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Apr 03 2016
6-PACK — Trump's Loose Recession Talk + Bernie's Uphill Climb + Barney vs. Bernie + Sean Astin On Mom Patty Duke + Rosario Dawson vs. Obama + Alex Minksy's Call Of Booty! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureTrump wants to be prez, casually says “massive recession” coming.

*widget boy cultureBernie can't win, but has weakened Hillaryretroactively wins NV.

*widget boy cultureBarney Frank comes for Bernie.

Jb21James Brolin with Patty Duke (Image via MGM TV)

*widget boy cultureSean Astin details late mom Patty Duke's final years.

*widget boy cultureRosario Dawson thinks Obama was a let-down, overlooked Twitter.

*widget boy cultureAlex Minsky's sexy, hairy butt. (Work Unfriendly)

Mar 23 2016
6-PACK — Wardrobe Male-function + Lesbian Kiss Destroys Childhood + Cruz Patrols + Revisiting THE EIGHTIES + Sharron Angle Is Back + BATMAN v SUPERMAN: SPAWN OF JUSTICE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureJock Iago Bouzon has full-frontal sports-wardrobe male-function. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureLesbian kiss traumatizes 7-year-old('s uptight mom)!

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz's response to terrorism is—unsurprisingly—nuts.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.01.08 PM(Landing-page screen grab via

*widget boy cultureCNN's The Eighties is coming March 31, 9 p.m. ET/PT.

*widget boy cultureOMG: Insane Sharron Angle with two Rs is running for the Senate again!

*widget boy culturePorn parody of Batman v Superman. (Work Unfriendly)

CeAjzcUW4AAsvNoDamien Cross & Topher Dimaggio (Image via

Feb 24 2016
Donald Trump: I LOVE THE POORLY EDUCATED Comments (0)

Let's just say that the love Trump has for poorly educated people is not unrequited.

Also, he won 46% of Hispanics ... who are Republicans.

It's way, way too late, but the conservative Club for Growth has launched a hard-hitting ad painting Trump as a being more liberal than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and less liberal than only Bernie Sanders.

See the ad after the jump ...

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Trump Inevitable: Wins NV Caucus Comments (0)

Donald Trump easily won the Nevada GOP caucus, with Rubio and Cruz close together and far behind.

I'm sorry, but I see no scenario under which Trump is not the GOP nominee, and it's hard to believe Cruz or Rubio will run as Independents. Maybe Trump will pick Rubio as his running mate? Anything goes.

Oh, and some caucus workers wore Trump T-shirts while working. Nothing to see here, folks.

Feb 22 2016
6-PACK — Marvin K. Mooney, Won't You Please Chicago Now? + Progressives Booing Latinos + Romney's Rubio Endorsement Rolled Out Prematurely? + Cruz Still Picking On Rubio + Kasich vs. Planned Parenthood + Shirtless Brothers! Comments (0)

Trump challenged Chicagoans by putting his name up on the tower standing mid downtown chicago. For months I drove by and...

Posted by Alaa Basatneh on Sunday, February 21, 2016

*widget boy cultureChicagoans find unique way to express anti-Trump feelings. Images

*widget boy cultureActivist Dolores Huerta booed by Sanders supporters in NV.

*widget boy cultureRubio leaps to deny report that Mitt Romney is about to endorse him.

*widget boy cultureCruz piles on Rubio: He had all the support, still bombed.

*widget boy culture“Moderate” Kasich signs bill to cut Planned Parenthood.

*widget boy cultureWet 'n' wild with the Djokovic brothers.


We are never too old to go to water parks, right? :)

A photo posted by Novak Djokovic (@djokernole) on

Feb 20 2016
Hillary Clinton Wins NV Caucus (Again); Dems Move On To SC Comments (0)

Congrats to Hillary Clinton on winning the (fucked-up!) Nevada caucus. Looks like she will win by 5-6%.

Now, the Dems move on to South Carolina, where Clinton has a big lead.

Later tonight, we'll find out which backwards Repbublican won their South Carolina primary. (Hint: Trump)

6-PACK — GUARDIAN OF THE GAY GALAXY + Leg Man Joey Mantia + What's Ru? + Bare Spared + Hillary Clinton's Fingers Are Crossed In Nevada + Cruz Touts Phil Robertson As U.N. Ambassador! Comments (0)

Batista-Drax1Dave Bautista (Image via Guardians of the Galaxy)

*widget boy cultureGuardians of the Galaxy star/son of gay mom Bautista on “f*cking idiot” Pacquiao.

*widget boy cultureHottest leg snaps of sexy jock Joey Mantia


Body screening and stretching today at @gritsportsclinic | @teamstressless

A photo posted by Joey Mantia (@joeymantia) on

*widget boy cultureQueerty lists the most anticipated queens from the new RuPaul's Drag Race season.

*widget boy cultureCalifornia Safety Board rejects mandatory condoms in porn.

*widget boy cultureA win for Hillary today in Nevada would be a big deal.

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz suggests Duck Dynasty Neanderthal Phil Robertson for U.N. ambassador.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 12.09.50 PMPhil Robertson (Video still via Ted Cruz campaign)

Feb 19 2016
6-PACK — It's No Secret: Kylie Minogue Engaged! + Britney Is Literally, Like, With Hillary, But Not, Like ... + Gay Marrieds Separate But Equal In Kentucky + Speedo Freak! + DICK TRACY Dude Dies + White-Hot CK Campaign! Comments (0)

Two super fans. Win or lose we love you Wallabies! @rugbyworldcup #rugbyworldcup @kylieminogue

A photo posted by Joshua Sasse (@joshuasasse) on

*widget boy cultureKylie Minogue apparently engaged to Joshua Sasse.

*widget boy culture“Insiders” think Hillary will win NV (not by a lot). Britney likes her (not by a lot):

*widget boy cultureBigots in Kentucky create separate-but-equal marriage certificates.

*widget boy cultureHairy dude in a Speedo—nothin' like it.

*widget boy cultureDick Tracy (1990) actor Robert Beecher dies @ 91.

*widget boy cultureThere's some famous girl in the new CK campaign ... I think?

Calvin-klein-ss16-underwear=campaign-by-david-sims-5(Image by David Sims for Calvin Klein)


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