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Apr 13 2015
Party Pooper Comments (0)


Amy Schumer finds a way to make the world's current ass obsession feel gross and wrong...

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The Big Kiss-Off Comments (0)


After all his Twitter flirting and using Madonna's name in his song, I guess Drake's just not that into her...

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Apr 12 2015
WIN IT: Chic Downloads! Comments (0)


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Apr 11 2015
Bitch, I'm A Toddler! Comments (0)


Madonna's youth outreach is really working! Check out this toddler bringing it HARD along with “Bitch I'm Madonna”...

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Apr 10 2015
Jimmy, Jimmy: Madonna Goes Hard On THE TONIGHT SHOW Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 1.00.21 AM

Madonna's epic “Bitch I'm Madonna” from The Tonight Show (God, would Johnny Carson have ever guessed she'd be doing this 28 years after she made her late-night debut with him?) is after the jump, and it's one of her best in years. She can still dance her ass off.

I was at the taping, thanks to a good friend and our mutual good friend. Notes: Fallon did his monologue, then Madonna performed the song first and did it twice for angles, but I really think they just used the entire second take. We weren't sure if the guy whose head she buried in her crotch was a plant...didn't seem so during the taping, yet he was the only person seated in the version aired.

I casually mentioned lip-synching on Facebook and everyone freaked, but in seeing the aired version, she's clearly singing over vocals during the parts that were live (obviously, all the backstage stuff was previously taped).

She sat down for the interview and was 100% relaxed and in a good mood, as you probably saw. Cute, nothing earth-shattering, though the Beastie Boy aside will probably make news (about making out with Ad-Rock).

Madonna was very critical of her “Holiday” performance.

T-shirts and masks by my buddy Scooter LaForge!

Watch the performance after the jump...

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Apr 09 2015
Need To Know: LOOKING Ahead + Shoot First + Cl*y A*ken + Lynch Mob + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureLooking movie to film in September.

*widget boy cultureWhite and armed = arrested. Black and unarmed = executed.

*widget boy cultureFerguson police were routinely racist in e-mails.

*widget boy cultureTsarnaev is guilty; his mom is nuts, too.

*widget boy cultureTOILET TRAMP: Clay Aiken's potty mouth.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 1.34.24 AM

*widget boy cultureSee the boys above wiggle 'n' jiggle.

*widget boy cultureFrances Bean Cobain isn't really feeling Nirvana.

*widget boy cultureSex sells!

*widget boy cultureTwin Peaks cast begs Lynch to return.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama to come out for banning ex-gay therapy for minors.


Apr 08 2015
Madonna Gives Up The GHOSTTOWN Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.20.04 PM

Madonna's video for “Ghosttown” is her best since “Hung Up”. It's surprisingly moving. She looks beautiful and her dance with Terrence Howard is fantastic. At one point, she reveals a personal image of her mother, and one from her Steven Klein shoot for W done in 2002, in which a very young Lola hugs her. It's not hard to imagine that Madonna used it because she's missing Lola, who's at school, and in the video is playing a woman who's missing, well, everybody...

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WIN IT: Tori Amos CDs! Comments (0)


Enter to win 2-CD Deluxe Editions of Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink from Tori Amos!
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