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Apr 07 2014
ANGELS In North Carolina Comments (0)

AngelsThere are angels on the streets of Charlotte.

People of a certain age will remember how controversial it could be to stage certain plays in certain parts of the country. Actually, Terence McNally's widely misunderstood Corpus Christi ("Gay Jesus?! Gay Jesus?!") was protested in New York City in 1998, so it shouldn't be too surprising to hear that Tony Kushner's Angels in America was a major issue when it was presented in Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1996.

Cover02-1_17When that play debuted in that city, local politicians voted to withdraw all public funding from works of art that offered "exposure to perverted forms of sexuality."

Over the next several years, the people who voted out that financial support were themselves voted out of office, but it's taken 18 years for the play to return, this time in a proposed production by CAST (Carolina Actors Studio).

Angels-in-AmericaThe production could use your $upport in any amount!

Now that it's back, it needs your dollars. Check out its fundraising page and donate generously if you so desire.

Feb 18 2014
Need To Know: Jailbait, She's Still Here & She's Still Swearing Like A Sailor, Dragging On + MORE! Comments (0)

Ryan-FergusonI must confess: He's hot as hell.

*widget boy cultureWrongly convicted of murder, Ryan Ferguson emerged from the clink with killer abs.

*widget boy cultureElaine Stritch could give a f*ck.

*widget boy cultureRuPaul's Drag Race, on Season 6, is renewed for Season 7!

*widget boy cultureEx-star of Irish rugby makes Neanderthal comments about gays, apologizes.

*widget boy cultureDemocrats ticking upward on generic congressional ballot.

*widget boy cultureFired worker on NC Gov. McCrory: "He was hating on me for being a fag."

*widget boy cultureIs Adam Brody married???

*widget boy cultureA 2nd member of Devo dies; 2 in less than a year. Tom-Daley-Dan-Osborne

*widget boy cultureTX candidate is down with pro-slavery Nugent.

*widget boy cultureWoody Allen heckled over child-rape allegations.

*widget boy cultureOsborne & Daley get seriously semi-naked on Splash. Vid after the jump...

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Feb 05 2014
Clay Aiken For Congress Comments (0)


Years ago, before he came out, I did not like Mr. Clay Aiken. When I spoke on the phone with him during his Idol days, he was so annoying I'll never forget it! "This [second] season is more about talent," he sneered. Oof.

But over the years, he's really shown himself to be a stand-up guy, and he's always been concerned with people and charitable causes. I think coming out has freed him from whatever defensive tension made him come off as a jerk at times.

Best of luck to him!

Watch his announcement after the jump...

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Jan 16 2014
Need To Know: Timor To The Story, Surfer Hangs Ten (Or At Least Nine), From Russia With Hate, She Is A Number One Fan + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMadonna is not dating Timor; his latest Instagram (above) might make her reconsider.

*widget boy cultureMichael Jackson still making $$$ for his family.

*widget boy cultureGood news for trans kid from NC.

*widget boy cultureStand Your Ground doesn't apply to bullied trans teenager.


*widget boy cultureStudly surfer is was BURSTING from his shorts.

*widget boy cultureTouching portraits of very old animals.

*widget boy cultureAre any residents of Russia not virulently homophobic?

*widget boy cultureApparently, none in the government aren't.

*widget boy cultureIs Whitney Cummings's new boyfriend on the down-low?

*widget boy cultureSquatting in a jockstrap is a risky move.

*widget boy cultureStraight ally Nick Symmonds backs that thing up.

*widget boy cultureEvil zillionaires the Koch Brothers advertising heavily vs. Dems.

*widget boy cultureThis chick sniffs and chews dirty diapers. Prolly babysits for free.

*widget boy cultureNigeria's frightening gay witchhunt.

GOODLUCK-JONATHANNigeria's Neanderthal president, Mr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Jan 03 2014
Need To Know: Casa Glasnostra, Dunaway Looks Done-In, Kate Winslet Stops Procreating Long Enough To Be Mad + MORE! Comments (0)

Diego-FragosoCome, Diego, come!

*widget boy cultureThere's more of Diego Fragoso (seen above) here.

*widget boy cultureI didn't realize Gorbachev was still alive. He must be impervious to poison.

*widget boy cultureFaye Dunaway's looks finally match her disposition.

*widget boy cultureSHUT UP...even Bette Davis thought Faye was a drama queen.

*widget boy cultureKate Winslet is not fond of all the slut-shaming.

*widget boy cultureIt's a blessed rugby wardrobe malfunction.

*widget boy cultureWhy Boitano came out.

*widget boy cultureWould anyone be sad if Kim Jong Un were assassinated?

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of pigs, these glow in the dark.

*widget boy cultureClay Aiken for Congress???

Clay-aikenAiken to represent his home state?

Dec 07 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Happy-Holidays-Andrew-Christian-underwearNone of these stockings are stuffed

Widget boy cultureBIG GULP: Andrew Christian's R-rated Christmas card.

Widget boy cultureGay couples in WA begin getting licenses to wed. Max-Wanted-Nick-Youngquest-shirtless-Vanity-Fair

Widget boy cultureJudd Apatow's Vanity Fair covers do suck.

Widget boy culturePICTURE THIS: KIIS-FM Jingle Ball portraits.

Widget boy cultureIsrael's first gay divorce.

Widget boy cultureMormons warming up to gays?

Widget boy cultureStarbucks, JCP ignore anti-gay protests.

Widget boy cultureDILDO BAGGAGE: Gay couple humiliated in court, too.

Widget boy cultureWealthy gays OK with tax hikes for the rich.

Widget boy cultureHe should be the Hunk of the Day every day.

Widget boy cultureAnti-gay Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-North Carolina) can't read.

Widget boy cultureThis is not an Onion headline:


Oct 22 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

John Barrowman ArrowJohn be Arrow man

Widget boy cultureJohn Barrowman isn't straight, is in Arrow.

Widget boy cultureRussia's war on gays intensifies.

Widget boy cultureChris Brown's war on gays intensifies.

Harry McFly shirtlessWidget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Judd is fit/to be tied.

Widget boy culturePeople are interested in Paul Ryan's stats.

Widget boy cultureAdele gives birth to a boy.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney continues plagiarizing Friday Night Lights.

Widget boy cultureOut singer Jonny unleashes a "Gay [sic] Canon".

Widget boy cultureBest blind, lesbian opera singer story  you'll read today!

Widget boy cultureAthletes are often hawt.

Widget boy cultureSuffolk thinks Ohio is tied, but previously ceded Florida, Virginia and North Carolina to Romney outright.

SUFFOLKPoll cats: Suffolk sounds like it's in the tank for Romney/Ryan

Oct 19 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Matt BomerAin't nothin' but a g-string

Widget boy cultureMatt Bomer bares his butt in unreleased Magic Mike scene.

Widget boy cultureIn Virginia, Obama coins neologism: "Romnesia."

Widget boy cultureLawrence O'Donnell to Tagg Romney: "Take your best shot."

Ann_romney_the_view_a_lWidget boy cultureAnn Romney on if her hubby loses: "He will not run again."

Widget boy cultureGallup's the only national poll with Romney (way!) ahead.

Widget boy cultureRomney bailing on NC—confidence or desperation?

Widget boy cultureWhere at least one Wild Thing is.

Widget boy cultureNews outlets try to revive Madonna & guns controversy.

Widget boy cultureAbercrombie CEO is "douche of the week."

Widget boy cultureTom f*@!*in' Hanks.

Widget boy cultureDennis Quaid soon back on the market.

Widget boy cultureZac Efron goes for edgy, overreaches:

May 25 2012
Stay, Stay, Darlin' Comments (1)

Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 10.54.14 AM
Click here for why people should not shun North Carolina in spite of Amendment One.

May 09 2012
Marriage Equality And Common Sense Going South Comments (6)

With the unfortunate passage of Amendment One by a landslide in North Carolina, a 270px-North_Carolina_in_United_States.svgswing state which was won by President Obama in 2008 mind you, many are demanding that the Democrats move their convention from the state.

First, it's never going to happen. It's set in stone. So why make a demand that can't realistically be met?

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