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May 18 2015
Selfie-Absorbed: Mark MacKillop At 54 Below Comments (0)
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I thought my friend Mark MacKillop's show at 54 Below was going to be straight, or rather gay, cabaret, but that was before I realized the title was A ballet dancer/one-summer's-go-go-boy/aging model/aspiring musical theatre star/alcoholic sings the standards, or A Night with Mark MacKillop.

Mark-MacKillop-1Mark MacKillop, the latest hot piece found in the basement of Studio 54

From the get-go, it was clear MacKillop wasn't going to simply croon, but was more interested in getting laughs, often at the expense of his own lampooned ego. He went on an aggressive smarm offensive worthy of Cinderella's Prince in Into the Woods, and it paid off. He oozed confidence, then pointed at the ooze and laughed at it.

His singing was solid, too, though jumps from surgically delivered satire sometimes made for slightly awkward transitions, especially when he was belting out something as over-the-top earnest as a signature Céline Dion tune.

But those moments were few and far between. More common were moments of hilarity, and some transcendent connections between singer and song.


Laura Oldham, as his bikini-clad helper, assisted MacKillop as he sang his way through the six steps to Insta-fame, sometimes snarkily and sometimes sincerely. She got huge laughs for her progressively drunken, seemingly improvised shtick, and MacKillop graciously shared the stage and his audience's appreciation for her bravura contributions. It was a match made in heaven, as both Oldham and MacKillop are hot, but were poking fun at themselves as if they were not.


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We Haven't Forgotten About You Comments (0)


It's a bit weird how Taylor Swift basically owns the country right now, and everyone who is anyone or who was anyone has to kiss the ring (case in point tonight: Molly Ringwald), but I loved that nostalgic Simple Minds performance from the Billboard Music Awards.

Keep reading to see it if you missed it ...

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May 17 2015
Pharaoh-M-F-G Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 1.58.11 AM

Ex-Menudo member and current solo artist Angelo Garcia covers the Bangles ...

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May 16 2015
She Hasn't Done Much For You Lately ... But That's About To Change Comments (0)

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That's one way to fight ageism in pop music—remove yourself from it entirely! Janet Jackson is launching a comeback in 2015, and announces it via a faceless Vimeo ...

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May 15 2015
Grand's The Man Comments (0)


Steve Grand covers Metrosource.

The King Is Dead: B.B. King Dies @ 89 Comments (0)

Ent-bb-kingSeptember 16, 1925—May 14, 2015

The word “legend” is overused, but B.B. King was an undeniable blues legend. In fact, he was practically synonymous with the genre.

King passed away yesterday at the age of 89.


Need To Know: Magic NICK + Madonna Turns 45 + Bye-Diddly-Bye + PARIS Still Burning + MORE! Comments (0)

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*widget boy cultureNick the Gardener a.k.a. Billy Reilich on the set of Magic Mike XXL.

*widget boy cultureMadonna logs 45th #1 on dance chart, tells fans, “I'll (always) be your partner.”

*widget boy cultureParis Jackson is now a metalhead.

*widget boy cultureHarry Shearer exits The Simpsons after over two decades.

*widget boy cultureNice, um, profile! (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy culturePeople are still POed at Paris Is Burning. Still.

*widget boy cultureFor your gay iPhone.

*widget boy cultureOne week later, Jeb Bush flip-flops on Iraq.

*widget boy cultureAustin Scoggin is anatomically gifted.

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May 13 2015
Pretty Irritating Or Pretty Fun? Comments (0)

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This shameless stab at a video/song of the summer is pretty irritating for me. You? Britney fans will no doubt like the return to her '90s choreography. Video after the jump ...

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