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Apr 28 2015
PARTRIDGE FAMILY Member Dies @ 52 Comments (0)


Suzanne Crough of The Partridge Family (1970—1974) has died unexpectedly at only 52. She becomes the first of any “Brady” or “Partridge” kid actors to die even though she was the youngest. Sad.

Apr 27 2015
Jayne Meadows Dies @ 95 Comments (0)


Jayne Meadows, the widow of Steve Allen, the sister of Audrey Meadows and an actress on the stage, in movies and especially on TV for many decades, has died at 95.

I found it touching, in her obit (at the link), that her sister's last word was, “Jayne.”

Updated: Last Star Standing post, of all the oldest stars still with us.

Rest In Belated Peace Comments (0)


With thanks to Michael Michaud: The widow of Jack Albertson, Wallace Thomson Albertson, died earlier this year. Though her death did not attract a lot of attention, Michaud points out that she was a tireless and early supporter of gay rights and AIDS awareness. RIP.

Apr 20 2015
Need To Know: Alexander Is Great + Dead To Me + Hillary's Left + GAME OF Bones + MORE! Comments (0)

Ludwig jumping in water 2

*widget boy cultureAlexander Ludwig is an Insta-bitionist.

*widget boy culture“Just Got Paid” singer Johnny Kemp dies mysteriously @ 55.

*widget boy cultureJonathan Crombie of Anne of Green Gables (1985) dies @ 48.

*widget boy cultureGood Times actor dies @ 64.

*widget boy cultureHillary runs to the left to avoid being primaried from there.

*widget boy cultureMeredith Vieira slays at NLGJA.

*widget boy cultureMO town elects black female mayor, white cops quit?

*widget boy cultureMadonna, texting during Hamilton, gets passive-aggressively spanked.

*widget boy cultureNaked Game of Thrones actor.

*widget boy cultureMarco Rubio is anti-gay, but believes gays were born that way. Huh?

*widget boy cultureFacebook group to avenge death of cat killed by vet with bow and arrow.

*widget boy cultureJared Allman is all kinds of naked.


Apr 14 2015
Oldest Filmmaker Dies @ 106 Comments (0)


The world's oldest active filmmaker, Portugal's Manoel de Oliveira, died earlier this month at the beyond-ripe old age of 106. He was the oldest person on my list of oldest entertainment-biz figures.

He was one of the very last actors and absolutely the last director of the silent era.

Another long-time director, TV's Richard L. Bare, also just died—at 101. I met him at this event, where he was celebrated.

Apr 08 2015
DUKES OF HAZZARD Star Dies @ 88 Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.51.20 AM

James Best, best known as “Sheriff Rosco P. Contrane” on The Dukes of Hazzard (1979—1985) has died at the age of 88. Funny man, and shocking how old he was already. How'd that happen?

Apr 07 2015
KIMMY SCHMIDT Absolved Of Guilt? Comments (0)


The voice of reason.

Apr 06 2015
Denouement: Cabaret Legend Julie Wilson Dies @ 90 Comments (0)


Indefatigable cabaret star Julie Wilson, a fixture on the scene for decades who enjoyed a vibrant life until two recent strokes, has passed away at 90.

Here she is, performing at 88...

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