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Oct 16 2017
Watch Mike Pence Flee A Gay Wedding + Aaron Carter Back To Rehab + Shaun T & Hubby Expecting Twins + BLOSSOM's Small Bang Theory + RIP IRONSIDE Actress + Alaska Does Valentina — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.35.02 PMAlec Baldwin's Trump made a return to SNL this weekend, acting as Mike Pence's rapid-travel agent in uncomfy situations, including at a gay wedding.

Keep reading for the cold open, as well as other hot links of the day, including Mayim Bialik's Harvey Weinstein kerfuffle and the death of a '70s TV actress ...

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Oct 07 2017
Comedian Ralphie May Dead @ 45, Plus: Who We've Lost In 2017 Comments (0)

Video-234446Ralphie May: February 17, 1972-October 6, 2017 (Image via video still)

Last Comic Standing (2003) star Ralphie May died Friday after battling pneumonia. He was just 45.

Click here to see an exhaustive list of noteworthy figures we've lost in 2017 — and let me know if you see any glaring omissions.

Oct 03 2017
Legendary Rocker Tom Petty Dies @ 66 Comments (0)

Giphy-2Petty in his 1985 “Don't Come Around Here No More” music video

TMZ reported rock god Tom Petty was discovered in full cardiac arrest at his home Sunday night, was rushed to the hospital, and was put on life support. According to the gossip site, Petty was removed from life support after it was determined he had no brain activity.

He  was incorrectly reported by CBS and others to have died early Monday at 66, but TMZ confirmed he was alive — but only barely, and probably not for long.

Now, it's official: Tom Petty has died at age 66 — FULL OBIT.

I'm a pop guy, but I can think of probably six to eight Petty songs I'll never forget.

Oct 01 2017
Hugh Hefner ... Trans Ally?: Caroline Cossey Says Yes Comments (0)

59d0e8c32d00009717308083Trans supermodel Caroline Cossey — how have I never heard her story until now? — remembers Hugh Hefner as a trans ally even as some progressives debate the merits of his legacy.

Cossey recalls Hef stepping in to ensure that she pose for Playboy even after she was outed as trans, a pretty bold move 20+ years ago.

Keep reading for more ..

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Sep 30 2017
Monty Hall Of LET'S MAKE A DEAL Dies @ 96 Comments (0)

Mh-1975(Image via CBS)

Sad to hear Monty Hall has passed away — 96, not a bad run! Check out the show's pilot and his appearance on The Odd Couple (1973) here.

Sep 28 2017
My MDNA Skin Debut + RIP Anne Jeffreys + Trump's Unfit For Office + Trump's Racial Dog-Whistling + Sexy PROFESSOR MARSTON Trailer + Heaven's Still A Place On Earth — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 12.59.03 PMMadonna officially knows I'm alive — watch me make a silent cameo in her new Instagram post.

Also after the jump: RIP Anne Jeffreys, RIP Trump's support, find yourself in Belinda Carlisle heaven and check out the crazy-sexy trailer for the next Wonder Woman-themed film ...

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Hugh Hefner, PLAYBOY Founder, Dead @ 91 Comments (0)

Playboy-magazine-featuring-marilyn-monroe-e1432488154242Hugh Hefner, one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century— who launched one of its most iconic brands — has died. He was 91.

The Playboy founder's death was confirmed by his company. He died at home, the luxurious Playboy Mansion near Beverly Hills, site of countless swinging parties and acts of debauchery that have fed male fantasies for decades ...

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Sep 27 2017
Paul Horner, Fake-News Purveyor, Found Dead @ 38 Comments (0)

161212220350-fake-news-writer-cooper-intv-ac-00000109-full-169Paul Horner, a leading fake news writer, has been found dead. He was 38.

I'm sure the people who smell murderous conspiracies when a Clinton cousin twice removed turns up dead of old age won't find anything to see here in the story of a fake-news writer dying while Trump and Russia and Facebook are under the microscope regarding the 2016 election ...

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