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Nov 20 2016
79-Year-Old Trump Supporter Arrested For Defacing Children's Mural Comments (0)

Anthony DiNapoli, 79, has been charged with prohibited acts of graffiti after repeatedly marking over a children's mural in New Jersey because he and his wife felt the message “MAKE AMERICA LOVE AGAIN” was an offense to Donald Trump.

“Suck it up buttercup,” and, “Get over it cry babies,” and, “I was here first,” were crudely drawn over a rainbow heart and other colorful symbols.

When confronted, DiNapoli's wife said, We're still going to make America great again.

By defacing children's murals on property that does not belong to them. Perfect.

Oct 10 2016
6-PACK/politics — Hillary Wins Debate #2 + Hillary On Stalker Don: HE WAS VERY PRESENT + Trump Threatened To Jail Hillary + Pence Cancels Appearance + Kellyanne Conway Sez Some Who Abandoned Trump Harassed Her + Melania's Pussy-Bow! Comments (0)

CNN_debate_poll(Video still via CNN)

*widget boy cultureDEBATE: CNN snap poll: Hillary won 57% to 34%. YouGov: Hillary won 47% to 42%.

*widget boy cultureHillary acknowledges Trump's stalker-like movements at debate #2: “He was very present.”

*widget boy cultureTrump's threat to jail Hillary is illegal. (Tiffany's kiss-avoidance, however, was legally blonde!)

*widget boy culturePence cancels NJ appearance for Monday.

*widget boy cultureTrump's Auntie Tom Kellyanne Conway blanket-accuses Republican officeholders of sexually harassing her.

*widget boy cultureMelania wears a Gucci “pussy-bow” blouse to the debate. No, seriously.

Melania10f-3-web(Screengrab via Gucci)

Sep 29 2016
Horrific Train Crash In Hoboken, NJ Comments (0)

Sad to hear about the colossal train wreck in Hoboken; commuter train #1614 blew past a barrier and crashed into the platform, doing major structural damage.

So far, over 70 are confirmed injured, with at least one fatality. Investigators say it does not appear deliberate, and they'll focus on the train operator and the tracks.

Have been in that station many times, more so early in my NYC years. I hope everyone recovers quickly and the news updates are not even more tragic than they already are.

Sep 22 2016
Watch: NYC Bombing Suspect Ahmad Rahami Allegedly Plants Bomb Comments (0)

It makes my blood boil to see this slacker terrorist planting a bomb that went on to injure (at last report) over 30, and that damn well could've killed dozens.

Sep 19 2016
Prosecutor: Chris Christie Knew Of Bridge Closings In Real Time Comments (0)

Prosecutors allege that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew of those infamous bridge closings—and knew of them as they happened.

It's a pretty damning start to the trial that could end in the annihilation of the career of one of Trump's biggest enablers. Image

Via Politico:

Christie, who is currently a top adviser to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, has denied any knowledge or involvement in the lane-closing incident. And an ostensibly independent report commissioned by Christie said, referring to a much publicized picture of Christie and Wildstein chatting at a public event three days into the manufactured traffic jams at the bridge, that there was "no evidence we have seen that the Governor and Wildstein actually had any substantive discussion of the Fort Lee lane realignment at that public event."

Wildstein, a sharp-elbowed political operator who was a boyhood schoolmate of Christie, has already implicated the two others and will testify during the trial.

Terrorism Takeaway: Clinton vs. Trump Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 11.49.51 AM(Screen grab via Talking Points Memo)

Talking Points Memo gets it right.

NY & NJ Bombing Suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami Has Been Apprehended Following A Shoot-Out In Linden, NJ Comments (0)

Above is what appears to be an image of Ahmad Rahami in custody following a shoot-out with police in, Linden New Jersey. (It bears mentioning that cops are great at capturing a probable terrorist but all too often shoot black teenagers. Another topic.)

Great news that he has been nabbed, terrible news that he apparently shot a cop. 

Now we'll get to hear the lunatic ramblings of a slacker terrorist (he did NOTHING to try to get away with it) about why America is bad.

Hillary Clinton spoke this morning on the importance of approaching the threat of terorrism: 

President Obama has spoken out in a cool, calm, collected way that is in sharp contrast to the frothy-mouthed ravings of Donald Trump:

5 Men Apprehended Following New Discovery Of Explosive Devices in Elizabeth, New Jersey Comments (0)

ABC just reported that a suspicious item found in Elizabeth, New Jersey, was being investigated as a possible third East Coast explosive device, and that the discovery led the FBI to follow a vehicle and detain five men possibly in connection with the Elizabeth device and the Chelsea IEDs. asserts that the Elizabeth device was actually a cache of crude bombs, and that the men stopped by the FBI were heavily armed and, indeed, had bombs and bomb-making equipment with them.

A person of interest seen on video at both IED locations in Chelsea was already being sought by police for questioning, though states up to three different men were seen on video near both locations.

It would seem that the authorities may have cracked this case swiftly—let's hope!—and if five men are in custody, I would assume that is probably most of the people involved. That's already a damn big group for what is a collection of homemade bombs.

The whole thing seems so inept—fortunately.


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