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Dec 21 2012
A Little Flattery Will Get You Everywhere Comments (0)

Nicole-KidmanFrom this to that—that's acting!

Nicole Kidman phoned The Film Experience from the set of her new film, in which she plays the late Princess Grace of Monaco, and tells him all about growing up a jazz baby, how routinely inappropriate Lee Daniels is and her three favorite roles she's ever played.

Oct 18 2012
Need To Know Comments (4)

Jimmy McNicholJimmy, Jimmy

Boy culture WIDGETShirtless, signed Jimmy McNichol poster yours for $200ish.

Boy culture WIDGETMitt Romney wants to pull out of any contraception talk.

Boy culture WIDGETObama still won that second, eyeball-attracting debate.

Boy culture WIDGETLike Barack, Coco Peru is back.

Rob Gronkowski assBoy culture WIDGETRuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars hangs out at The Abbey.

Boy culture WIDGETCosmo sniffs out the NFL's sexiest asses.

Boy culture WIDGETTwenty best movie movies

Boy culture WIDGETNicole Kidman isn't in the mood to be a Nymphomaniac.

Boy culture WIDGETHoney Boo Boo's retaliatory Christopher Walken impersonation:

Sep 05 2011
The Company You Keep Comments (2)

If Tony Blair is godfather to one of [boo, hiss!] Rupert Murdoch's grandchildren, that makes perfect sense—the lefty who turned out to be a right-wing dupe. But what do Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman have to say for themselves? They're also godparents to Murdoch spawn. I don't get that. Murdoch is Australian, but I wouldn't be godfather to just any billionaire American's grandkids, and I wouldn't say yes to any as vile as he is.

Jan 08 2011
The Return Of Nicole Kidman, Period Comments (4)

Just saw Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest, Tammy Blanchard and Sandra Oh. I found it mesmerizingly well acted and deeply felt. John Cameron Mitchell's direction was flawless...deceptively complicated film that makes incredible use of the pauses between actions and between words.

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