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Jan 28 2015
I'm The First In Line Comments (0)


Knowing me and knowing you, we're gonna want this book, ABBA: The Complete Recording Sessions.

Jan 27 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Pat Benatar - HEARTBREAKER Comments (0)


Pat belts it out in 2008...

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This Is Madonna TODAY Comments (0)


Madonna gets sauce-y with Australian interviewer Richard Wilkins on Today...

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Queen Of Pop vs. Queens Of Flop? Comments (0)


This is via Madonna's Nipple and is for discussion. I agree with the top tiers and the ones currently rising. I'm not sure if Gaga can really be called recently flopping since her Tony Bennett team-up has really re-energized people's desire to like her again, paving the way for what I assume will be a big pop comeback. And I think Britney, like Madonna, will always mean way more than her sales to the generation that worships her. Oh, and I wish my career were as dead as J.Lo's!

Jan 26 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Joan Jett - CRIMSON & CLOVER/I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU Comments (0)


Two classics for the price (free!) of one...

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Jan 25 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Lindsay Buckingham - GO INSANE Comments (0)


Drastically slowed down version from 1992...

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Jan 24 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Janis Ian - FLY TOO HIGH Comments (0)


How supple her voice still was—and this is 2008, decades after her first impact...

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Jan 23 2015
11 O'Clock Number: Darla Hood - NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN Comments (0)


Darla Hood had a short life (she died in 1979 at 47), but her childhood is immortal...

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