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Oct 22 2015
Need To Know: He's LOOKING To The Stage + RIP Beauty & The Beast + Ass-tounding Attribute + Hell, No! She Won't Cho! + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureRussell Tovey singing on Broadway?! Images

*widget boy cultureThe very unpopular Marty Ingels, hubby to Shirley Jones, has died.

*widget boy culturePetticoat Junction & sexploitation bombshell Pat Woodell dies @ 71.

*widget boy cultureSexy, ass-tastic Kayne Lawton.

*widget boy cultureMargaret Cho slams SNL for racist Donald Trump as host.

*widget boy cultureLaverne Cox as Frank-N-Furter for FOX? Hmmm.

*widget boy cultureTwo gay inspirational figures meet.

*widget boy cultureTotally cute dude, totally nude.

*widget boy cultureVincent Price's daughter confirms her dad was down with sexing men. Images

Vincent-price01The Vincent Price of salt

Oct 20 2015
The Big Deaths: Porn Bigshots Gino Colbert & David Forest Comments (0)

The world of gay porn continues to suffer losses. In the wake of Blue Blake's death at 52, it has recently been disclosed that legendary director (and former actor) Gino Colbert died of a heart attack at 58 back in August. (Why is this only coming out now?)
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 4.16.46 PMColbert made many memorable films (including some with gay, bi and trans themes), and was well-liked in the industry.

Also I just noticed that colorful porn agent David Forest, who represented some of the biggest names in the biz in a way that alienated many and that landed him a stint in prison, died that same month. Here is his obit.

Forest's first career was in music, a field in which he worked for David Geffen and built a name handling the likes of Carole King, Aerosmith and countless other marquee artists.

Forest was just 66, and died as the result of side effects from diabetes.

Although I worked in porn for years, I never encountered Forest until this past summer, when he approached me to interview his client Mark Dalton, a controversial gay-for-pay figure in porn who, like Forest, had done prison time. I found Dalton to be very charming in person, and my interview received tens of thousands of views, which made Forest ecstatic. He raved about how successful it had been, talking a blue streak to me on the phone.

On July 26, he sent his final e-newsletter update, which read, in part:

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Oct 15 2015
'40s Starlet Joan Leslie Dies @ 90 Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef017ee86c3957970d-800wiJanuary 26, 1925—October 12, 1915

Joan Leslie, who appeared in the movie classics High Sierra (1941), Sergeant York (1941) and Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942), has died at the age of 90.

To expand upon the quality of films in which she appeared, she made her feature debut as a child in the 1936 film Camille, starring Garbo.

Her final performance was in a 1991 TV movie.

Updated: “Last Star Standing.”


Need To Know: Fisher For Compliments + Another Pornstar Passes + Dead Against Hillary + T.I. Offers TMI + DANCE MOMS Battleaxe Faces The Music + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.47.36 PMBulging with raw athletic talent

*widget boy cultureCole Fisher is big, and also looks big. Images

*widget boy culturePornstar Blue Blake found dead @ 52.

*widget boy cultureElderly couple forced to remove Pride flag by homeowner's association.

*widget boy cultureBENGHAZI GHOULS: Anti-Hillary ad makes dead men speak.

*widget boy cultureAnother congressman admits Benghazi committee was all about HRC.

*widget boy cultureOprah smacks down T.I., who won't vote for a woman for prez.

*widget boy cultureEvil Dance Moms instructor indicted.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Takei debuts on Broadway at 78. 12088191_10103246328827854_7978026780101911801_n

*widget boy cultureHOT Henry Cavill and his doggie.

*widget boy cultureSupport #SpiritDay! Images

*widget boy cultureDrug use alleged in Lamar Odom's grave condition.

*widget boy cultureAmerica's Next Top Model canceled after 22 seasons.

*widget boy cultureOMG! Boy George & Marilyn, together again!

*widget boy cultureAlabama Walmart puts Gun Oil next to actual guns.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.42.40 PMOxy moxie

*widget boy cultureH/T Crime Watch Daily: Teen jocks become oxy kingpins.  Images Video after the jump ...

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Oct 13 2015
Illustrator Robert de Michielle Dies @ 57 Comments (0)


Artist Robert de Michiell's pop-culture illustrations have been a staple of Entertainment Weekly and many other publications. He was about to enjoy being exhibited at ClampArt Gallery (531 W. 25th St., NYC) in a show called On Fire Island, but sadly, he lost his long fight with cancer this week.

The show will go on, even though de Michiell's journey has come to an end.

A statement from his representative follows:

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Oct 08 2015
Need To Know: What Do U Peen? + Kimspiracy Theory + Costume Tomfoolery + Exchanging Sexual Fluidity + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureBieber's unredacted hole is out there somewhere. Images

*widget boy cultureHillary says Kim Davis got what she deserved.

*widget boy cultureA message from Kevin McCarthy ... not that one!

*widget boy cultureSelena Gomez is suffering from lupus.

*widget boy cultureMadonna talks touring in 15 years, the Pope with Rolling Stone.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga says American Horror Story: Hotel is about addiction.

*widget boy cultureBurglars shoot a damn service dog. Really? Really?

*widget boy cultureCheck out his super sexy Halloween options:


*widget boy cultureDavid Mixner on Joe Biden's Beau Biden problem.

*widget boy cultureOld Yeller actor, Sons of Anarchy producer Kevin Corcoran dies.

*widget boy cultureRemembering the '50s hotness of Tony Dow.

*widget boy cultureJournalist convicted of helping Anonymous hack the L.A. Times.

*widget boy cultureTim Tebow's dick.

*widget boy cultureHobby Lobby LOSES.

*widget boy cultureNyle DiMarco is sexually fluid. Images


One of the pictures featured on the FRONT PAGE of @outmagazine! I am freaking out! 📷: @tatephoto | @kylekingswim

A photo posted by Nyle DiMarco - Official - NYC (@nyledimarco) on Sep 29, 2015 at 12:13pm PDT

Oct 07 2015
Need To Know: Moan Granger + Hillary 2.0 + Pintauro Tested + Her Mothers' Keeper + When Booty Calls + Let's Get Loud + Heavy Wedding + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSELL OR BE SOLD: Rising-star artist Edward Granger is hot... in two senses. Images

*widget boy cultureDavid Mixner prefers the new Hillary, isn't bullish on her chances.

*widget boy cultureUNION CITY BLUE: Hillary endorsed by nation's biggest union. Candace-cameron-bure-raven-symone-danny-pinaturo

*widget boy cultureDanny Pintauro insists he got HIV from oral sex. Images

*widget boy cultureHas Pintauro actually hurt the cause he's trying to help?

*widget boy cultureRIP Chantal Akerman, Belgian director.

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell heartbroken over daughter's tell-all.

*widget boy cultureTHRONE BUTCH BLUES: Treasure found in porta potty.

*widget boy cultureIf this ass is real, it's real nice.

*widget boy cultureFind out how to look like Kim Davis. Images

12122633_1480336315628799_2632600069001833826_n-500x503Making up is hard to do.

*widget boy cultureVanity Fair discovers why Billy Eichner is so loud. Images Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.13.13 PM

*widget boy cultureSuper, super, super, super hot cop.

*widget boy cultureIs Cara Delevingne engaged to her GF?

*widget boy cultureThe Stonewall is a landmark!

*widget boy cultureTHE DEVIL YOU KNOW: Muscly Well-Strung.

*widget boy cultureSuppressive person Nicole Kidman not at daughter's wedding.

*widget boy cultureYou'll love seeing entitled Luke V. Gatti get taken DOWN. Images

*widget boy cultureCIAO, BELLO: It's like Twilight in reverse.

*widget boy cultureWhy? Just La Cause. Images

12115839_10207887969381217_4724412792513821848_nHair apparent

Oct 06 2015
Left Behind Comments (0)


I was sad to miss a photo exhibition devoted to the work of Kit Cowan, the late husband of TV writer Michael Ausiello. Now, his work is preserved at Kit Cowan Archives. Ausiello notes of Cowan's focus on his hometown:

13x19-2Kit had a love/hate relationship with Millersburg. Like an ex he could never quite get over, his hometown simultaneously captivated and haunted him. When people would ask where he was from, he would explain that it was a small town in Pennsylvania that lacked a single traffic light. There was always a tinge of pride in his voice when he described the smallness of Millersburg, too. I always read it as, “Yep, I grew up in the middle of nowhere , and I got OUT!”

I don't believe in an afterlife, so I feel like we have to have fun, experience beauty, help people and make art while we're here. Hopefully, some of what we do—and we're not all heroes, life-saving surgeons, or presidents—will be left behind and will affect people in a positive way after we leave. I think Cowan's work is lovely and touching. I love the color tones, and I love that the images seem to have a presence, even without human beings in them. But like a lot of art, there is a human being in them, their creator.

Enjoy his work and enjoy your life.


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