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Oct 11 2014
Waiting In The Wings: Iva Withers Dies @ 97 Comments (0)


Iva Withers, perhaps Broadway's greatest understudy, has died at the age of 97. Her credits are incredible.

Gettin' Her Hooks In Ya Comments (0)


Hilarious sketch “Brenda the Waitress” with the late Jan Hooks, the late Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Nora Dunn and Alec Baldwin.

Also, check out Jan's best impressions here (her Diane Sawyer is perfectly smug).

Oct 09 2014
SNL & DESIGNING WOMEN Fave Jan Hooks Dies @ 57 Comments (0)

JanHooksmainApril 23, 1957—October 9, 2014

Jan Hooks, a Saturday Night Live cast member for five years in the '80s and also a regular on later seasons of Designing Women, has died at 57 following an undisclosed illness.

Design102With the late Alice Ghostley (August 14, 1926—September 21, 2007) on Designing Women

She was a better Tammy Faye than Tammy Faye was: 

Hooks, along with Nora Dunn, was one of the hysterical Sweeney Sisters: 

She also did a mean Kathie Lee Gifford: 

Here's her twisted take on feminism vs. commercialism:

Sad to lose a funny lady so soon.

Oct 08 2014
Need To Know: CRUEL Summary + Full-Frontal Lobotomy + Camera Bangles + 7TH HEAVEN Hell + Real Disingenuous Housewife + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureRyan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon talked Cruel Intentions with their spawn.

*widget boy cultureMusic icon Morrissey has cancer, discusses dying.

*widget boy cultureWhy Hollywood is so pee-pee shy.

*widget boy cultureKenneth has collected all the major girlbands!

*widget boy cultureDoes Josh Duhamel make you wet?

*widget boy culture7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks sticks up for Stephen Collins.

*widget boy cultureRandomly, a 7th Heaven actress died—at 40—in her sleep.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Lawrence says her nude-photo leak was a sex crime.

*widget boy cultureTeresa Giudice is still lying through her teeth.

*widget boy cultureJamaicans still fucking hate gay people, mon.

*widget boy cultureNick Carter's looking good naked!

Nick-CarterSend me your Nick shot.

Oct 06 2014
Final Bow: Theater Great Marian Seldes Dies @ 86 Comments (0)

Marian+SeldesAugust 23, 1928—October 6, 2014

Theater legend Marian Seldes has died at 86. Renowned for her work ethic (she never missed one of the 1,809 performances of Deathtrap in 1978) and versatility, she appeared in such celebrated productions such as the Hume Cronyn (July 18, 1911—June 15, 2003)/Jessica Tandy (June 7, 1909—September 11, 1994) original production of A Delicate Balance (1966), Equus (1974) and Three Tall Women (1993).

Seldeslife460In Deathtrap with (L to R) John Wood (July 5, 1930—August 6, 2011) and Victor Garber (b. March 16, 1949)

She was married for nine years to writer/director Garson Kanin (November 24, 1912—March 13, 1999), and was the daughter of author and critic Gilbert Seldes (January 3, 1893—September 29, 1970).

Marian-Seldes-A-Delicate-BalanceSeldes (R) in A Delicate Balance with (L to R) Carmen Mathews (May 8, 1911—August 31, 1995) and Henderson Forsythe (September 11, 1917—April 17, 2006). Seldes won her only competitive Tony for this role, and was the play's last surviving cast member.

I'm glad I got to see her perform, even if it was at the first preview of the subpar Deuce in 2007;  she was fun at the stage door in what wound up being her second-to-final Broadway show:

I saw Ms. Seldes (in a wheelchair) a year ago in the spring. Times flies...I'd thought it was recent.

Dancer Geoffrey Holder Dies @ 84 Comments (0)

Geoffrey Holder, an actor, dancer, TV pitchman and more, has died at 84. Holder will be familiar to children of the '80s as the 7Up man.


Sep 24 2014
The Lowe-Down Comments (0)


A great, first-person Skip E. Lowe story to memorialize the late interviewer to the stars, and to remind (or inform) you what he did best.

Sep 23 2014
What A Way To Lowe: Cable-Access Hollywood Interviewer Skip E. Lowe Dies @ 85 Comments (0)

Gypsy_mamieskipJune 6, 1929—September 22, 2014 (Seen here with great pal Mamie Van Doren)

Skip E. Lowe, a former child actor who would go on to host a bizarre, wonderful cable-access interview show, has died at 85.

Lowe's Skip E. Lowe Looks at Hollywood launched in the late '70s and featured one-on-ones with some of the greatest stars of the Golden Age, friends and/or esteemed artists who recognized a respectful interrogator when they saw one.

Martin Short has admitted his character “Jiminy Glick” was based, in part, on Lowe.

A recent interview with Lowe after the jump...

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