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Aug 19 2014
Madonna To Vegas? Eh...Maybe Comments (0)


Via Drowned Madonna: Robin Leach reports that there is a rumor out there involving Madonna taking a residency gig at Caesars Palace in Vegas. He doesn't cite any sources, and there are other, more logical possibilities (Mariah Carey springs to mind), but he does, nonetheless, put it out there.

What are the pros and cons?

Aug 18 2014
(Boys &) Girls, They Just Wanna Have Some Fun Comments (0)

MadonnaMy favorite is the out-of-nowhere “fuck it!”s from their cherubic faces!

These adorable kids made a fun mash-up of 26 Madonna songs that left me smiling...

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Society's Children Comments (0)


A nine-minute music video with a gay theme. Enthralling...

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Come Together Comments (0)


Capital Cities performs a rare, male cover of Madonna's Holiday live from the historic Hollywood Tower in L.A. It's pretty great...

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Need To Know: New Old Madonna + Ferguson Rages On + Escaping ISIS + The Great Hair Debate + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-1920sThe above snap was deleted by Instagram due to that topless “Josephine Baker” on the right.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's unflapperable at '20s-themed b'day bash, sings '40s song “La Vie en Rose”.

*widget boy cultureTwitter outrage as Justin Timberlake calls b'day girl Madonna his “ninja.”

*widget boy culture2008 tune “The Beat Is So Crazy” by Eve feat. Madonna leaks. MICHAEL-BROWN

*widget boy cultureIf you like your men HUGE....

*widget boy cultureSlut-shaming on the road to the Yellow Brick Road.

*widget boy cultureLAPD beats a man to death

*widget boy cultureAnother very bad night in Ferguson, MO.

*widget boy cultureHolder authorizes 2nd, federal autopsy of Brown.

*widget boy cultureGovernor disparages release of Brown store video.

*widget boy cultureShirtless Amell takes on ALS ice bucket challenge.

*widget boy cultureGambling for children.

*widget boy cultureRob Lowe sends his kid off to college.

*widget boy culturePositive or negative, who could date this Islamophobic wingnut?10574218_10202560867894120_9133047200721891183_n

*widget boy cultureHow one man escaped from ISIS.

*widget boy cultureDenzel said yes, yes, yes to a stint in rehab.

*widget boy cultureOh, BTW, Nixon was a traitor.

*widget boy cultureOpera singer Licia Albanese dies @ 105 (!!!).

*widget boy cultureShould Doug Repetti grow his hair out again?

Doug-RepettiLong hair, do care.

Aug 16 2014
56 Unusual Madonna Images In Honor Of Her 56th Birthday! Comments (0)

Madonna 1991Shot by Mario Sorrenti backstage at her 1991 Rolling Stone shoot


Madonna-Liz-RosenbergFantastic shot of Madonna with her publicist (and her wit!) Liz Rosenberg by Armando Gallo

$_1Bonus image #57 from here

In honor of Madonna's 56th birthday, here are 56 not-so-common images (including lots of oddball pic-withs) of the not-so-common beauty, thinker, musician, performance artist, provocateuse and popstar...

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Aug 15 2014
Excuse Me While I Kiss This Sky Comments (0)


Inveterate Madonna fangirl Sky Ferreira has curated a fabulous Madonna playlist in honor of the pop legend's 56th birthday tomorrow, one that stretches from “Holiday” to “Sorry”. Check it out...

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Like Big, Fat Buttah: Bryan Hawn Is Back Comments (0)


Bryan Hawn, he of the world's most perfect butt, has totally outdone himself with his “Wiggle” tribute. I have no words...

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