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Mar 09 2013
Out With The New Comments (1)
National Enquirer (March 18, 2013) claims that Ellen Barkin is about to get canned from The New Normal thanks to her diva ways. I'm not sure what of interest would be left of the show if she left.
Jan 07 2013
Belli Up Comments (1)
Willam Belli is back with another hilarious Beatdown (after the jump), and you're also gonna see this bitch on The New Normal soon. From the streets to RuPaul's Drag Race to sharing a set with Ellen Barkin—will Willam be accepting an Oscar next year? Check it out...

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Oct 15 2012
My Sister Cam Comments (3)

Modern Family
In Entertainment Weekly (October 12—19, 2012), Mark Harris gingerly hates on Modern Family's gay-couple template, which has spread to The New Normal (dreadful) and Partners (not great, but it was funnier last episode). He raises some great points, including how unreal these people are. We all know queens, but these are wildly overdrawn.

Or is it just because all TV sitcom characters are over the top?

Oct 05 2012
Visibility Matters Comments (1)

Justin-bartha-image-2-450x600Justin Bartha of The New Normal

According to GLAAD, this year's TV shows feature the highest-ever percentage of LGBT characters. ABC has the highest percentage, at 5.2%. Anti-gay forces make it seem like TV is dripping with gay, gay, gay, but if the network with the highest percentage clocks in at 5.2%, that shows gay people are anything but wildly overrepresented.

Oct 02 2012
One Million Moms Can Be Wrong Comments (4)

The-new-normal1-400x2931,000,000 moms vs. two dads

NBC has picked up The New Normal (and Go On and Revolution) for the full season, a decision likely to infuriate One Million Moms. I don't like the show, but I loathe One Million Moms, so: Yay!

Sep 18 2012
Let's Start Anew Normal Comments (14)

Are you watching The New Normal? I wasn't excited by the pilot (and was so annoyed to be annoyed by adorable Andrew Rannells's vapid character) that I haven't gone back to it. But I plan to give it another try. It's on tonight at 9:30PM EST on NBC, and it's clever enough to market itself using memes and someecards!



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