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Sep 21 2018
NewFest 30 Looks Amazing Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.51.44 PMFor its 30th, NewFest is embracing diversity: Lose Yourself. Find Yourself. (Image via NewFest)

I first became familiar with NewFest in 2006, when the film Boy Culture — promotion of which led to the creation of this ancient blog, and which was based upon my novel — was among the selections. Now, the LGBT fest is celebrating its 30th year, and it is announcing the entire lineup (October 24-30) online this evening.

Last night, I got a sneak preview, and was happy to meet one of the stars of Kanarie, a much-buzzed-about selection — Hannes Otto. He was there with his husband, Will Seefried, and couldn't have sounded prouder of the acclaimed film.

I also bumped into Todd Stephens, who wrote Edge of Seventeen (1998) and the Another Gay Movie movies (2006 & 2008), which he also directed. Great guy! It was like 2006 all over again, because I believe AGM was at OutFest with Boy Culture.

Check out NewFest's official site for details on what's playing, when and where — and I'll likely see you there!

Sep 19 2018
Body Of Death: Fitness Model Accused Of 2nd-Degree Attempted Murder, 1st-Degree Assault Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 5.48.08 PMI prefer angry roommates to leave snotty notes around the house. (Image via Instagram)

Geoffrey Tracy, a California-based fitness model and Insta-hottie, came to NYC of his own volition to make some money stripping, but wound up arrested for stabbing the guy he was staying with ...

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Sep 17 2018
Way Off The Rack + How Gay Are They? + Grandma Loves Her Lesbian Granddaughter + NJ Rep: Kids Better In Orphanages Than Gay Fams + Remembering The Gay Cable Network + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's Emmys night, and Luke Evans has the look down pat.

BELOW: Keep reading for out-there fashion, a grandma getting used to her lesbian granddaughter, the truth about Bert & Ernie and so much more ...

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Sep 14 2018
Love, Sigmund + La Bouche Returns + Mother Nabs Son's Rapist + Dolly x Sia + Laura Ingraham's Gay Brother Slams Her + NY Election Results + Tyler The Ab Creator + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Luis will pop up in Boy Culture: The Series. What a nice guy! Follow him here and check out one of his shows.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay swimmer who fell for the gay football player, Laura Ingraham's brother turning on her, all the NY state election fallout, the return of '90s pop hitmakers La Bouche, Dolly Parton teaming up with Sia, a sexy-as-hell MTV star and much, much more ...

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Sep 13 2018
Cuomo Defeats The Homo* Comments (0)

Govperfection(GIF via GIPHY)

*This header is not anti-gay, and is not a slam against the intelligent and fabulous Cynthia Nixon. If anything it's a little dig at the (victorious) Andrew Cuomo, who coasted to victory in the NY Democratic primary this evening — it refers to an urban legendary incident from his past.

At any rate, now that Cuomo is the nominee, I hope Nixon works with him and I hope he lets her. She successfully pushed him left and nudged him on the MTA.

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Steamy Roleplay + Trump Dumps On P.R.: Deaths Never Happened! + Kavanaugh Docs Sent To FBI + Eric Trump Goes Full-On Anti-Semitic + Gay TOY STORY Nuptials + Lourdes Strikes A Pose + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A li'l close-up magic.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's Hurricane Maria denial, hot and funny roleplaying, Henry Cavill riding the Superman controversy, remembering Nell Carter and more ...

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Sep 11 2018
Steve When He Cizzles + YouTubers Break Up + Marco Marco's Sexy Trans Show + Kit Harington On Gay Superheroes + Trump Desecrates 9/11 (Again) + TMZ Still After Carole Cook + Ellen Welcomes Valedictorian + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He wears 'em well!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 12.09.30 PM(Images via Instagram, video still & NYDN)

BELOW: Keep reading for a hung rapper, Marco Marco's sexy trans show, Trump's egregious 9/11 behavior, Lady Gaga on Vogue and more ...

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Sep 05 2018
Boorish FROZEN Patron Tries Trump Banner, Gets Shut Down By Cast Member Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 11.26.41 PMAt this point, on the day Trump got his own Deep Throat, these people are cultists. (Image via video still)

More and more, people are displaying how ill-equipped they are to attend live theater, whether it's texting, talking on the phone, clambering onstage in search of the commode, or, now, unfurling a grotesque TRUMP 2020 banner at during the bows at Frozen in NYC.

40321242_10107859311543469_5220282390349348864_nTim in costume (Image via Facebook)

Some rube did just that Wednesday evening, but he had his ass handed to him when fast-thinking cast member Tim Hughes snatched the banner out of the man's hands and tossed it backstage like the garbage it was.

On Facebook, Hughes responded to the incident by explaining his actions and refusing to apologize:

What does it say about our country and politics when a man at the show tonight felt the need to protest Disney’s Frozen on Broadway with a pro Trump flag?? How frightening is it that our show’s messages of love, acceptance, and diversity have become the opposition to supporting Trump? The curtain call is a thank you between actors and audience, a final connection to end a shared experience. I will not apologize for how I responded to the disrespectful man trying to interrupt this moment with a pathetic political platform. Not at our show! Not in front of my beautiful, diverse, talented cast at @frozenbroadway. I appreciate everyone’s support. #resist #lovewins #lovetrumpshate

Bravo, Tim.

Keep reading to watch ...

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