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Mar 11 2015
RIP Alexis Vastine Comments (0)

ALEXIS VASTINE photo fred Goudon copyright Stade (6)


Boxer/model Alexis Vastine has perished in a helicopter crash while filming a reality TV show. He was a memorable addition to the Dieux du Stade calendar. RIP.

Mar 06 2015
Death Of A Centerfold: RIP Dirk Shafer Comments (0)
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Terrible day for documentary filmmakers: Hot on the heels of news that Albert Maysles had died comes word that Man of the Year (1995) director and subject and Circuit (2001) director Dirk Shafer has been found dead at 52. Shafer was Playgirl's Man of the Year, and a rare Playgirl model to be openly gay. He was lovely in my dealings with him many years ago. RIP.


GREY GARDENS Director Albert Maysles Dies @ 88 Comments (0)


RIP to Albert Maysles, 88, one of the directors of the classic documentary Grey Gardens. I was lucky enough to hear him speak and make his acquaintance a few years ago.

Mar 01 2015
RIP LGBT Rights Hero Malcolm Boyd Comments (0)


Malcolm Boyd, an LGBT icon, has died at 91. I remember buying his gay priest book on the sly when I was a teenager, smuggling it into my room and keeping it under my bed. It wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, but it was still a beacon. RIP!

Feb 27 2015
Lived Long, Prospered: Leonard Nimoy Dies @ 83 Comments (0)


Leonard Nimoy, an absolute TV icon thanks to his “Spock” on Star Trek (1966—1969) and his hosting duties on In Search of...(1977—1982), has died at 83 as the result of COPD. Nimoy's final tweet was poignant:

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.18.09 PM

Feb 22 2015
Seeing Red Comments (0)

Joan Rivers-Melissa-Rivers

Cute tribute to Joan Rivers by her daughter.

Feb 16 2015
The Party's Over: '60s Singing Sensation Lesley Gore Dies @ 68 Comments (0)


So sad to read that Lesley Gore, the great singer of “It's My Party” and one of my all-time favorite songs, “You Don't Own Me”, has died of lung cancer at age 68.

Gore had been out as a lesbian .She is survived by her partner of 33 years.

Feb 15 2015
RIP Suave, Sexy Louis Jourdan Comments (0)


One of France's last Golden Age stars, Louis Jourdan—so memorable in Gigi (1958)—has died at the ripe old age of 93 in Beverly Hills.


Jourdan's first film work was in 1939, his last in 1992. In-between, he made for a dashing Bond villain in a not-so-great film from that enduring series, Octopussy (1983). In 1986, he made his final TV appearance, in the campy Faye Dunaway vehicle Beverly Hills Madam (image above).