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Jun 25 2015
THE AVENGERS Star Patrick Macnee Dies @ 93 Comments (0)


Dapper Brit Patrick Macnee, world-famous for his role on The Avengers in the '60s, has died at 93. According to The Advocate, he was the son of lesbian moms, which means people who think it would be tough nowadays (like the Pope) are at least 93 years behind the times.

Jun 23 2015
Dick Van Patten, EIGHT IS ENOUGH Patriarch, Dies @ 86 Comments (0)


Longtime TV veteran Dick Van Patten, most remembered as the doting dad on the popular series Eight Is Enough, has died at age 86.

Van Patten most recently appeared on Hot in Cleveland, and guest-starred on countless other sitcoms over the years in spite of a history as a dramatic actor.

His sons were teen-mag heartthrobs in the '70s, his sister is actress Joyce Van Patten, and he is survived by his wife of over 60 years.

Jun 16 2015
Burlesque Legend Blaze Starr Dies @ 83 Comments (0)


Blaze Starr, whose affair with a governor made history, and whose flame-red hair and double-take double-Ds made her a stripping sensation, has died at 83.

In a beauty and the beast twist, she apparently died, in part, after becoming severely stressed about the health of her sick dog ... who died a few hours after her.

Jun 12 2015
But Enough About You Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.07.37 AM

This poor man died and his surviving family uses his obituary as a forum in which to spew their thoughts on mental illness, his choices and their belief that we all need Jesus.

Jun 11 2015
RIP Christopher Lee, Horror & LOTR Icon Comments (0)


Christopher Lee, a horror-movie icon who became a mainstream draw thanks to his late-career appearances in Star Wars and especially Lord of the Rings films, has died at 93. Lee worked until the very end of his life, leaving a legacy of countless fan-favorite movies uplifted by his regal presence.


Jun 09 2015
Esprit de Corpse Comments (0)


I reference this headline too often not to note the passing of its writer, Vincent Musetto Jr. But the Post sucks, so let's link the Times.

Need To Know: Pooling His Resources + Supremely Misguided Court + Here We Go A' Caroling + Currying Favor + Aged Beef + MORE! Comments (0)

RiseSplashes to splashes ...

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Rs_600x600-150608124846-600.human-ken-doll-obit.cm.6815No-longer-living doll

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Tumblr_npmmiiqn0O1s2jmrho1_1280It's a cookbook!

Jun 08 2015
Need To Know: Pinball Wizardry + Peter Can + Walmart Whore + Restored Virginity + MORE! Comments (0)


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