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Feb 20 2014
Riot Gear Comments (0)


In spite of the New York Post's sophomoric coverage of a very serious issue, the revolting images of punk protest group Pussy Riot being manhandled and whipped by Cossacks at the Olympics should be something of which every participant and supporter of these Games is ashamed.

Oct 09 2013
'Less Is More Comments (0)
Thirty years later, the New York Post tries to rekindle the magic with a play on its most famous headline.
Mar 14 2013
Flaming Fairies: The NEW YORK POST Has No Cred On Gay Issues Comments (5)

TrannyI don't argue that Dee was a hero, but the Post's writing seems to argue she wasn't a human being

GLAAD has refused a press-credential request from the New York Post, citing such recent Post headlines as:

"Fire kills tranny in dairy den"

I don't believe, as GLAAD does, that the word "tranny" is as universally insulting as the N-word. Plenty of transgender folks and drag queens ("drag queen" sounds like a term that will be considered offensive in a few years) use the word freely, and not just in the "reclaiming a hateful word" way that we have seen with black people using the N-word of gay people using "faggot."

However, the context is unmistakably dehumanizing and contemptuous when the Post—whose anti-gay coverage of AIDS in the '80s spawned GLAAD in the first place—uses "tranny" (and "she-male") in headlines to sensationalize and make light of stories about rape and assault and murder.


Reading the headline I highlighted above absolutely reminded me of the anti-gay coverage of Stonewall in the '60s, and especially of the heartless news coverage of the infamous Upstairs Lounge fire. Back then, when 29 gay people were burned alive,  The media was as anti-gay as the populace back then.

The Post is still publishing in the past, and, for all of its arguable flaws, GLAAD is trying to push the media into the present. I think GLAAD's decision is appropriate and I applaud them for making it.

Sep 14 2012
I'm With "Stupid" Comments (2)

* Muslim uprising New York Post
I agree with the sentiment that becoming violent over a movie that insults your religion is savagery, but I'd like for the New York Post to take this "get over it!" tack when Christians freak out over things like Corpus Christi.

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May 10 2012
Progressively Worse Comments (3)

Screen shot 2012-05-10 at 11.03.33 AM
It's rather breathtaking looking at the side-by-side front pages of the right-wing New York Post and the more liberal New York Daily News. The News correctly plays up the #1 story—President Obama endorsing marriage equality—while the Post obscenely focuses instead on new developments in closet case John Travolta's massault case and Tan Mom with only a tiny strip at the bottom noting the historic statement by the president.

Seeing these two things side by side is a great illustration of progressive vs. conservative, with the former celebrating movement forward on a major issue and the latter gloating over a public figure mired in an old-fashioned sex scandal, one made worse by the fact that the acts are homosexual.

May 16 2011
Male Trouble Comments (8)


New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser is a sorry excuse for a human being, which is 090208_book news why her vitriolic new column slamming Chaz Bono as a sorry excuse for a man is so ironic—and so offensive.

Peyser's take-away from the Chaz media blitz (I highly doubt she even watched Becoming Chaz, though she seems to have watched Bono's Letterman stint):

"Chastity grew into a depressed, pill-popping woman, traumatized by her Republican father's death in a skiing accident, and overshadowed into invisibility by her gay-icon mother. There was only one thing to do. Sex change."

Peyser willfully overlooks Bono's lifelong transformation from girly-girl to a much butcher female, something that is backed up by her family in Becoming Chaz. Bono is able to articulate his feelings—he waited 40 years before feeling ready for surgical and hormonal intervention—with remarkable candor, yet Peyser can only view him through the lens of his parents' fame.

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May 12 2011
Switching Channels Comments (16)

Tv star A prominent TV personality is about to come out of the closet with Howard Bragman's help. The "media blitz" is supposedly beginning next week.


SafariScreenSnapz001 UPDATE: A Michael Musto reader suggests Don Lemon, the CNN anchor who not long ago came out as a victim of child sexual abuse. He would be a good candidate as someone who apparently believes public figures can be up front about personal issues, and also as someone who is publishing a book in June.

Called—ding! ding! ding!—Transparent.

He'd sure be a welcome member to the team.

Feb 08 2011
Isn't Killing Spiders Bad Luck? Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz001Spidey to NYC crix: "Kiss my ass!"

The reviews of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark have been like a big spritz of Orkin. The New York Times, Daily News and New York Post (2.5 out of 4) agree it's a tangled web.

With headlines like "DEAD ON ARRIVAL" and worse, why didn't they just go with "PIECE OF SHIT, DIRECTED BY A CRAZY BITCH?" It wouldn't have been much meaner.

Anyone see it?

Aug 05 2010
GLAAD Is Team Jill Comments (0)

Bethenny Frankel may have GLAAD-handed the press at GLAAD Manhattan, but as I pointed out, she left without ever going up to the party in spite of being signed on to host. The New York Post now makes note of her faux pas.

I still like her better than Jill, and I will boycott any GLAAD event that glorifies these slimy Tareq & Michaele Salahi characters!

Apr 25 2010
The Latest American Hero Comments (2)

The fact that a man got stabbed after interceding in a dispute and was then ignored by passers-by as he lay dying does not indicate that New Yorkers are indifferent assholes. (Except for the person who stopped to take his picture!) There wasn't any visible blood, so unfortunately this hapless hero would have appeared to be an all too common sight—a passed out or sleeping homeless man (he was homeless, incidentally).

It's tragic though, and tragic that there are so many homeless and otherwise street-based people in this city that seeing one face down does not immediately raise concern or suspicion.