, and many more ridiculous surprises. Lance has suffered for his art. Now it’s your turn.

You've been warned!

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Billboard pins down RuPaul on the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race, a brand-new album, that sexy Pit Crew and...the gayest show on TV???

Feb 23 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Klaus Nomi—TOTAL ECLIPSE Comments (0)


Via Fierth: HD footage of Klaus Nomi performing in NYC. He died of AIDS in 1983...

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Kimmo Matias is not kidding around when it comes to music. Check out Pneuma Pleroma: Diamond Edition.