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Jul 15 2016
We Had Tonight: Sheena Easton In NYC Comments (0)

*DSC08651(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

My friend Harry invited me to take his friend's place and join him in seeing Sheena Easton perform at B.B. King's, and we wound up having a great, if not totally heck-a-slammin' time.

We had front-section, central VIP seating, so missed nothing of the 90-minute gig, which was generously sprinkled hits (“I embrace my nostalgia!” she exclaimed early on), some of which a casual fan might have forgottne all about. Any student of Sheena Easton 101 knew to expect “9 to 5 (Morning Train)” from 1980, which got the evening's biggest reaction in spite of its near novelty-hit sound, and her smash Bond theme “For Your Eyes Only” from 1981, but I can't have been the only person surprised she is still doing gems like “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” (1983).

*DSC08407Those over-the-hill jokes went over our heads.

Easton—looking very much like a red-headed Kylie Minogue, is still ravishing at 57, so much so that her surprisingly relentless self-deprecation about her age and her lack of hits since the '90s felt a bit like posting a fantastic selfie with the caption, “I look awful, right?” The true answer is she looks great and sounds great (aside from a tendency to over-emote) and has an engaging stand-up comedy banter between songs that made her perhaps a bit too accessible—one fan couldn't resist shouting suggestions to her after every song, eventually earning her ire. Sit down and shut up.

But back to the set list, which along with the previously named hits and some '60s and '70s pop covers (and one Christian song—she connected with *DSC08678Catholicism after four divorces), included the singles “When He Shines (1981), “I Wouldn't Beg for Water (1982), “We've Got Tonight (1983), “Almost Over You (1983), “Strut (1984), “The Lover in Me (1988). Most excitingly, with the help of a talented male duet partner, Easton offered a dynamic melding of “Sugar Walls” (1984)/“U Got the Look” (1987) as a tribute to her ex, Prince. 

Sheena Easton Setlist B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, New York, NY, USA 2016

Joking that she was thinking of hanging up her Spanx and discontinuing the performance of such sexed-up numbers, she revealed she had to do them as an excuse to air the work of the Purple One.

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Jul 14 2016
Dr. Madonna Helps Tammie Brown Wave Good-bye To L.A. Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 3.22.08 PM(Video still via Dr. Madonna)

Tammie Brown opens her heart to Dr. Madonna ...

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6-PACK — Crooked Donald + Trump's Lily-White Support + RNC Lineup Of Trolls + Rugby Butt Buddies + Katy Perry's Revenge + Madonna's BEDTIME STORIES Wakes Up! Comments (0)

*widget boy culturePeople have trust issues with Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump is Mr. Establishment and the ultimate con man. See above, his Trump U sales rep.

13627195_1071935916222317_7747516547505048935_n(Image via Facebook)

*widget boy cultureTrump pulling 0% of the black vote in OH and PA, still doing well there.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Bedtime Stories to be reissued on vinyl by Rhino in August, John Waters's Multiple Maniacs also gets a new lease on life.

*widget boy cultureRNC lineup: Benghazi mom to politicize son's death, Tim Tebow to praise the Lawd, Antonio Sabato Jr. to — do something. And more!

*widget boy cultureDaniel Currie & Tom Nicholls play explicit grab-ass in the ocean. WOW.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Harris ratted out Taylor Swift (who ratted out Calvin Harris) for really being anti-Katy Perry. Vindi-Katy's priceless tweet in reply:

Jul 13 2016
Thank You For Being A Deceased Friend Comments (0)
Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.06.35 PM(Image via NBC)

I actually like the theme from The Golden Girls as a majestic, sad-hearted—albeit unrecognizable—dirge ...

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1st HQ Clip From REBEL HEART Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.01.25 PM(Image via York Studios)

Nobody does it like Madonna. Or did it, as the case may be. Now, we finally get a snippet of HQ footage from her recently departed Rebel Heart Tour ... and it's gorgeous.

Can't wait for more ...

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Jul 12 2016
6-PACK — Pokémon Go To Hell, Westboro + Obama's Dallas Speech + Trump's Racism Smear + It's Newt ... It's Newt + HOW Italy Almost Got AWAY WITH MURDER + Madonna's Mended Fences + Nick Jonas In Recovery! Comments (0)

House-868dcb26278686d785dd1a29eb678702(Image via Pokémon Go)

*widget boy cultureSomehow, playing Pokémon Go is helping to battle the Westboro Baptist Church.

*widget boy cultureObama links Dallas sniper attack to “racial hatred” in stirring eulogy, says, “We are not as divided as we seem.”

*widget boy cultureTrump begs to differ, labeling #BlackLivesMatter “inherently racist.”

*widget boy cultureIT'S GINGRICH: Why else would Newt and FOX News part ways a hair ahead of Trump's veep announcement?

HowJack Falahee, about to get away with a BJ (TV still via ABC)

*widget boy cultureRaunchy How to Get Away with Murder gay sex scene snipped from Italian TV, cast objects, station apologizes.

*widget boy cultureMadonna is A-okay with David Banda's dad now; she has mended fences with him on her current Malawi trip.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas discusses being a “recovering teen star” with InStyle.

070716-nick-jonas-mos-august-lead(Image by Billy Ballard for InStyle)


Jul 11 2016
In Case You Need A Pick-Me-Up Amidst The Chaos ... Comments (0)
6-PACK — Sit-In, Singing Out For Orlando + Gay GOPer Didn't Get The Memo + Steve Grand In P-Town + Swiping Will Young + Bitchtastic Belly Laughs! Comments (0)
*widget boy culture49-hour sit-in at Marco Rubio's office for gun control on behalf of the 49 slain at Pulse gay nightclub.

*widget boy cultureLOVELY: J.Lo & Lin-Manuel Miranda sing for the Pulse victims on Today. (If Madonna did this, it would be “Making it all about you.”)

*widget boy cultureOpenly gay GOP delegate makes impassioned plea for platform to be less opposed to gay marriage, fails. They're just not into you, dear.

*widget boy cultureAt this point, Steve Grand is trolling everyone who is less than an 8:


*widget boy cultureBritish gay popstar Will Young joins Tinder.

*widget boy cultureHILARIOUS: When your gay BFFs are total bitches. (When aren't they?) Now, when they're Elle Fanning from The Neon Demon.


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