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Jun 22 2016
Moore Is Less: Delusional, Poisonous, Misery-Wallowing Tripe About How Nick Jonas Wronged LGBT People With His Empathy Comments (0)

You have to read Chadwick Moore's grotesque rant about Nick Jonas having the balls to express empathy at the NYC vigil for the victims of the Orlando mass shooting. Any point that could ever be made about Jonas not being the best choice in that moment is completely lost in Moore's venomous, personally insulting attack on the guy.

Of course, he has a bunch of fawning responses on Facebook. Nick's cute (and straight, even worse), so he's someone to be loathed. Gay people want to be accepted, someone accepts us, they must be using us. Brilliant.

But regardless of how you feel on the topic of Jonas speaking at that vigil, should we really be applauding an open letter by a gay person directed at gay people the week after a mass shooting at a gay bar that ends:

And I keep wondering, to my sisters and brothers--when will the mothership return for us? This planet doesn’t deserve us. Maybe it’s time we check out.

What is this misery whore talking about? Because it sounds like suicide, and that's a contemptible suggestion when we are at our lowest.

Don't call us your brothers and sisters, because I don't have a thing in common with this kind of nasty, misguided, emo tripe.

Jun 21 2016
HEAT INDEX — Hiddleston Strips + Keanu Outed? + Hot Mag + Drake On Top Of Nick J + Brad Influence + BROADWAY BARES Fall-Out + Finn Cole's Best Side + Body By Quad + Zayn Relief! Comments (0)

MonaKuhn_SHOT_06_082_crop-1542x2035(Image credits: Tom Hiddleston photographed by Mona Kuhn, styled by Patrick Mackie. Grooming by Cheri Keating at The Wall Group. Digital technicians: Andrea Bartley, Paolo Alfante. Photography assistants: Chris O’Neill, Jared Burkhardt. Fashion assistants: Jay Barrett, Elyse Lightner. Special thanks to the Standard Highline and Chateau Marmont.)

TOOK IT OFF: Tom Hiddleston strips to his underpants and reclines for W Magazine.

OUTING KEANU REEVES: Pure fantasy or a very hot memory of fact?


IF ONLY: Drake tops Nick Jonas.

PITT STOP: Brad Pitt dons Days of Thunder drag.”


DSC09676(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

MALE BONDING: More Broadway Bares buddying up.

FINN COLE'S BOOTY: Actor goes back to nature in Animal Kingdom. (Work Unfriendly)

Animal_Kingdom_US_S01_E02_1080p_HDTV_X264_DIMENSI-1(Image via OMG Blog/TNT)

THE QUAD SQUAD: Biggest quads ever?

DAMN, ZAYN: Malik flashes his underarms (and more) for Paper Magazine:


I can't even take it. @zayn by @paolakudacki for @papermagazine #InZayn #sexy

A photo posted by Mickey Boardman (@askmrmickey) on

6-PACK — Musto Read On Nick Jonas & Lady Gaga + Baby Got Beck + BIG HOMOPHOBE + Hillary > Trump + Cosmetic Work, Work, Work, Work, Work + Sotomayor Seeks Justice! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAs always, Michael Musto writes provocatively and thoughtfully on whether Nick Jonas & Lady Gaga are gay allies or opportunists.

*widget boy cultureActor Tom Beck bares his backside in a German flick. (Work Unfriendly)

Tom-beck-tom-beck-18861988-640-368Beck for good (Video still via RTL)

*widget boy cultureWhy is there always a resident homophobe on Big Brother? Do they do this with racists???

*widget boy cultureIt's all about the electoral college, but FYI, Hillary is way ahead of Trump in a new national poll.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 10.36.10 PM(Image via

*widget boy cultureGuess the cosmetic procedure one expert thinks just about every famous woman has had? Yes, even her.

*widget boy cultureJustice Sotomayor's latest dissent is a withering essay that nods to #BlackLives Matter. 

Jun 16 2016
6-PACK — BROADWAY BARES On Demand + Friendly Skies + Jamaican A.G. Dishonors Orlando Dead + Republicans Spit In Face Of Orlando Dead + Nick Jonas Advertises Firm Booty + YOU CAN PEE NEXT TO ME! Comments (0)

13450859_10153452491796152_1716994846620615283_nPledge to help Mark MacKillop reach his charitable goal here. (Image via Mark MacKillop)

*widget boy cultureThe June 19 Broadway Bares installment will be TV-oriented with a “brand-nude spin.” Plus, Laverne Cox landed Rocky Horror from last year's perf.

*widget boy cultureHow an Orlando victim's grandma was treated on a JetBlue flight will bring you to tears.

*widget boy cultureJamaica's A.G. has a problem with the U.S. embassy raising a rainbow flag in honor of Orlando. I, in turn, have a problem with Jamaica's A.G.

*widget boy cultureIn the shadow of the Orlando mass shooting, Republicans blocked a gay-rights bill in the House. Fuck you, Gays for Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.42.10 AMNick was ambivalent about the idea of furries. (Video still via Bravo)

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas tells Andy Cohen he absolutely likes getting spanked: “I've got a firm ass.”

*widget boy cultureOkay with trans people in the bathroom? Urine good company: George Takei agrees! Shirt benefits Equality NC.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.29.55 AM(Image via George Takei/Equality NC)

Jun 14 2016
Absurdly, Nick Jonas Is Being Criticized Over Appearance At NYC Rally For Orlando Comments (0)

I can't wrap my mind around the insane political correctness times 100 that would make a queer activist feel “rage” toward straight ally Nick Jonas for having the cojones to dare speak out against anti-gay violence at last night's rally in front of the Stonewall in NYC.

Repeatedly attacked for being a “queer-baiter”—I guess non-gay celebrities who acknowledge, respect, play to and, yes, make money from their gay fans are exploiters?—Jonas is being called out for having no place at the rally.

I disagree. When I was a kid, I would have loved to have had such strong, outspoken support from straight allies int he media. Hell, Nick was raised in a very, very religious home—he could easily have kept his mouth shut as an adult and kept his early-days churchy fans happy. Instead, he has shown his comfort and rapport with LGBT people and is now speaking out about the atrocity in Orlando.

Don't attack your goddamned friends. No one is saying he's the new Harvey Milk, but his voice should be welcome.

Jun 13 2016
Nick Jonas's New Song/Video: UNDER YOU ... Alrighty Then! Comments (0)

208(GIF via

The new Nick Jonas video is definitely food for thought.

HEAT INDEX — He Is What He Is + David Pocock's Face + Mr Spain + BRITNEY & THE BEAST + Subway Shake, Sans Fries + L.A Pride Hotties + Fuzzy Guy + Charlie By Matthew Zink Studs + Nick Jonas + Horror Hunks! Comments (0)

Images TAKE HIM OR LEAVE HIM: I'll take.

FACE MAN: David Pocock's bod is hot, but that face is perfect.

SPANISH FLY: International Mr. Spain's 1st out gay winner.


Britney-and-the-beast-by-todrick-hallStronger than yesterday ... (Image via Todrick Hall)


POSTCARD FROM L.A. PRIDE: Things were subdued, but still sexy.



Charlie-by-mz-what-are-you-wearing-campaign-2Legs for days (Image by Charlie by Matthew Zink)

CANDIDLY HOT: Nick Jonas on the street.


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.42.28 AMJason Patric, one of my all-time fave movie men. (Video still via Warner Bros.)

May 30 2016
Has Nick Jonas Had Sex With A Man? His Answer Isn't Absolute Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.06.55 AM(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Nick Jonas continues to tease us (in a way I find perfectly acceptable), telling The Sun (via Attitude) that the question of whether he's had sex with a guy is sticky:

 Read More


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