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May 11 2015
Mati Weiderpass Negates His Own Apology, Brands His Critics EXTREMISTS Comments (0)

Mati Weiderpass's previous apology was fake. Now, he's simply going on offense, branding people who questioned his involvement with Ted Cruz as “extremists.”

6a00d8341c730253ef01b8d111feef970cExcuse me, but if you think gay people are extremists for objecting to gay business leaders kissing the ass of a man who has risen to power in part by explicitly demonizing gay people, you're either completely disingenuous or you're simply saving your own ass.

Anyone who's ever defending Reisner and Weiderpass should eat their words, as these grotesque men now seem to feel the best route to making things right is to make them even more wrong.

May 10 2015
Etan Patz's Probable Killer Goes Free Because Of Him Comments (0)


This is the guy—the only one—who decided that Etan Patz's murder could not be blamed on Pedro Hernandez, who confessed multiple times to the slaying. The guy sounds like an egomaniac to me. My own experience with the jury system has been abysmal. I do not think they work anymore.

May 09 2015
Spider-Can Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 11.34.40 PM

This Times Square Spider-Man's outfit was practically pornographic, even with safety underwear.

May 08 2015
Rumors Swirl In Chelsea Bashing Incident Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.31.43 PM

Rumor has it that the man who smashed a chair over another man's head at Dallas BBQ in Chelsea may be gay himself. Who knows?

Does that mean he couldn't have committed a hate crime? Not if he truly did slur the men as “white faggots” before things got physical, because that would help explain not why they fought but why, after the fight was interrupted, he then took a chair and attempted to murder the guys he'd already beaten and stomped.

The G-List already apparently thinks that the white guys who were beaten down are privileged gay white men. See, they're privileged because they think that if a black person (or any person) calls them names, they have no right to confront them without repercussion. I would argue that it's not smart to do, but if someone calls you a slur (read how G-List tries to make excuses for the chair-thrower by saying he'd used faggot to mean something more like entitled than, you know, faggot), you do have  right to say something back. They do not, nor do you, have a right to assault anyone.

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Happy Birthday, Dear Judy! Comments (0)


Seth Sikes returns to 54 Below, singing the songs of Judy Garland on June 10, 2015, what would have been only her 93rd birthday. Amazing to think of all that Judy could've done in the past nearly 50 years since her untimely passing. Can you imagine a Judy appearance on Hot in Cleveland?

Team Ginger All The Way Comments (0)



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May 07 2015
New Video In Chelsea Hate-Crime Attack Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 8.41.22 PM

Dallas BBQ has released crystal-clear images of the suspect in that abhorrent bias attack in Chelsea the other night. No way this guy will not be found.

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