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Jun 23 2017
Big Time Rush's James Maslow Has A Good CRY Over Sex Trafficking Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Membran Entertainment)

The handsome James Maslow, onetime Big Time Rush big-time crush, just dropped a touching song/video entitled “Cry,” meant to draw attention to sex trafficking.

Great guy, BTW — work with him in my mag days.

Keep reading to listen/watch ...

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Jun 21 2017
You Can Always Count ON Sir Ari Gold To Do One Thing: MAKE MUSIC Comments (0)

19441076_10158863649665228_1769978649_n(Image via GoldNation)

Sir Ari Gold is back with a Pride-friendly track, “Make Music,” from the album M. The video was debuted over at WOW.

Here is how he sums up his latest work in light of a recent cancer diagnosis:

After being diagnosed with blood cancer last year, and often feeling ignored by my own community about the impact I’ve had as an openly gay artist during a time when no one else dared, I continue to make my own path, my own music. Especially when all our human rights are now being threatened. It’s what I’ve always done and what I will continue to do for as long as I live. It’s awesome to share the screen with all the talented artists and musicians of New York City making powerful music together. This video is a tribute to all the folks out there making their own music, in whatever way that means to them.

Keep reading to watch and listen ...

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Liza's Brill RESULTS Gets New Deluxe Release! Comments (0)

Liza-Minnelli-Results(Image via Sony)

One of my favorite albums of the '80s, Liza Minnelli's 1989 masterpiece Results, will be reissued as a 3CD+DVD deluxe set this August!

Super Deluxe Edition reports the edition will have 21 (!) remixes, and the DVD will including a TV appearance of Liza singing “Love Pains” as well as her music video for “The Day After That.”


If you're uninitiated, check out this amazing album, produced by the Pet Shop Boys and Julian Mendelsohn.

Jun 18 2017
Russian Ties Are Music To Randy Rainbow's Gears Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 4.08.22 PM(Image via Randy Rainbow)

Randy Rainbow Greases the wheels of impeachment with his latest and greatest ...

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Jun 16 2017
The Top 40 Greatest Living Stars — Age 80+! Comments (0)

3ab6ea427795f6779f07536e910dc8f8The late, great Bette Davis, snickering at my list of rank amateurs!

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I recently updated my list of all the greatest stars age 80 and over. Actually, most actors I could find who are 80 and over!

GiphyJudging you!

The way I do my list, I have a general list, a large list of better-known names, and then I have my own Top 40 of stars who I think are the most important for various reasons — name recognition, length of career, proximity to the Golden Age, major awards, reinventions, the works — in order.

Giphy-1I don't see anybody I know!

It's insanity to compare Cloris Leachman to Sidney Poitier to Joan Collins to Baby Peggy, but I do it.

Please keep reading for my thoughts on a reasonable Top 40 list of the biggest living stars age 80+, and feel free to chime in (politely — this is not politics!) with your thoughts on the ranking, and on which of these should go to make room for which stars who didn't make the list.

For Reference, Here's My Massive Over-80 List!

Keep reading for my entire list ...

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The Way He Makes Me FEELS Comments (0)

Calvin-Harris-Feels(Image via Columbia)

Calvin Harris just released his new single “Feels” ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean.

This reminds me of “Chained to the Rhythm” if covered by Ace of Base. Oh, and I'm just sure when Katy decided to work with Calvin, Taylor Swift's ex, that it was in the spirit of moving on.

Jun 15 2017
The Rhythm Is Gonna Get Them Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 11.04.53 AM(Video still via Facebook)

These Colombian boys can — and do — dance!

Read their hips below the jump ... 

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6-PACK — Pulling A Bomer + Trump Under Investigation, Under Pressure + UPS Shooter's Past + 2 Famous Men Arrested For Underage Proclivities + The WORLD Of Bryan Hawn! Comments (0)

GiphyIt's not that deep. (GIF via YouTube @ Deadline Hollywood)

WIDGETOMG Blog: This trailer for Anything, showing Matt Bomer as a trans prostitute, is PAINFULLY awkward.

WIDGETCNN: Special prosecutor Mueller is investigating Trump for obstruction of justice. Trump tweets outrage over “witch hunt.”

WIDGETABC News: UPS shooter had reportedly fired a grievance over excessive overtime, had mental illness history.

WIDGETExtraTV: YouTube star Austin Jones arrested on two counts of child-porn production for soliciting sexual videos from minors.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.29.06 AMSligh (L) & Jones (R) (Images via mugshot & Instagram) 

WIDGETCrime Watch Daily: Actor Corey Sligh indicted on federal child-molestation charges stemming from incidents in two states.

Wonderful world 2The Hawn-ting (Image via Bryan Hawn)

WIDGETYouTube @ Bryan Hawn: Bryan Hawn unveils a dramatic Wonderful World that could play during a Hunger Games procession, after the jump ...

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