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Feb 01 2015
Whitney's Daughter Reportedly Brain-Dead Comments (0)


To die in a tub like your mom did three years later—so tragic. But it appears that the initial report of Bobbi Kristina being in a coma was one of those optimistic announcements that really meant to expect grim news a few days later: She is reportedly brain-dead.

Jan 30 2015
Need To Know: Bitch, You're Not Madonna + Romney Pre-Concedes + God Damned + Madonna Opens Her REBEL HEART + MORE! Comments (0)

FryGod isn't dead, He's just a prick.

*widget boy cultureStephen Fry drags God.

*widget boy cultureFASHION POLICE: Being posh in court is not Amal's style.

*widget boy cultureLarry Kramer's new novel gets a rave.

*widget boy cultureSome gay Republicans oppose gay marriage. I oppose gay Republicans.

*widget boy cultureWHAT A BABE: James Cromwell's ass 31 years ago was flawless.

Venus-D-LiteHe spent $75,000 to look like this.

*widget boy cultureJamie Dornan looks confused on Glamour.

*widget boy cultureMadonna talks Rebel Heart to France's NRJ here 'n' here.

*widget boy cultureThorn Birds scribe Colleen McCullough dies @ 77.

*widget boy cultureMITT ROMNEY NOT RUNNING IN 2016.

Romney-tarmacGet your Mitts off me!

*widget boy cultureSarah Palin, whose '16 candidacy is a joke, calls Fox News quasi-conservative.

*widget boy cultureChris Pratt will be Indy after doing Jurassic Park with a sexy stache.

*widget boy cultureAbuse for decades at America's largest private Catholic school, naturally. 

*widget boy cultureLeelah's Law petition swells.

*widget boy cultureSuge Knight is a fucking sociopath.

*widget boy cultureVenus D-Lite claims to be obsessed with being Madonna, after the jump...

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Jan 22 2015
King Of Saudi Arabia Dies @ 91 Comments (0)


The King of Saudi Arabia has died. This has the potential to cause some major shifting of the sands over there. Will be interesting to see what happens.

Jan 19 2015
Need To Know: If Cheyenne Were A Tree... + Black Monday + Gayish + An Obama 'FIRST!' + Such A Dick + MORE! Comments (0)

Cheyenne-Jackson“How's that marriage going?” she asked, awkwardly.

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson goes along with a nonsensical review for Get Out!

*widget boy cultureRaven-Symoné didn't look black enough to get roles, so she tanned herself.

*widget boy cultureIf you're gay but don't feel like you fit in with other LGBT people, here ya go.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama will field questions from YouTube stars.

*widget boy cultureListen to Kurt Cobain's never-heard, long-lost mix tape.

*widget boy cultureGreg Plitt's death likely was the result of a slip-up while filming.

*widget boy culturePlitt's incredible body and bulge in gallery form.

*widget boy culturePodesta, Clinton I & Obama official, on board with Clinton II?

*widget boy cultureJustin Bieber and his big weiner are lampooned on SNL:


Keep reading after the jump for three SNL spoofs of Bieber...

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Jan 18 2015
What A Body Of Work: The Sudden, Sad Death Of Physique Legend Greg Plitt Comments (0)
  Greg-Plitt-Mens-Workout Greg-Plitt Greg-Plitt-body Greg-Plitt-gorgeous Greg-Plitt-by-Dustin Greg-Plitt-abs Greg-plitt Greg-Plitt-shirtless Greg-Plitt-underwear Greg-Plitt-Fitness-mag Greg-Plitt-muscles Greg-Plitt-fit Greg-Plitt-Icon-Men Greg-Plitt-muscles-spread Greg-Plitt-right Greg-Plitt-huge-biceps Greg-Plitt-pits

Huge shocker from the world of fitness—Greg Plitt, a fitness expert, model and bodybuilder, who had been one of the most famous of his kind, died yesterday after being struck by a train. He was just 37.

Greg-Plitt-bicepsEarly and more recent poses by Plitt reveal his near-perfect symmetry.

Police have initially ruled out suicide; it appears to have been some kind of tragic accident. Plitt was apparently walking with friends in an area forbidden to pedestrians, capturing photos of passing trains.

Greg-Plitt-WatchmenBody in evidence: He was the inspiration behind this form in Watchmen.

Plitt starred on the Bravo series Work Out (2006—2008), appeared on countless magazine covers, in print ads and in TV spots, and was the body inspiration for “Dr. Manhattan” in Watchmen (2009).

Greg-Plitt-magazine-coversJust a few of Plitt's many cover appearances

It also saddens me to know so many people all over the Internet will likely be clucking their tongues about how he died, failing to realize that we all in our lives do silly things that aren't safe, and yet we usually survive. No judgment, just sadness for the death of someone so young, healthy and motivated to keep living his best life.

Plitt was quite the show-off; he delighted in being ogled from all angles, and would often playfully show off his famous bulge. More after the jump of this striking specimen...

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Jan 11 2015
Fellini Sex Icon Anita Ekberg Dies @ 83 Comments (0)

Piccit_anita_ekberg_gif_1701323599September 29, 1931—January 11, 2015

Anita Ekberg didn't become an acclaimed or versatile actress, but one thing she did was become a film icon thanks to one scene in Federico Fellini's (1920—1993) La Dolce Vita (1960)—her hedonistic dance in the Trevi Fountain is one of cinema's most enduring images.


Ekberg has died at 83 after a long illness; she broke her hip years ago (thanks to one of her playful dogs) and apparently never fully recovered.



Fellow sex kitten Mamie Van Doren, 83, remembers Ekberg on Facebook:



Van Doren is the last of Old Hollywood's '50s blonde bombshells.

Comic Actor Taylor Negron Dies @ 57 Comments (0)


I was so sorry to read that Taylor Negron has died; he apparently battled cancer for a long time, something I didn't know when I met him a couple of years ago in New York at a book event. He was warm and funny, and will be remembered for any one of a dozen or more flamboyantly funny and dry movie and TV performances, including in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and Easy Money (1983), among many others.

Jan 08 2015
Handsome Movie & TV Star Rod Taylor Dies @ 84 Comments (0)


Sad news from Hollywood as Rod Taylor has died at 84.

Taylor began his movie career 64 years ago, and appeared in such famous flicks as The Virgin Queen (1955), The Catered Affair (1956), Giant (1956), Raintree County (1957) and Separate Tables (1958), as well as being yet another key Twilight Zone player to die recently. (He was one of the astronauts in “And When the Sky Was Opened” in 1959.)

More famously, Taylor was Tippi Hedren's love interest in The Birds (1963) and as H.G. Wells in The Time Machine (1960).


I had not realized Taylor worked so recently, but he played Winston Churchill (see above) in the rather amazing Quentin Tarantino movie Inglourious Basterds in 2009.