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Aug 01 2013
Need To Know: Cher Likes That C*nt Madonna, Lewinsky Love Letters, Zimmerman Stops Traffic + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureCher unleashes pro-Madonna Twitter love, Monsters attack.

*widget boy cultureWill newly released Monica Lewinsky letters sink Hillary '16? (Uh, no.) Rodrigo-Braga

*widget boy cultureRodrigo Braga washes up on shore.

*widget boy cultureExplain to me why soldiers SHOULDN'T get to hook up?

*widget boy cultureMeet the 3 douchey Democratic senators still "undecided" on ENDA.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman in armed TX traffic stop.

*widget boy cultureSharon Stone has never seen porn. For real.

*widget boy cultureON THE BED WITH MADONNA: 1990's "In the Mix" by Mix Masters feat. MC Action.

Madonna-dance-truth-dare-1-largeHouse warming: Madonna dances to the song in Truth or Dare.

Taking (Birth) Control: Bindi Irwin Goes To Bat Against Children Having Children Comments (0)

Via National Enquirer (August 12, 2103): Wanna feel old? That fetching young lady on the left is Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the last Crocodile Hunter. She's tweaking conservatives by speaking out on the importance of family planning, especially for residents of Third World countries:

"Girls as young as me or even younger are having kids and that doesn't seem right to me. There's such a thing as seven-year implants, so if you had a girl that was 11 years old and gave her the seven-year implant, she wouldn't be able to have kids until she was 18. Family planning is so important."

Jul 19 2013
Tori's Sunken Treasure Chest Comments (4)
I've long been fascinated with Tori Spelling's concave cleavage (Loni Anderson has or had it, too). Now, as National Enquirer (July 29, 2013) points out, she seems to have had it corrected. It's like mourning the death of a family member around my apartment.
Jul 03 2013
O.J. Simpson: The Deen Of Race Relations Comments (3)
Via National Enquirer (July 15, 2013): Oh, this should help tamp down all the Paula Deen smack talk.
Jun 27 2013
Paula Deen: She's Just Like You! Comments (8)

National Enquirer  (July 8, 2013)—and before you say it, John Edwards!—has a lengthy take-down of Paula Deen, pointing out that her sins were not confined to maybe once saying the N-word after being robbed, but instead included using it so often one employee called her "her favorite word," blatantly discriminating against her black employees, hiding money in her restaurant so she could sit back and laugh while her poorly-paid black employees frantically searched for it like an Easter-egg hunt and used gay slurs readily:

"Mincey McDonald [former employee] recently spoke with The Enquirer again, and she confirmed that Paula DID use the N-word as recently as 10 years ago, and would also 'refer to homosexuals as f*******.' 'N***** was Paula's favorite word—she used it all the time! I've heard Paula specifically say she 'did not want any n****** working in front of the house as hostesses, waiters or bussers.' Mincey McDonald recalled. 'She only wanted them working in the back of the restaurant where the patrons couldn't see them."

But go ahead and say it's all just silly nonsense and who HASN'T done all of that?

Jun 24 2013
Close To His Mother Comments (5)
According to National Enquirer (July 1, 2013)—don't scoff at the source...ask Paula Deen!—the biggest Powerball winner of all time, Gloria Mackenzie, is sharing her winnings with her gay son and his partner. They'll be moving out of their $85,000 home into a mansion. 
May 09 2013
One Gay Life To Live Comments (4)

According to National Enquirer (May 20, 2013), soap star Tuc Watkins is described as regretting not coming out as gay sooner.

"He feared he would lose credibility in the [heterosexual] role [he was playing] if fans knews he was gay in real life."

Apr 25 2013
Mon-In-Law: John Boehner's Pothead Soon-To-Be-Son-In-Law Comments (1)
Via National Enquirer (May 6, 2013): All you can do is laugh that this is the pothead marrying John Boehner's little princess. He's not even an American—he was born in Jamaica. Kinda funny for the right-wing flag-waver.
Apr 05 2013
What Wood You Do? Comments (0)

Via National Enquirer (April 15, 2013): The tabloid known for spilling the beans puts into print a rumor that's long been repeated about the night Natalie Wood died...that Robert Wagner and young Christopher Walken were sexually involved on the boat. The tab has a ship's log to back up the claim. Of course, anything to justify a screaming headline: "GAY SEX HORROR"...right?
Mar 24 2013
Love Is The Drug Comments (7)
The cover of National Enquirer (April 1, 2013) tries to imply Michael Douglas is getting outed inside ("twisted" is always a great word to toss into the mix), but in reality, the story goes that he's tortured over the memory that his late half brother Eric was gay and that their father Kirk tried to beat it out of him. (Eric ODed in 2004. His best friend, Skip E. Lowe, provided much of the meat of the story to the 'bloid.)