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Oct 01 2013
Will Boehner Get Flushed When He Sees This? Comments (0)
House-of-Turds-Daily-News-John- Boehner
Jul 15 2013
Got It Covered Comments (8)

Two pretty fantastic covers of late that say a lot.


May 10 2012
Progressively Worse Comments (3)

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 11.03.33 AM
It's rather breathtaking looking at the side-by-side front pages of the right-wing New York Post and the more liberal New York Daily News. The News correctly plays up the #1 story—President Obama endorsing marriage equality—while the Post obscenely focuses instead on new developments in closet case John Travolta's massault case and Tan Mom with only a tiny strip at the bottom noting the historic statement by the president.

Seeing these two things side by side is a great illustration of progressive vs. conservative, with the former celebrating movement forward on a major issue and the latter gloating over a public figure mired in an old-fashioned sex scandal, one made worse by the fact that the acts are homosexual.

Aug 31 2011
Adios! Comments (1)

Alg_roberto_arangoGrudging points to the Daily News for choosing this shot

I was in Texas and not blogging much this past week, but was happy to see that closet-case hypocrite Sen. Roberto Arango (R, basically—Puerto Rico) did eventually resign in disgrace over his Grindr photos, in which he posed with his ass in the air. His claim that he'd done it in order to show off his weight loss did not fly, but Arango did—right out of Puerto Rico and into hiding.

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Aug 15 2011
Smarm Schooled Comments (4)

Alg_bush_perry_mirrorGetty Images; New York Daily News photo illustration

This illustration stands alone (as does this one!), but it makes for a great accessory to Mike Lupica's take-down of Rick Perry, the latest in a series of remarkably dumb people attempting to win the Republican nomination. He just might outdo them all, though, in the smarminess department.

Lupica writes:

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May 21 2011
That's A Rapture Comments (0)

I've known for years the print media was going to become extinct—I just never guessed I'd be doing the same thing right along with it!

See you in hell.

Feb 08 2011
Isn't Killing Spiders Bad Luck? Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz001Spidey to NYC crix: "Kiss my ass!"

The reviews of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have been like a big spritz of Orkin. The New York Times, Daily News and New York Post (2.5 out of 4) agree it's a tangled web.

With headlines like "DEAD ON ARRIVAL" and worse, why didn't they just go with "PIECE OF SHIT, DIRECTED BY A CRAZY BITCH?" It wouldn't have been much meaner.

Anyone see it?

Aug 01 2010
Is This Bitch Crazy? Comments (8)

41762_682030973_6634_n Poor little Emmit, the 10-pound Yorkie whose intemperate choice to bite his mistress Ashley Yeater's boyfriend Joseph Graves earned him a severe beating with a belt buckle and with said boyfriend's foot, just can't win. First he's savaged while left in the care of Graves, then he's denied a trip to the vet for two days until he's at death's door and now, after his attacker served 40 days in jail and lost his banking job, his fucking owner has taken the boyfriend back and forgives him!

Alg_animal_cruelty Yeater says:

"I hope one day we will all be back to normal, the three of us, with little Emmit...I'm relieved. We are moving on. Never once have I thought that he was a bad person or that he wanted to murder my dog."

This kind of irrational behavior really and truly begs for atrocious commentary and dark hopes for a similar fate to befall Yeater, who was away with the touring company of A Chorus Line when this all happened, something along the lines of, "God, I hope she gets it...I hope she gets it." But I don't hope she gets it in that sense. I just hope one day she gets that what this guy did was not some normal little mistake. He needs therapy, not a free pass (jail was a good punishment, but now he needs help). I hope that dog is never, ever given back to a person with such poor judgment.


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