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Jun 23 2014
Need To Know: Pride On Time + Nick'd + Burning Rubbers + Magic Mike & Joltin' Joe + MORE! Comments (0)

Hot guy Iowa PrideBursting with pride

*widget boy cultureThe men (, women & children) of Iowa City Pridefest 2014.

*widget boy cultureWorldPride 2014 begins!

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas is unbelievably jacked up by now.

*widget boy cultureThe official condom of the World Cup???

*widget boy cultureJoe Manganiello on the influence of Magic Mike.

*widget boy cultureYes, this kid really did get stuck in a vagina until the fire department...came.

*widget boy cultureHe shakes it so hard he almost breaks it.

*widget boy cultureHillary says she is “unlike the truly well off.”

*widget boy cultureMinnesota Bible-thumper is a Supreme Court nominee.

*widget boy cultureSingin' “The Westboro Baptist Blues.”

*widget boy cultureHeroesCon's “Drink & Draw” event yields amazing results.

Adammaleblogdrinkanddraw24Super men

Apr 22 2014
Need To Know: Nick's Next Hit, Black Magic, Hard-Serve Ice Cream + MORE! Comments (0)

Nick-Jonas-UFCPunching bag of Nick: “I'd hit it.”

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas packs on the muscle for new UFC film.

*widget boy cultureBryan Singer's accuser sues three more entertainment big-shots.

*widget boy cultureAccuser recounts being raped after a Siegfried & Roy show.

*widget boy cultureUnrelated: Ice cream laced with Viagra and champagne.

*widget boy cultureGet your Harvey Milk U.S. postage stamps here.

*widget boy cultureI don't look like this in underwear...do you???

*widget boy cultureWhat succulent nipples.

*widget boy cultureThe CK Steel Micro Collection is a hit.

*widget boy cultureNew Blondie album is (almost) here.

Blondie4-ever young

Mar 27 2014
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)

Via c'est la vie.

Sep 20 2013
Need To Know: Nick Time, Pope On A Soapbox, McCain Speaks The Pravda + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Nick Jonas and his biceps are more than just OK!

*widget boy culturePREACH: Pope thinks Church too "obsessed" with gays, abortion, contraception.

*widget boy cultureKabbalah's Philip Berg dies.

*widget boy cultureGay play feeling. has special Boys' Night October 16, code "feelingGAY."

*widget boy cultureAnti-trans zealot hounded out of porn debate.

*widget boy cultureJohn McCain writes pro-gay op-ed for Pravda.

*widget boy cultureDr. Frank Spinelli's sexual-abuse memoir Pee-Shy is on sale now.

Aug 08 2013
Gimme Some Skin Comments (1)

Joe-JonasP.S. Who's the dude behind him?

Nick Jonas is Grindr. Joe is Scruff.

What is Kevin? I guess AshleyMadison.

Jul 30 2013
Take Eat, This Is My Body Comments (1)
Nick Jonas, saying "I never do this," Instagrammed this HOLY PHWOAR!-worthy photo of himself after a work-out. He references healthy living and his diabetes by way of an explanation, but really, does he need one? If you look like this, vanity is not a character flaw, it's an act of charity.
Jan 30 2012
WIN IT! Tickets To See Nick Jonas In How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying Comments (23)


I've got TWO PAIRS of tickets to see Nick Jonas in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying! All you have to do to enter is comment this post with your favorite musical-comedy star of all time with an explanation of why he or she is your #1 pick. I'll choose 2 of you at random to win one week from today at 5PM EST. Good luck!

My thoughts on this production from when it opened are here.

Read on for more details on this contest and to find out how to get discounted tickets today...

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Aug 01 2011
Does Nick Jonas Make You Corny? Comments (1)

John Stamos (Corny Collins) tweeted this shot of his rehearsal time with Nick Jonas (Link Larkin) as they prep for a Hollywood Bowl presentation of Hairspray.

Apr 21 2011
Do The Jonas Brothers Have The Best Butts EVER? Comments (10)

Via Splash News Online, where tons more are about to go up.

Feb 06 2011
Bedtime For Bozo Comments (11)

I know everyone (even Nick Jonas, y'all!!!) is gung-ho about celebrating Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday lately, but I see no reason to celebrate it. He was not a good president (that's debatable), and his willful ignoring of the AIDS crisis shows he was not a good man. But I was still surprised to read this story from a former neighbor, revealing he was also no friend to the lowly puppy (and wasn't very fond of the poor).

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