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Mar 14 2017
6-PACK — Privacy? Frayed Knot, Armie + McCrory Moans + A Slice Of Tolerance + Get Off The Bus + Not Your Mother's Lover + Hey, Queens! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 12.07.15 PMI've got a lotta rope ... (Image via CBS)

WIDGETOMG Blog: Convincing evidence that Armie Hammer is sexually aroused by heavy rope bondage.

WIDGETTowleroad: Former NC guv Pat McCrory whines he's having a hard time getting hired because, “Oh, my gosh, he's a bigot.” Oh, my gosh, he is. Didn't stop Trump.

17327880-10158489133710245-20546376-n-1489426640A couple of good fellas made to feel bad at Goodfellas (Image via handout)

WIDGETWLWT5: Gay couple told to stop holding hands at Goodfellas pizza in Cincy: “You better get used to this — this is Trump's America.” Owner takes action:

WIDGETNewNowNext: School bus driver turns 2nd-grader from proud son of 2 moms into fire-and-brimstone anti-lesbian Christian soldier. Disgusting woman wasn't punished!

Art_james3James Hewitt (Personal photo by James Hewitt)

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): James Hewitt flatly denies he is Princess Diana's baby daddy.

WIDGETHey Qween: Katya (who dishes on those grueling tours) & Trixie Mattel let it all hang out on Hey Qween

Dec 22 2016
North Carolina Republicans Fail To Repeal Anti-LGBTQ H.B. 2 Comments (0)

The Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature has reneged on a promise to repeal the state's disgusting anti-LGBTQ law, H.B. 2, even after the city of Charlotte repealed it's LGBTQ rights measure in anticipation of the rollback.

You can tell a Republican is lying when their lips are moving, but that doesn't go far enough — I think they lie in their dreams, too. I wish more would lie in state. North Carolina's going to have a tough slog ridding itself of the lasting effects of the outgoing administration's last-second power grab, let alone the ill effects of enacting H.B. 2 in the first place.

Dec 20 2016
6-PACK — Franco The Flasher + Off-Coloring Book + North Carolina Shenanigans + Ripped Ginger, Black Beauty + Puth Doffs His Top + RIP Dick Latessa Comments (0)

Franco2(GIF via Franco Noriega/OMG Blog)

WIDGETSexy chef Franco Noriega — his food probably isn't sanitary, but you'd still eat this.

WIDGETGay porn star coloring book!

WIDGETCrazy developments in North Carolina following gubernatorial and senatarial power grab; could H.B. 2 be done?

WIDGETBuff ginger is barely clothed! Hot temptation.

WIDGETCharlie Puth shirtless in Florida.

WIDGETRIP Dick Latessa, who won the Tony for his turn in Hairspray.

S-l500As seen in the Playbill for Proposals (Image via Playbill)

Dec 15 2016
North Carolina Republicans Try Massive Power Grab Comments (0)

With Republicans in North Carolina calling an emergency session in order to strip from the incoming Democratic governor as many powers as possible, Roy Cooper is promising to see those bastards in court — and look at the support he's got:

Citizens showed their disgust for the coup at the North Carolina General Assembly today; they're not going away quietly down there.

Jackie Evancho, Confirmed To Sing For Trump At Inauguration, Has a Trans Sibling Comments (0)

Jackie-Evancho-Photo-Gallery-Portrait-4(Image via

Jackie Evancho and her family are bemoaning the bullying they say she has received in the wake of announcing her performance at Herr Trump's inauguration in January.

As bad as singling her out for bullying is, I don't see why people can't vent about the decision in general. Fans can express their dismay and non-fans can express contempt without bullying her directly. If that's an issue, don't take a controversial political gig.

More interestingly, Evancho took the job in spite of having an 18-year-old sister who is trans. The family has reportedly sued over bathroom use in their home district. And yet ... they think it's a good idea to serenade a man who has explicitly promised to roll back LGBTQ rights and protections? A man who initially said he was against the North Carolina bathroom law before walking that stance back? A man rumored to be ready to offer virulently anti-LGBTQ ex-Gov. McCrory of North Carolina a consolation job?

The Evancho clan deserves all the shame they get, which can be accomplished without DMing a child.

Right-winger Andrea Bocelli will be joining Evancho on a duet or two at the festivities. Bocelli is staunchly Catholic, anti-choice and was an indefatigable Berlusconi supporter, so he'll be right at home.

Dec 05 2016
Pat McCrory Concedes Defeat In North Carolina — Finally Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 1.15.26 PM(Video still via YouTube @ Office of Governor Pat McCrory)

In a self-aggrandizing video, soon-to-be-ex-Gov. Pat McCrory has finally admitted that he lost the election.

The anti-LGBTQ governor was one of the few big-name Republicans to receive bad news on November 8, even if he waited almost a month to process it following a contentious recount.

I also LOLed at his use of “the Christmas holidays.” There is one Christmas, or there are happy holidays; you don't get both.

Bye, bitch. Or, how long until Trump hired him?!

Video after the jump ...

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Nov 22 2016
6-PACK — Pretty Much + Chinese Plot + Trump DISAVOWS So-Called ALT-RIGHT + Jost Kidding + McCrory Won't Give Up + Hairy Menz! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureJames Yates by Pat Supsiri (ABOVE) is a thing of beauty.

*widget boy cultureShirtless Taiwanese firefighters pose for glistenin' calendar:

Sub-buzz-22997-1479807934-2(Image via New Taipei Fire Department, Taiwan)

*widget boy cultureTrump says he “disavows” the so-called alt-right neo-Nazi movement. (Wink-wink!)

*widget boy cultureColin Jost mocks gender identity on SNL, because now is the perfect time to do that.

*widget boy cultureAnti-LGBTQ Gov. McCrory refuses to accept inevitable defeat in North Carolina, forces recount.

*widget boy cultureHe's hairy and rockin' a micro-Speedo. He's hairy and sweaty. He's hairy and bitter:
Nov 09 2016
One Of Last Night's Only Bright Spots: McCrory Expected To Lose Governorship Of North Carolina Comments (0)

North Carolina's smarmy, anti-LGBTQ Gov. McCrory is considered to have lost GovPatMcCrory-HQa squeaker in North Carolina, a state which President-Elect Trump carried by about 4 points.

Via the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund:

The likely defeat of Governor Pat McCrory sends a clear message: the people of North Carolina don’t like anti-LGBTQ extremism. It shows that the electorate sees HB2 as a multi-million-dollar political blunder that puts the economy and the welcoming reputation of North Carolina on the line. It also says that it’s time to repeal HB2 and to replace it with a comprehensive state wide non-discrimination law. Over the past year, the National LGBTQ Task Force has put staff and resources towards organizing People of Faith. On Election Day the Task Force brought 16 staff to Charlotte, NC to engage voters in our #FaithfulVoters project. On election day we collected more than 1,000 responses to our surveys of People of Faith on LGBTQ protections, racial profiling, and reproductive justice issues. Our work has confirmed much of what we already knew: People of Faith overwhelmingly support justice and liberation for all people,” said Rev. Rodney McKenzie, Director of the Academy for Leadership and Action, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund.


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