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Oct 21 2013
Need To Know: F.U. Asked Me To, Gwyneth's Billion-Dollar F*ck Buddy, Pits Stop + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureReba McEntire, cover your ears. ABOVE: "Does he F.U.?"

*widget boy cultureToo many Christians are just assholes.

*widget boy cultureSocial butterfly Madonna's rape gets a rave review. Her face gets a pan.Underarm

*widget boy cultureVanity Fair dogging Gwyneth Paltrow. Did she cheat?

*widget boy cultureHairy underarm gallery. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureGrindr winner Eric Angelo loses his clothes.

*widget boy cultureGay couple's moves from the Big Apple to Motown.

*widget boy cultureRoom for transgender rights in the gay-rights battle?

*widget boy cultureOld Dogs & New Tricks comes to DVD.

*widget boy cultureNZ instructs diplomat to watch gay Olympians in Russia.

Gaga-Madonna-Twitter*widget boy cultureGaga decides to respond to Madonna...though not in a timely fashion.

*widget boy cultureIs Diddy a diddler?

*widget boy cultureSixty people injured during Montenegro Gay Pride march.

*widget boy cultureHe wanted to look like Bieber, wound up looking like Bryan Singer.

*widget boy cultureTraffic court judge candidate hit with anti-gay swimsuit flyer.

Richard-perque-homophobic-mailer2He's got my vote...and I don't even live there!

Apr 17 2013
New Zealand Says "I Do!" With A "Gay Rainbow" Comments (0)
New Zealand has become the thirteenth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. Check out MP Maurice Williamson's hilarious speech contextualizing the move...

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Mar 02 2013
Need To Know: Bieber Buns, Chelsea Man-Handlers Rocco, Strike 3...You're In? + MORE Comments (2)


*widget boy cultureA must-read, amazing story of gay parents. Underwear-hot-guys-Justin-Bieber

*widget boy cultureObama would rule against all "gay-marriage" bans.

*widget boy cultureBradley Manning wanted to be a war whistleblower.

*widget boy cultureVirginia's 1st out gay judge sworn in.

*widget boy cultureLesbian mom beaten down in Texas.

*widget boy cultureWhich doc subject are you like...Madonna? Little Edie?

*widget boy cultureChelsea Handler cuts a rug with Rocco.

*widget boy cultureNadya Ginsburg's Kickstarter for Madonnalogues.

*widget boy cultureFacebook is work-shopping itself in New Zealand.

*widget boy culturePiers Morgan...love his politics, but hate him. Others do, too.

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber in sheer tightie-whities.

*widget boy cultureLunatic beheads mom, poses with her noggin.

*widget boy cultureA 94-year-old teacher retires, trash-talks "entitled" kids.

*widget boy cultureFor Mile High Sports, a mustachioed, strapping pitcher says gays should stay quiet.

Mark-KnudsonIt's especially galling when a horse-hung guy tells you not to be all gay about it

Dec 08 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Psy-gangnam-style-2A PSY is still a PSY

Widget boy culturePSY abjectly apologizes for anti-USA lyrics.

Widget boy cultureBob Hope's pre-auction garage sale! Britney-Spears-X-Factor-Lindsay-Lohan-shirtless-Bob-Hope-auction-gay-William-Smith-Kathie-Lee-Gifford

Widget boy cultureAnn Coulter: Hispanics an underclass.

Widget boy culture(Nude) statue of David meets Scruff.

Widget boy cultureKathie Lee's Scandalous to heaven.

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears flaps her gum.

Widget boy cultureOne Million Moms give up on Ellen.

Widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan a Wanted woman.

Widget boy cultureNZ electric company zaps homophobes.

Widget boy cultureDemi Moore's boytoy = young, not hot.

Widget boy cultureKim Kardashian's pussy dies young.

Widget boy cultureAnother new Glee guy.

Widget boy cultureChunky but HUNKY.

Widget boy cultureJared Leto is such a heel.

Widget boy cultureLeft off my list OOPS #1: William Smith.

Widget boy cultureUnlike wine, Asian cheesecake doesn't get better with age:

Asian-girls-bikinisAre you a retrosexual?

Nov 05 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

Gay-parentingFamily matters

Widget boy cultureDadvertising: Great spot on parenting.

Widget boy cultureMalawi suspends anti-gay laws!

Widget boy cultureSharon Osbourne had a preventive double mastectomy.

Widget boy cultureRihanna's Unapologetic track list includes "Nobody's Business".

Widget boy cultureNew Zealand PM blows off "gay" gaffe. Gwen-Stefani-Native-American

Widget boy cultureAnd How!: No Doubt pulls culturally insensitive video.

Widget boy cultureGay love triangle ends in murder, tears.

Widget boy cultureVoting is a mess in Florida—by design.

Widget boy cultureRomney's Ohio Jeep ad called a lie by...everyone.

Widget boy cultureObama's polling spike not wholly due to Sandy.

Widget boy culturePolitical analyst Larry Sabato: O = 290, R = 248.

Widget boy cultureThe French adore sex...marriage equality? Pas nécessairement.

Widget boy cultureUniversity of San Diego isn't into gays, either.

Widget boy cultureGay and voting for Mitt Romney???

Mitt-Romney-gay-votingThe Mitt hits the fan