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Sep 12 2014
Out Songwriter Bob Crewe Dies @ 82 Comments (0)

Ellie Greenwich-Bob CreweNovember 12, 1930—September 11, 2014: Crewe with the equally acclaimed Ellie Greenwich in the '60s

Bob Crewe, a legendary American songwriter and openly gay member of what Joe.My.God. lovingly IDs as the gayest group with the gayest Top 40 hit ever, has died at 82

What a list of incredible hits he wrote! One of my favorites is “Can't Take My Eyes Off of You”, especially the Pet Shop Boys version, after the jump...

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Blond TARZAN Star & Body Beautiful Denny Miller Dies @ 80 Comments (0)
  Dennymiller3 Denny-miller-ape-man DennyMiller2  Dm2TarzanDenny

April 25, 1934—September 9, 2014

You may not instantly recognize the name Denny Miller, but if you're a fan of '60s and '70s TV like Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, the one-time “Tarzan”'s face and his physique almost have to ring a bell.

Miller, who played exactly the type Julie Brown so adores—big 'n' stupid— and who brought a child-like quality to his on-screen muscleman characters, had died at age 80 at his home in Las Vegas.

I got to meet him at a semi-recent autograph show. Nice man. Sorry to see Tarzan swing on out of here.

Sep 10 2014
Respectfully Submitted For Your Perusal: Richard Kiel Dies @ 74 Comments (0)

Then-and-now-Richard-KielSeptember 13, 1939—September 10, 2014

I'm sad to hear that Richard Kiel, the actor best known as “Jaws” in “James Bond” movies but also iconic for his appearance as the alien in the Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”, has died at 74, just three days before his birthday.

I think “To Serve Man” is the single best TZ ever. Judge for yourself:

More recently, he was a memorable part of that unforgettable, unofficial “Let's Have a Kiki” Scissor Sisters music video:

I just met Kiel in 2013. Video after the jump...

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At This Point, The Death Of Joan Rivers Seems Like The Biggest Since Michael Jackson's Comments (0)


At the risk of turning this into the all-Joan Rivers site, I just have to link to this amazing Hollywood Reporter oral history of the late comedian's life and career. Featuring reminiscences by everyone who was anyone to her (and famous fans), it's a great read. My favorite? The time she was asked to whisper encouraging words into the ear of a woman in a coma and she chose to say:

“Wake up, you stupid bitch!”

Sep 09 2014
Dimmed Wit: Broadway Does Right By Joan Rivers Comments (0)


Caught some footage of Broadway's lights going out at 6:45PM tonight for a minute in honor of the life of Joan Rivers. Quite a few people were gathered; many cheered.

After the jump, check out the video.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Rivers may have died as the result of an imprudent action taken not by those at Yorkville Endoscopy, but by her own physician; a source says her one of her own doctors was with her at the time of the procedure that she signed off on and when he saw something worth taking a closer look at, he asked if he could do a biopsy on the spot. The clinic's staff agreed, and a very dangerous biopsy—something Rivers had no idea would be happening—was undertaken, causing her throat to close.

If that's really what happened, she probably never really had a chance...

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Need To Know: Ripped From The Headlines + Howser Of Love + Stern Warming + 1Daddies + MORE! Comments (0)

RipperIs Jack the Ripper's the greatest cold-case resolution of all time?

*widget boy cultureNeil Patrick Harris & David Burtka got married. Recently!

*widget boy cultureRay Rice canned by Ravens only after fiancée-beating video leaks.

*widget boy cultureEgyptian men charged over attendance of gay wedding.

*widget boy cultureHoward Stern recalls speaking at the memorial for Joan Rivers.

*widget boy cultureEric Decker's arms are top-notch.

*widget boy cultureCUTS BOTH WAYS: Jack the Ripper case solved via DNA evidence?

*widget boy cultureSullen, hostile, bored dads at One Direction concerts.

*widget boy cultureOne company now owns Manhunt, Jack'd and Dandy.

*widget boy cultureTurns out Taylor Swift hates girls, too!

*widget boy cultureBeing bald means you're not a “sexual lothario” anymore?

*widget boy cultureIf women are stupid enough to vote for Scott Brown, they deserve him.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of stupid, Kentucky likes Mitch McConnell just fine.

*widget boy cultureJ.K. Rowling doesn't like her anti-gay former fans.

I-like-dudes-albusHe's a magic man-lover.

Sep 08 2014
Need To Know: Can W.E. Talk? + Burning Bush + Shallow Gene Pool + Ifs, Ands, Butts + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-GagaDepending on if you value youth or talent more, this image is shady in different ways...but brilliant.

*widget boy cultureVia Planet Hiltron: Madonna as Joan, Gaga as Melissa.

*widget boy cultureKate Bush's rare live shows in the UK draw raves.

*widget boy cultureChik-fil-A founder dies.

*widget boy cultureGene Simmons declares rock dead. Rock asks, “Who?”

*widget boy cultureObama delays executive action in immigration.

*widget boy cultureA butt you'd second-mortgage your house for.

*widget boy cultureTom Brady's beggin' for it!

*widget boy cultureTodd Sanfield's bulge is timeless.

*widget boy culturePorn sites wake up on 'Net neutrality.

*widget boy cultureKathy Griffin on Joan Rivers: “Respect must be paid to this woman.”

*widget boy cultureDid you spend $10K to get into Joan's funeral?

*widget boy cultureSo what if Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) isn't gracious?

*widget boy cultureSadly for the right, Obamacare is working.

*widget boy cultureA hot flash of hot undies.

*widget boy cultureFriendly reminder: Ross Lynch is over 18.

Shirtless-Ross-LynchDefinitely not a Ken doll under that suit

Sep 07 2014
Rolling Up The Red Carpet... Comments (0)

JOan-Rivers-funeralCourtesy of Mitchell Ivers

By all accounts, the memorial for Joan Rivers today was hilarious, sad and classy. Both Audra McDonald and Hugh Jackman performed, with a eulogy by Howard Stern and remembrances by Margie Stern, Cindy Adams and, of course, Joan's daughter Melissa.