Jun 21 2014
Need To Know: Suicidal Tendencies + Diplo-down On Madonna + Lindsay Knows What It Is To Be Bad + Deco-Nstruction + Game Of Grab-Ass + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Gay teen's suicide impacts Bible-belt town's beliefs.

*widget boy cultureLegendary songwriter Gerry Goffin dies @ 75.

*widget boy culturePanty-creamer Jeremy Meeks, mug-shot pinup, is married, clean, Christian.

*widget boy cultureSuzanna Walters wants us to shift away from marriage-minded rights push. Suzanna-Walters

*widget boy culturePresbyterian pastors can preside over same-sex marriages.

*widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan's West End debut: Speed-the-Plow.

*widget boy cultureFamous, gorgeous Deco building destroyed with no warning.

*widget boy cultureEqual rights for LGBT people helps society financially.

*widget boy cultureRolling Stone profiles the UK's freshest hit-makers, Disclosure.

DisclosureFull Disclosure

*widget boy cultureDiplo on Madonna's new music, Mariah's low sales. Madonna-Diplo-CJ-Mitchell-Ohio

*widget boy cultureGay Republicans beginning to show partners in campaign ads. 

*widget boy culturePathetic showing for anti-gay NOM marriage march.

*widget boy cultureC.J. Mitchell's “Permission to Love.”

*widget boy cultureEx-ex-gay hits Rick Perry on homosexuality.

*widget boy cultureNo overturn of Ohio's anti-marriage equality law...this year.

*widget boy cultureMost people against anti-LGBT workplace discrimination.

*widget boy cultureSia meets President Obama.

*widget boy cultureThese boys really dig each other:

AssesCan't quite put my finger on why this is hot...

Mar 27 2013
Please Make This Image Your Profile Picture And Then Share It With Your Friends To Show Your Support For Knowing How To Spell Comments (2)
Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 3.30.49 PM
NOM can't even spell "marriage."
Jan 08 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

Matthew-Wilkas-by-Rick-Day-2Mathew Wilkas is as groovy as it gets.

*widget boy cultureDeep Dish's grooviest guys of 2012.

*widget boy cultureJobs attracting psychopaths: business, law, media, sales.

*widget boy cultureWEDDING MARCH: Supreme Court to hear marriage cases in 60 days.

*widget boy cultureVietnam's LGBT community caught on film. Bette-Midler-Sue-Mengers

*widget boy cultureAl Roker pooped his pants @ the White House.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler to Broadway as Sue Mengers.

*widget boy cultureVenfield 8's latest is a hairy Halston homage (Work Unfriendly):


*widget boy cultureGaultier's tribute to Madonna & other gender-benders.

*widget boy cultureLOSERS: Maggie Gallagher & now James Dobson admit defeat.

*widget boy cultureThe Advocate returns to print in February. Kontiki-both

*widget boy cultureThe hunkiest dude in a foreign-language film this year.

*widget boy cultureReal men do wear pink (underwear).

*widget boy cultureColby Melvin by Rick Day.

*widget boy cultureBusy Philipps's daughter, 4, boycotts Chick-Fil-A.

*widget boy cultureNew Dorian Magazine is hot & cheap.

Dorian-MagazineChic mystique

Dec 11 2012
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DRAG-QUEEN-rupaulHello Kitty, good-bye mystique!

Widget boy cultureCan you handle drag realness on the high seas? One-Direction-underarm-Harry-Styles-shirtless-funny-drag-anti-gay-crime-faked

Widget boy cultureUltra-Orthodox Jew ultra-convicted of ultra-molestation. His supporters = ultra-gross.

Widget boy cultureGraves found at 100-year-old school for wayward boys.

Widget boy cultureWhat the Fuck?: Taking "home schooling" to extremes.

Widget boy cultureWhat the Pluck?: 50 Shades of Chicken.

Widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo meets Downton Abbey.

Widget boy cultureImmigration groups in gay-marriage of convenience.

Widget boy cultureNE woman guilty of faking anti-gay crime.

Widget boy cultureHarry Styles's accent sparks false coming out.

Widget boy cultureGays against gay marriage apply within.

Widget boy cultureShould gays fear the Supremes on marriage?

Widget boy cultureMichiganders vs. anti-union bill.

Widget boy cultureNew exhibit highlights Nazi persecution of gays.

Gay-Nazi-persecutionArrested for being gay, he undoubtedly perished in a concentration camp

Nov 23 2012
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REBECCA-KADAGA-UGANDA-KILL-THE-GAYS-BILLGoing All Out against a country going all in on the persecution of gays

Widget boy cultureHelp tell Uganda its "Kill the Gays" bill is abhorrent. Madonna-Mexico-new-album-movie

Widget boy cultureHorrendous 100-car pile-up.

Widget boy cultureTranslation: Madonna's got a new movie AND album in the works?

Widget boy cultureCameron pushing for marriage-equality vote in the UK.

Widget boy cultureCan Dems retake the House in '14?

Widget boy cultureAbortion fanboy Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) won't quit. Garrett-Neff-shirtless

Widget boy cultureYou buyin' what Garrett Neff's sellin'?

Widget boy cultureUnited States out of Mexico?

Widget boy cultureCaddy/boy: Cadillac Ranch millionaire accused of bribing boys for sex.

Widget boy cultureBoeing is anti-marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureNOM fears college drag parties.

Widget boy cultureIt's Black Friday. Be ashamed, be very ashamed:

Nov 17 2012
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Honey-Boo-Boo-trashDiaper trash

Widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo's portrait in trash.

Widget boy culture"Twink" is not the new N-word. Kale_GregVaughan4_thumb

Widget boy cultureIf Looks Could Kale: New model alert.

Widget boy cultureBarbara Bush to anti-Obama Republicans: "Move on."

Widget boy cultureCBS breaks up with gay sitcom Partners.

Widget boy cultureNOM raised 75% of its funds last year from two donors.

Widget boy cultureBus driver refuses vehicle with pro-gay ad.

Widget boy cultureJames Franco and Lindsay Lohan give R.E.M.'s "Blue" palpable ennui.

Nov 09 2012
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Willam-Belli-Stand-By-Your-ManGolden throat

Widget boy cultureFab "Stand By Your Man" rendition by Drake Jensen (feat. Willam Belli).

Widget boy cultureSimon Doonan thinks Gay Men Don't Get Fat. Uh...?

Widget boy cultureMale models revive the '90s. Daniel-American-Horror-Story

Widget boy cultureNaked (Work Unfriendly) nutjob from American Horror Story.

Widget boy cultureHillary will not be too old in '16 to win.

Widget boy cultureNOM spokesman: Obama a "Terrorist-in-Chief."

Widget boy cultureRomney "shellshocked" that he actually lost.

Widget boy cultureWho will you "Kill, Fuck, Marry"?

Widget boy cultureEx-gay minister administered handsy blessings.

Widget boy cultureRihanna: "Madonna's still the shit."

Widget boy cultureAss-draggin' "Madonna" strips for Obama.

Widget boy cultureUnbeLIEVably stupid driver.

Widget boy cultureAnn Romney abandons Facebook—nary a post-election word.

Widget boy cultureKey & Peele cook up the best anti-bullying video EVER.

Key-and-peelePeele-ing back the layers

Mar 29 2012
They Do Comments (1)

GLAAD and HRC take advantage of the NOM gay vs. black scandal to release info showing that majorities in the black and Latino communities support marriage equality.


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