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Jan 05 2015
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Ruggedly-hotMore where he came from!

Jan 04 2015
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Cute-guy-smiileSupercuteness like this is also available here.

Jan 03 2015
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NYC-boyMore like him over here.

Jan 02 2015
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Jan 01 2015
Former NY Governor Mario Cuomo Dies @ 82 Comments (0)


Mario Cuomo, the former governor of New York and the father of current governor Andrew Cuomo, has died at 82. Cuomo died a few hours after his son was sworn in for his second term.

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NYC continues the grand tradition of objectifying its firefighters (I approve). Just don't ask a cop to strip; he'll shoot you.

Dec 31 2014
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I can't understand why people think those Times Square characters are anything less than the total professionals at Disney World...?

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This sign at the très authentic French restaurant Chez Napoleon is almost enough to make you laugh those snails out of your nose.