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Sep 18 2016
The New York Bomber That Time Forgot Comments (0)

Screen-Shot-2016-02-23-at-2.27.27-PM(Image via public domain)

With the troubling news of a blast in NYC's Chelsea area (was at the subway 23rd and 8th a few hours before and I'm in the exact area of the explosion all the time), a friend reminded me of a notorious, but forgotten, bombing case from the 1950s. Very interesting reading.

Meanwhile, not many places have brought up the one-off (?) explosion in Central Park that badly injured a young tourist—and that happened recently.

I immediately remembered the unsolved explosion in Times Square that happened when I worked in the building directly in front of it.

Who knows who the culprit is? Well, someone does, but it ain't Donald Trump.

Sep 17 2016
Mayor de Blasio On Blast: No Known Terror Connection, But Seems To Have Been AN INTENTIONAL ACT; 2nd Site Investigated; Clinton & Trump React Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 11.21.43 PM(Video still via CNN)

Mayor Bill de Blasio and other NYC officials just completed a live presser regarding tonight's explosion in Chelsea.

They said the exact cause of what seems to have been an “intentional act” at 131 W. 23rd St. is not yet known, and that a second site—at 27th St.—was being investigated.

They have all but ruled out a gas explosion or construction accident. There is no indication that it was a terrorist event, at least by classical definition.

There are 29 confirmed injuries, none life-threatening, but one patient with a puncture wound was seriously injured.

Long before the presser, Donald Trump used the event to gin up supporters at a rally, stating flatly “a bomb went off in New York” before that had been confirmed.

Hillary Clinton took a more statesmanlike approach:

Explosion Rocks Chelsea, New York Comments (0)

Some kind of explosion—sources are saying it was an IED—in a Dumpster in New York's Chelsea area injured over two dozen bystanders Saturday night.

The explosion, described as deafening, blew out windows of a first-floor residence and damaged nearby vehicles, as well as sending people to the hospital. Injuries are reported as being minor—nothing life-threatening.

The explosion occurred a few hours after a confirmed pipe bomb explosion along a route about to be used by a charity event to benefit Marines and sailors in New Jersey.


They Had This Time (52 Years!) Together Comments (0)

My friend Bob Deutsch has the best celebrity-encounter stories ever, even better because his took place from the early '60s through the early '80s. He always had a special attachment to Carol Burnett, taking her picture many times on the street and at various shows, and even being asked into her apartment once to gift her with some baby items right after she had given birth.

As he explains above, when he was invited to go backstage last night in NYC at Carol's one-woman show (I saw it again—still great! Plus she sang a few bars of her theme song at the end and talked about her Twilight Zone), he was able to get a photo with her 52 years after the last one.

I love stuff like this, and I think Carol Burnett has to be the most accommodating and fan-friendliest celebrity ever, no? Then again, Bob's such a mensch I can't really imagine any star turning him down.

Sep 16 2016
6-PACK — Football Me + Harlem Hate Church Love Story + Grinding PRINCE CHARMING + Hillary Calls Out Birther Trump + Masc = Misogyny? + Man Who Threatened Gays In Florida Indicted! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 10.00.41 AM(Movie still via Lionsgate)

*widget boy cultureThe Russell Tovey gay football drama has a new trailer (AFTER THE JUMP) and it's hot-hot-hot.

*widget boy cultureNew romance set amidst the real-life grotesque dealings of the so-called “Harlem Hate Church.”

My-harlem-faces-square_ae0f0b70dcc998d4486b3a85ff472b47.nbcnews-ux-600-480(Image via

*widget boy cultureThey hate-watched every second of Finding Prince Charming so you don't have to!

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump led the birther movement, Hillary says. Trump lies, says Hillary started it. Because the media won't check:

*widget boy cultureAren't masc guys really just assholes?

*widget boy cultureHA-HA: Nutjob Craig Jungwirth, who allegedly made terroristic threats against fellow gays, indicted.

CraigJungwirth1-608x330(Video still via Joe.My.God./WESH2)

Keep reading for that Russell Tovey trailer ...

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Sep 15 2016
Nine Years Hard Time For Man Who Used Chair As Deadly Weapon In Gay-On-Gay Assault Comments (0)

Bayna Lekheim El-Amin, a gay man with 29 felonies under his belt, was sentenced to nine years in prison for his infamous, chair-shattering assault on a gay couple at the Chelsea Dallas BBQ in NYC in May 2015.

The assault was controversial because it followed a messy argument between the couple—one of whom started it—and El-Amin, and because El-Amin's reported use of anti-gay epithets caused the incident to initially be labeled a hate crime.

Once it became clear it was not a hate crime (it wasn't prosecuted as such), a number of commentators framed it as a case of white privilege—the victims are white—overlooking El-Amin's long track record of run-ins with the law, and also overlooking the fact that he decided to break a chair over the guys he'd been arguing with after the argument was over. 

From The Advocate:

Some observers agreed with El-Amin that he was a victim of racism. A widely shared social media post accused Snipes and York-Adams of exploiting white privilege, and many of the people attending the sentencing wore light blue armbands or headbands as a symbol of support for El-Amin, Gay City News notes. He also spoke at the hearing, describing his accusers as “drunk white men who felt they were entitled to swing on me.”

But the judge did not agree. “I know that you want to cast this, your supporters as well, as an issue about race,” Goldberg said. “I don’t see it that way. … When you picked up that chair, that was a criminal act that cannot be excused.”

It was a naked act of aggression that damn well could've paralyzed someone—or killed someone.

The couple in the attack are now broken up and one is no longer in the area. Neither attended the sentencing.

Sep 12 2016
6-PACK — Cue Democratic (And Media) Hand-Wringing Over Pneumonia + WikiLeaks' Unhealthy Obession + Trump Gets A Pass (Again) + Trump Lied (Again) + Slain Jogger's Last Moments Alive + RuPaul Gets The Respect That He's Entitled To! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureWaste of space Cokie Roberts claims Dems are “nervously whispering” about replacing Hillary Clinton. Which can't really be done.

*widget boy cultureWikiLeaks is openly campaigning against Hillary, has lost all semblance of being a whistleblower: Poll mocks her health.

*widget boy cultureMedia colluding to elect click-magnet Trump: Hillary's health overreported, Trump gets a pass on his foundation, his taxes.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 10.47.01 AM(Quote from here)

*widget boy cultureCIA Director says Trump lied about security briefing—there was no anti-Obama body language to read.

*widget boy cultureSlain jogger's final moments alive captured on video—cops have a DNA profile of her at-large male killer.

*widget boy cultureRuWARDING EXPERIENCE: RuPaul wins Emmy for Best Talk Show Host! “I don't know if I'm dreaming or not.”

Sophia Loren Staten Island Style: A Review Of AN EVENING WITH SOPHIA LOREN Comments (0)

DSC00399(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Last night, I did something new after 24 years in NYC—I went to Staten Island, the fabled most conservative borough.

I was lured there by a siren's song: Miss Sophia Loren was making an unusual appearance on her Q&A tour, An Evening with Sophia Loren. UnnamedI find it odd that she would appear on Staten Island, but I think the tour is economically driven (she wants the money, not just remind us of her fabulousness) and the venue—the St. George—was probably much cheaper than anything in Manhattan. It certainly felt cheaper—it was frankly like the event had rented it out and the venue provided little more than a skeleton crew to move things along.

She's actually appearing in Detroit next.

Getting there wasn't half the fun, but it wasn't too much of a bother, and the ferry ride cooled me off. You may have heard that New York was stultifyingly hot recently. I went in and got my VIP pass, which was the very first moment I was notified that Sophia would not sign autographs at the $400 photo op. That seemed pretty stingy to me. I went back outside and spotted some autograph hounds by the stage door, listening in as one guy bent the ear of a security guy who could not have cared less as he talked about the various celebrity encounters he'd had in his life. I decided to hang there on the way, way off-chance that she would be accessible upon entry since only five or six guys were waiting and I had a nice pic for her to hopefully sign.

DSC00328If you gotta be 81, you wanna be 81 and look like this.

Her manager walked by us, never mentioning the inevitable—that she planned to be driven straight into the building and would enter without anyone laying eyes on her—until he was finally directing her SUV into the back entrance. At this moment, these pigs who hadn't been waiting at all physically pushed past us to get closer, but they got no more a glimpse of her than we did. My motto is to try, because I'd rather have her autograph than not have it, but I wasn't going to lose sleep. I think the nice guy who had roses for her might have.

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