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Apr 22 2015
Bee-List: The Ultimate Bee Gees Box Set Comments (0)


Well, here's a godsend: Bee Gees: 1974—1979 (Rhino, March 2015),  is an amazing five-disc set that includes four studio albums and a bonus disc of hits from Saturday Night Fever, B-sides and outtakes.


It's crazy to think that they were on their twelfth album in 1974, when this collection picks up. This set really and truly collects the best of this underrated group of disco legends and musical geniuses. Name your favorite Bee Gees track and it's on here.


What a treat.

EXCLUSIVE REMIX: Feeling Alright - BOGAN VIA - Total Recluse DJ Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.23.15 AM

You're gonna love this official Total Recluse DJ Remix of Bogan Via “Feeling Alright”. The original version is from the Madly EP.

BIO: Rich Michalowski a.k.a. Total Recluse DJ is a remixer, producer, show/music promoter & DJ located in Silverlake, CA. His latest remix is of Bogan Via's single, “Feeling Alright”. The original single is from Bogan Via's Madly EP. For his live shows Rich curates a mix of independently released artists from multiple genres. His love is indie pop/rock and often blends shameless electronic based pop songs with lo-fi indie rock recordings. His remixes have been heard on KCRW-FM Los Angeles, CA.

Check out the next Total Recluse DJ show i@ The Echo in Los Angeles, CA on April 28th.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.23.15 AM

Word Soup Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.13.57 AM

Chaka Khan really fucks up on “It's Raining Men” (why didn't they try a second take???)...

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Apr 21 2015
Go Time Comments (0)


After the jump, check out Aiden Leslie's “I Just Go”...


Keep reading...

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GHOST TOWN Philly Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 1.46.14 PM

Adam Lambert's “Ghost Town” is pretty great...

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Need To Know: Male Hooters + That King You Do + Masc-ing Tape + Rent Boy + X-Men4Men + MORE! Comments (0)

11174476_484084425074899_2722219902336585357_oAll you can eat!

*widget boy cultureThe male version of Hooters is here!

*widget boy cultureMadonna denies texting at Hamilton. (Why now? Just keeps it going.)

*widget boy cultureDo Cucumber and Banana get better?

*widget boy cultureEmma Stone as Billie Jean King?

*widget boy cultureFull House reunion.

*widget boy cultureKylie Jenner is blowing up...and so are her fans' lips.

*widget boy cultureThe gay community's obsession with MASC.

*widget boy cultureWhy Armani is a hypocritical douche.

*widget boy cultureKanye West rejects Illuminati tag, supports Madonna.

*widget boy culturePulitzer Prize winner quit reporting so he could pay rent.

*widget boy cultureIf you like hot guys, you'll love this. (Work Unfriendly)

Tumblr_nn3t80Ws321sx9d42o1_540So many men...plenty of time.

*widget boy cultureTidal is all washed up.

*widget boy cultureAmerica's Got Talent contestant comes out as poz.

*widget boy cultureWhite cop who quit when black mayor was elected speaks out.

*widget boy cultureAbused trans inmate denied transfer.

*widget boy cultureDisgusting anti-gay day at school.

*widget boy cultureGay X-man!

*widget boy cultureMichele Bachmann is still alive, warns of Rapture.

*widget boy cultureDesign on a Dime is here.

*widget boy cultureChip Deffaa's Mad About the Boy spoofs gay musicals.

Unnamed-1What would Armani say?

Apr 20 2015
More Moroder Comments (0)


Check out the new Giorgio Moroder song, “Déjà Vu”, featuring Sia.

Guaranteed To Make You A Tree-Hugger Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 1.46.41 PM

Aw, The Giving Tree, featuring the music of Live to Tell...

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