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Feb 15 2012
Hamming It Up Comments (0)

Jon Hamm Esquire

Devilishly handsome Jon Hamm, 40, is on the cover of Esquire (March 2012), in which the writer fawns over him the way I might were I to be assigned the gig. Some tidbits—he taught high school drama in '95 to students including The Office's Ellie Kemper, he's been pals with Paul Rudd since high school and he once auditioned for "Jack Donaghy" (Alec Baldwin's role) on 30 Rock.

More pix here.

Jul 14 2011
Nods & Nixes: Emmy Nomination Time Comments (0)


The Emmy noms are out, and it looks like Mildred PierceMad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Modern Family are the toast of the boob tube. (Remember when they had tubes?)

Noteworthy items:

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Feb 20 2011
Old Softie Comments (1)

Matthew Stephen Herrick is shot by James Loy for Go Softwear, which has to be the worst name ever for an underwear brand, especially one whose ad campaign won't cause you to.

He's as close as we'll ever get to a mostly-nekkid BJ Novak shoot. They look alike, right?


May 16 2010
An Arizona Miss Comments (1)

Sarah Palin, a failed former governor of Alaska, teamed up with Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona to declare, "We are all Arizonans now!" in response to that state's contemptible new anti-immigration law, a law that clearly mandates racial profiling. 

MissMichigan Well, not all of us. When Miss Oklahoma answered a question about the law tossed at her by The Office's Oscar Nunez, she replied that she is a big proponent of states' rights to hoots and hollers from the audience and said she supports Arizona's law. (But, um, like, she's against the racial profiling thingie.) This chick looked like a sure winner until then, but she lost to Miss Michigan, who was proudly pro-birth control, saying it should be free as part of every woman's health care and giggling, "Hi, Mom!" as she said so. Interestingly, Miss Michigan became the first-ever Arab-American Miss USA.

We're not all Arizonans. Not even all Arizonans are, not in this context.


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