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Jul 20 2013
Need To Know: 1D 3-Way, On the D.L., Hi-Yo Silver Away! + MORE Comments (1)

Tumblr_mo98zlWMoe1qm2fs4o1_500No, that's what makes you beautiful.

*widget boy cultureIt's a One Direction sandwich!

*widget boy cultureFetishes are always in fashion.

*widget boy cultureON THE D.L.: Ex-gay loon D.L. Foster is, well, a loon. Like, for real.

*widget boy cultureMan sentenced for threatening Puerto Rican gay activist.

*widget boy cultureCAMEROOOOON! (SUCKS): Nation livid over news coverage of activist's death.

*widget boy cultureGlee premiere bumped to September 26.

*widget boy cultureNate Silver leaves New York Times for...ESPN???

*widget boy cultureWHAT A HEEL!: Miss Gay Nicaragua falls. Hard. But triumphs!

*widget boy cultureKeep calm and "Save the Queen" (Work Unfriendly).

*widget boy culture"Christopher is an asshole." = Key quote from Ciccone's obnoxious new show.

Christopher-CicconeHe blinks a lot like his sister Madonna.

May 05 2013
Just Let Go: Why Can't Some Gay People Get Over HIV-Shaming? Comments (21)

Corey Johnson, who came out as gay as an 18-year-old high school athlete, worked as Towleroad's political director and is now running as a Democrat for City Council in NYC, has come out as being HIV-positive in a low-key New York Times piece that simultaneously addresses his relationship with mentor Tom Duane and the status of one's HIV status in 2013.

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Mar 14 2013
Flaming Fairies: The NEW YORK POST Has No Cred On Gay Issues Comments (5)

TrannyI don't argue that Dee was a hero, but the Post's writing seems to argue she wasn't a human being

GLAAD has refused a press-credential request from the New York Post, citing such recent Post headlines as:

"Fire kills tranny in dairy den"

I don't believe, as GLAAD does, that the word "tranny" is as universally insulting as the N-word. Plenty of transgender folks and drag queens ("drag queen" sounds like a term that will be considered offensive in a few years) use the word freely, and not just in the "reclaiming a hateful word" way that we have seen with black people using the N-word of gay people using "faggot."

However, the context is unmistakably dehumanizing and contemptuous when the Post—whose anti-gay coverage of AIDS in the '80s spawned GLAAD in the first place—uses "tranny" (and "she-male") in headlines to sensationalize and make light of stories about rape and assault and murder.


Reading the headline I highlighted above absolutely reminded me of the anti-gay coverage of Stonewall in the '60s, and especially of the heartless news coverage of the infamous Upstairs Lounge fire. Back then, when 29 gay people were burned alive,  The media was as anti-gay as the populace back then.

The Post is still publishing in the past, and, for all of its arguable flaws, GLAAD is trying to push the media into the present. I think GLAAD's decision is appropriate and I applaud them for making it.

Mar 13 2013
Kicking Sand In The Face Of The Bullying Bullies Comments (1)
I have made this point 100 times (most recently when I was hilariously accused of "bullying" an anonymous closet case), so of course I was all about it when I read it in the Times: Not everything is bullying. To casually refer to everything as bullying is to rob it of its seriousness. Stop doing it or I'll beat your ass.
Dec 31 2012
Clang! Clang! Clang! Went The Bigot Comments (4)

The New York Times states that Matt Grubbs, owner of Discover Annapolis Tours, is discontinuing wedding services aboard his trollies rather than work with the expected gay couples now that Maryland is legalizing same-sex marriage on the 1st of January.

Egomedia-photography-USNA-blizzard_LGThe paper—and Grubbs—characterizes this as an act of "Christian conviction." I call bullshit. It's not Christian to refuse to so much as do business with a gay person, a gay married person or even with someone who is, in a Christian's opinion, sinning. This man has served couples he knows full well had sex prior to being married, he serves people he assumes lie and cheat and maybe even steal (or doesn't ask)...why is the "sin" of being gay and married put on a higher plane than any other?

I agree with the straight groom who made this a story by publicizing it as "repressive bigotry"—that's what it is, bigotry. It's his right to be a bigot, but it's mine to point it out. The fool is dropping $50K a year with this decision, so it's not not morally misguided, it's just plain dumb.

Dec 05 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Richard-widmarkDisabled? Rebublicans couldn't care less.

Widget boy cultureRepublicans thumb noses at wheelchair-bound Bob Dole.

Widget boy cultureScorching-hot cub calendar for charity. Kate-Middleton-shirtless-cub-blackface-Jayson-Blair-Paul-Rudd-Vanity-Fair-Niall-Horan-One-Direction

Widget boy cultureHillary Clinton is totally running in '16. C'mon.

Widget boy cultureIs Kate Middleton a gay icon? C'mon.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper went blind for 36 hours.

Widget boy cultureMike Diamond sweats Ben Cohen's jock.

Widget boy cultureHandicapping Supreme Court Justice deaths.

Widget boy cultureTrade association NRECA selects homophobic head.

Widget boy cultureEven more Jayson Blair.

Widget boy cultureDutch treat blackface as jolly Christmas tradition.

Widget boy cultureNewest Vanity Fair cover looks funny "ha-ha." 

Widget boy cultureParis Hilton's a DJ...wait, what did she used to be?

Widget boy cultureBoybands ready to scratch each other's eyes out.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's touring must-haves.

Widget boy cultureTop sugar daddy misconceptions. (Wait, aren't any of 'em bottoms?)

Sugar-daddyI wouldn't say no. I'm unemployed!

Dec 03 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

West-Point-chapel-hosts-first-same-sex-lesbian-weddingHere come the brides

Widget boy cultureWest Point chapel's first same-sex wedding.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureSir Ian McKellen for New Zealand marriage equality. Jimmy-James-Nadya-Ginsburg-Tyson-Beckford-naked-shirtless-pubes-Ian-McKellen

Widget boy cultureFrank Bruni to Bill Clinton: Apologize.

Widget boy cultureMurderer Johnny Lewis wasn't drugged.

Widget boy cultureTyson Beckford's manscaping pic.

Widget boy culture21 years' worth of World of Wonder.

Widget boy cultureSexy, gay romp in Australia? I'm in.

Widget boy cultureHe Wears It Well: According to Ricky Martin, "Every Day is World AIDS Day."

Widget boy cultureRed carpet for a Walgreens opening???

Widget boy cultureMiss Nadya Ginsburg meets Mr./Miss Jimmy James. (Pictured, bottom right.)

Widget boy cultureJack Mackenroth = Athlete of the year.

Widget boy cultureAdam Lambert = Glitter hornet.

Widget boy cultureWill Swenson (below) for NOH8.



Nov 25 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Matthias-Schoenaerts-shirtessThat shirt is the pits

Widget boy cultureMatthias Schoenaerts heads up a spread for Vogue.

Widget boy cultureYasser Arafat to be exhumed, tested for poison. Yasser-Arafat

Widget boy cultureAl Jazeera: Radioactive polonium detected on Arafat's belongings.

Widget boy cultureMuslim radio station fined for pushing "torture" for gays.

Widget boy cultureTRAITORS: Texans flirt with secession.

Widget boy cultureTRAITOR: Gay Tory sez LGBT people don't want marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureAmnesty International against "Kill the Gays" bill, says being gay a "choice."

Widget boy cultureParenting and being gay no longer mutually exclusive.

Widget boy culturePrison-sex crackdown.

Widget boy cultureWhat if names were farts?

Widget boy cultureFinally, a time-traveling cops Web series.

Widget boy cultureScratch That: Meet two men who own 50 tons of 78 records.

Sistine-chapel-records_optMust be some kinda record!

Nov 17 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Honey-Boo-Boo-trashDiaper trash

Widget boy cultureHoney Boo Boo's portrait in trash.

Widget boy culture"Twink" is not the new N-word. Kale_GregVaughan4_thumb

Widget boy cultureIf Looks Could Kale: New model alert.

Widget boy cultureBarbara Bush to anti-Obama Republicans: "Move on."

Widget boy cultureCBS breaks up with gay sitcom Partners.

Widget boy cultureNOM raised 75% of its funds last year from two donors.

Widget boy cultureBus driver refuses vehicle with pro-gay ad.

Widget boy cultureJames Franco and Lindsay Lohan give R.E.M.'s "Blue" palpable ennui.

Nov 16 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

Frederick-W-HumphriesBlowing his cover

Widget boy cultureShirtless photo of agent in Petraeus scandal not so inappropriate.

Widget boy cultureJohn McCain is still an ornery old coot.

Widget boy cultureEquality that's music to your ears: "Same Love".

Widget boy cultureJapanese fat-blocking soda pop???

Widget boy cultureNo offense to One Direction, but Twinkies might be scarce soon.

Widget boy cultureAndrew Christian boys get "Wet". Shirtless

Widget boy cultureGlow Magazine's latest is sexy "To the Max."

Widget boy cultureJames Franco is Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Widget boy cultureHey, Rihanna: If it's "Nobody's Business", don't call the cops.

Widget boy cultureKeira Knightly's Anna Karenina inspiration: The Whore of Babylon.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper, Andy Cohen share double-headed...gummy snake???

Widget boy cultureAnti-equality Tea Partier turns out to be a serial adulterer.

Widget boy cultureDid gays push Obama to victory in Ohio and Florida?

Widget boy cultureGeorgia GOPers concerned Obama practicing mind control.

Widget boy cultureObama nominates out black judge for fed bench.

Widget boy cultureOut's Out100 cover stars revealed.

Out-100Out now!