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Sep 14 2014
Keepin' It MIGHTY REAL: A Review Of That Must-See Sylvester Musical Comments (0)

MightyReal266Resolutely fabulous

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: ***1/2 out of ****

Sylvester (September 6, 1947—December 16, 1988) was a force of nature—he forced his nature on a world that was at times unwilling to accept him for the person he didn't choose to be, and for the MightyReal565person he chose to be. It's hard to imagine Sylvester's brand of authenticity bringing him success in the 1970s, but he had a good imagination because success is what he had. With some indelible disco classics and a refusal to play the game required of most other popular singers, he became a gay icon and an inspiration in his short life—he died of AIDS at 41.

In Mighty Real: A Fabulous Sylvester Musical, Anthony Wayne (who also wrote the book and is co-director and co-producer with his partner Kendrell Bowman) resurrects Sylvester, doing a damn fine job of disproving any notion that Sylvester was inimitable. In a performance that's informed by Wayne's obvious respect for the icon, he recalls without mimicking Sylvester's piercing falsetto in a string of soaring musical numbers that draw from the entertainer's entire oeuvre.

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Go Straight To Hell Comments (0)

Big-Gay-Ice-CreamVia Gothamist

Gallo Nero, a dive restaurant in Downtown Manhattan I wouldn't set foot in regardless of the rest of this story, has decided to, um, let's say playfully tweak their nearby ice cream competition, Big Gay Ice Cream, by suggesting passers-by instead try some big straight ice cream.

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Sep 12 2014
Debtor's Prison: A Review Of BAD WITH MONEY @ The Duplex Comments (0)


BOY CULTURE REVIEW: *** out of ****

When Ben Rimalower was gracious enough to invite me to his latest one-woman show, Bad With Money at The Duplex here in NYC, I knew immediately it was a show for me.

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Sep 10 2014
Nick Of Time: Moments With A Jonas Brother Comments (0)

Nick JonasNick tonight at BPM...he's 22 in a week.

This post is gonna be like the movie Boyhood, except without an Arquette.

I have lots of memories of working with the Jonas Brothers (you'll have to read my memoir in the spring—Starf*cker from Lethe Press), but alas—because we all love a good, catty story—they're all nice. I met them when they were kids and was the first teen-mag editor to feature and do a dedicated photo shoot with them, something they never forgot, unlike a lot of other kids with full agendas, arenas and dance cards.

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Sep 09 2014
Dimmed Wit: Broadway Does Right By Joan Rivers Comments (0)


Caught some footage of Broadway's lights going out at 6:45PM tonight for a minute in honor of the life of Joan Rivers. Quite a few people were gathered; many cheered.

After the jump, check out the video.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Rivers may have died as the result of an imprudent action taken not by those at Yorkville Endoscopy, but by her own physician; a source says her one of her own doctors was with her at the time of the procedure that she signed off on and when he saw something worth taking a closer look at, he asked if he could do a biopsy on the spot. The clinic's staff agreed, and a very dangerous biopsy—something Rivers had no idea would be happening—was undertaken, causing her throat to close.

If that's really what happened, she probably never really had a chance...

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Lights Out For Joan Rivers Comments (0)

Joan-RiversRivers celebrates her birthday 20 years ago during the run of Sally Marr and Her Escorts.

The Broadway League has backed down—Joan Rivers will receive the honor of having the lights on Broadway dimmed for 60 seconds at 6:45 tonight.

Sep 08 2014
Broadway To Joan Rivers: Drop Deader! Comments (0)


Joan Rivers will not receive the honor of the lights of Broadway being dimmed—she has been deemed not synonymous enough with theater.

The bitch was nominated for a Tony, which is more than we can say for (the supertalented) Robin Williams, who appeared in one Broadway show and performed one of his stand-up shows on Broadway for telecast but who received the honor of dimmed lights recently.

Really tone-deaf move.

I Hope Nick Jonas Enters The $100 Hot Body Contest Tomorrow! Comments (0)