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Aug 05 2015
RIP Chris Of STEVEN AND CHRIS Comments (0)


Chris Hyndman, one half of the husband-and-husband host team of Steven and Chris from Canada's CBC, was found dead in a Toronto alleyway today. He was 49.

With Steven Sabados, he was involved in a home décor line, as well as previously starring in the HGTV shows Designer Guys, Design Rivals and So Chic with Steven and Chris.

You can post condolences on the couple's Facebook page.

Jul 28 2015
Need To Know: Scout Masters Of Their Domain + Straight Shame + Marital Rape Truther + Chest Incredible! + Cait Engenders Viewership + Weird Science + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMERIT BADGE: Boy Scouts officially allow gay leaders! Images

*widget boy cultureSeattle's Straight Pride Parade sucked cock.

*widget boy cultureMaybe Trump isn't a rapist, but can you really NOT rape your wife??? Tumblr_nrxvx0v97g1svdn2ho1_500

*widget boy cultureBobbi Kristina's family played Whitney music as she died.

*widget boy culturePopular true-crime writer Ann Rule dies @ 83.

*widget boy cultureDang, he looks good in them white shorts. Images

*widget boy cultureJamil Smith's Intersection discusses  SCOTUS marriage decision.

*widget boy culturePeople who hunt for sport have no honor. None of them.

*widget boy cultureTig Notaro Tom Cruise is an OK lip-syncher! Images

*widget boy cultureAround 3 million tuned in to see I Am Cait. (It was classy, BTW.)

*widget boy cultureDid Kim Kardashian hand Caitlyn Jenner her ass?

*widget boy cultureBilly Reilich's AMAZING chest.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup's island-wedding photo album.

*widget boy cultureArtificial sweeteners don't make people fat, people make people fat.

*widget boy cultureFINALLY: Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga will act together.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton has some real cards in her campaign. Images

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.53.53 PMScientist? I'd be surprised if he can spell it.

Jul 26 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies @ 22 Comments (0)


Bobbi Kristina has died at age 22 after months of being in a coma. Stars react.

Jul 25 2015
Editor, Writer, Fashion-World Figure Ingrid Sischy Dies @ 63 Comments (0)


Ingrid Sischy, long the editor of Interview and the life partner of publisher Sandra Brant, died today of cancer in NYC. She was 63.

Sischy was one of the most respected celebrity interviews and fashion writers in the business. Check out this loving remembrance for a taste of her reputation.

Jul 21 2015
Stage & Film Actor, Activist Theodore Bikel Dies @ 91 Comments (0)


Theodore Bikel, famous for his roles in The Sound of Music (1962) and in Fiddler on the Roof, has died at 91.

Mr. Bikel was also a social activist and folk singer.


I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Bikel in the past few years. He was quiet but gracious.

Jul 20 2015
Iconic Fashion Designer Elio Fiorucci Dies @ 80 At Home In Milan Comments (0)


Elio Fiorucci, an influential fashion designer who founded the culturally impactful Fiorucci brand in 1967, has been found dead in his apartment in Milan. He was 80.

Fiorucci was said to have been in good health; his death was not expected.

The designer sold his brand in 1990, but launched the Love Therapy brand in its wake.

Madonna fans will know Fiorucci's name well ... Maripol worked for him, and it was she who brought Madonna and her boss together. Madonna performed at the 15th anniversary of the Fiorucci brand. Below, via Madonna Scrapbook, are three rare images from that 1983 gig.

CKXdadYUEAA51_Q[1]Madonna jumped out of a cake for Fiorucci

Need To Know: Dump Trump? + STAR WARS War + Brody Duggar + Those Fishy Loch Ness Stories + Caitlyn Hits The Abbey + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureTrump savages McCain, Republicans rebuke and rant ... but he won't apologizeImages AmySchumerGQ7

*widget boy cultureDisney has no sense of humor/parody at allImages

*widget boy cultureHow to get Madonna's, well, everything.

*widget boy cultureTig Notaro on topless standup, life post-cancer.

*widget boy cultureShould your li'l sisters teach you things about sex?

*widget boy cultureChristie Brinkley's sexy son.

*widget boy cultureWas the Loch Ness Monster really just ... this???

*widget boy cultureOH, HAYYY: Caitlyn and Candis Cayne party at The Abbey.

*widget boy cultureIs Bill Cosby's damning deposition the last straw?

*widget boy culture3 y.o. Riley Curry steals the Internet with celebratory dance.

*widget boy cultureThe Godfather and Facts of Life (both!) actor Alex Rocco dies @ 79.

*widget boy cultureAnt-Man, Minions and the excellent Trainwreck kicking B.O. ass.

*widget boy cultureDon't click here unless you wanna see that stud Images nekkid.


Jul 11 2015
Need To Know: Geeked For Marriage + A Spot Of Tea Room + What She Said + Atticus Finch-Mob + Final Bow + EVIL Genius + Making Beautiful Music Together + MORE! Comments (0)

11012729_10153469641911098_6209495722021442435_nWill you marry me, boys?

*widget boy cultureCute couple gets hitched on stage at San Diego Comic-Con!

*widget boy cultureRare (Work Unfriendly) footage from 1962 gay-sex sting.

*widget boy cultureWoman who accused Amy Schumer of being racist has never seen her work. Ever.

*widget boy cultureCourtney Act's Kaleidoscope is out now! Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 2.15.41 PM

*widget boy cultureHarper Lee tampers with greatness.

*widget boy cultureOut 'Nicholas NicklebyCheers actor Roger Rees dies @ 71.

*widget boy cultureWrongfully imprisoned for 17 years ... and still able to laugh.

*widget boy cultureGOP candidates, asked to name greatest living prez, crash and burn.

*widget boy cultureHilariously right trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead. (Bruce Campbell looks like Romney!)

*widget boy cultureOMG, this hot piece is musically talented:


*widget boy cultureBatman: The Killing Joke will become an animated movie.

*widget boy cultureJindai's dreamy “Wait.”

*widget boy cultureTed Cruz tried to cheat his way onto the New York Times Best Sellers List!

*widget boy cultureNow that anti-gay Trump is anti-Mexican, Thomas Roberts calls it quits.

*widget boy cultureIt's Wigstock: The Cruise!

*widget boy cultureIf these two don't make you #thirsty, nothing will:


*widget boy cultureFan-made video for Madonna's “Best Night.”

*widget boy cultureOlly from Years & Years and Neil from Clean Bandit discuss romance.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 12.43.35 AM“It's important for people to see that you, you can be happy as, as a gay couple, and a young gay couple.”


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