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Apr 10 2014
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Apr 08 2014
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Apr 06 2014
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Apr 02 2014
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Signs of the times

Apr 01 2014
Ex-WaPo Exec Dies @ The Out NYC, Drugs Rumored Comments (0)


Guyon Knight, 64, a former Washington Post executive, was found dead in The Out gay hotel in NYC the day after The Hookies Awards. Drug paraphernelia was allegedly found at the scene. Knight was apparently married to a woman; details of his death are sketchy.

Mar 29 2014
No Bone Unturned: A Trip To The Leslie-Lohman's Current Exhibit Of Gay Erotic Art Comments (0)

Robert-RichardsThe incomparable Robert Richards, curator of Stroke

Stroke-gay-artTwo of my buddies (a friend recently replied to a text in which I used that word with a simple, sarcastic "buddy") and I met up at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in SoHo on Friday night to check out the opening reception for Robert W. Richards's highly anticipated new show, dedicated to the gay erotic art produced to adorn porn mags from the '50s until now. Stroke: From Under the Mattress to the Museum Walls is on view from now through May 25, 2014, and it's a must-see if you're intrigued by erotic art or even if you just fondly remember a time when, minus a man, your best bet at carnal gratification would have been with a non-judgmental glossy magazine.

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Need To Know: Underground Art, Bun In An Oven In A Genie In A Bottle, Extra-Wide Receiver + MORE! Comments (0)

Keith-Haring-1982-artArt attack.

*widget boy cultureKeith Haring was here, circa 1982.

*widget boy cultureGaga's sold-out Roseland shows are 12 songs, 1 hour long.

*widget boy cultureNovak Djokovic peen-pic scandal???

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera knocked up.

*widget boy cultureSwedish wide receiver comes out.

*widget boy cultureFall gal in Christie's pricy "exoneration" report fights back; ally resigns.

*widget boy cultureHOLEY MACKEREL: Ed Fury's fishnet "swimsuit."

*widget boy cultureAnother reason Trump is dumb: He thinks shots cause autism.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay wedding in London is a May-December romance.

*widget boy cultureJeff Timmons of 98 Degrees is still hot, still horny.

*widget boy cultureCharles Leslie has more gay-erotic art than you. By a lot.

Charles-LeslieNice piece!

The Booty Trip: A Review Of Mike Albo's THE JUNKET Comments (0)

Mike-Albo-The-JunketDon't screw—or screw—Mike Albo...he'll Taylor Swift-boat you onstage, and you'll deserve it.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: **** out of ****

Mike Albo's one-man, one-hour (and change) show The Junket at Culture Project/Lynn Redgrave Theatre is far more entertaining than any of the many actual junkets I've been on, and I've been to Disney World with an entertainment reporter who filed a police report when a free fruit basket allegedly disappeared from his room. Devious maids!

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Mar 26 2014
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Mar 25 2014
He Sang/She Sang: A Review Of BROADWAY BACKWARDS Comments (0)

New York's LGBT Center and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS will receive $423,182 from the annual Broadway Backwards event, held last night at the Hirshfeld. I'd never gone before, but Broadway-Backwardsgrabbed a friend (well, tried, but the young ones are fast) and hiked to the mezz to see a unique show in which Broadway performers sing songs originally intended for the opposite gender. Which reminds me: God, I miss that TV show Turnabout with Sharon Gless.

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: ***1/2 out of ****

But back to the matter at hand: Broadway Backwards started a bit creakily, with an oddly unfunny sketch that had a dark tone and an inexplicable Christmas theme. But aside from some of the skits being a bit trying, every vocal performance was a treat, including great contributions from Bryan Batt, Beth Leavel, Billy Porter (who was calmly Kodama Sushi-ing moments before the show began), Stephanie J. Block and more.

Probably the most successful skit was Colin Hanlon, Stephen Bienskie and Max von Essen's head-for-biz-bod-for-sin same-sex romance that played out to the strains of "Been a Long Day." Have always wished I could see them do a three-way, but probably should have been more specific when wishing for it.

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