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Oct 26 2012
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OK Teen Mom Amber cheating
When people who look like this are on the covers of and inside celebrity magazines, it's time to redefine the word "celebrity." This is from OK! (November 5, 2012).
Oct 15 2012
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Gossip Honey Boo Boo crush OK! Magazine
When the tabloids began covering Zac and Vanessa and Miley and Liam, I knew this day would come—we now have OK! (October 22, 2012) with a full-page story filled with juicy gossip about the rumor that Honey Boo Boo is crushing on Teen Mom star Maci Bookout's son Bentley.

If you add the toddlers' ages up, they'd still not only be not yet legal, they'd be not yet 10.

And this is page 1 news for OK!

Jul 04 2012
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Alex o loughlinAlex O'Loughlin

OK!'s "Hollywood's 50 Hottest Bodies!" issue (on sale now through August 27, 2012) makes some good choices, but I prefer my own much tighter edit...

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May 05 2012
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From OK! (May 14, 2012), dreamy Mark Deklin of GCB poses with his pooch, above. Below, Mark Ruffalo looks as hot as ever in Us (May 14, 2012)...

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Apr 24 2012
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OK! (April 30, 2012) asks if Lindsay Lohan could ever look like Elizabeth Taylor. No. Next!

Feb 15 2012
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Screen shot 2012-02-15 at 7.58.18 PM

My title is not meant to imply that the weekly mags are doing too much on Whitney—on the contrary, it's a shocker that Life & Style (February 27, 2012) went with only an inset and I assume OK! (February 27, 2012), with no Whitney coverage, must get printed a day earlier than the others. I mean it more as: Look at all this death! But when you're one of music's biggest stars, you get profiled by the magazines forever—and beyond.

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Feb 09 2012
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Luxury brand Charisma has Eddie Cibrian('s torso) as its new spokesman, as seen in photos from In Touch (February 20, 2012), above, and OK! (February 20, 2012), below...

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Jan 26 2012
I Will Be Your Mother Figure, Put Your Tiny Hand In Mine Comments (5)

Img213Click to enlarge; part 2 after the jump

OK! (February 6, 2012) somehow got Madonna's dancer-boyfriend Brahim Zaibat to speak. In the piece, he says he was never a big fan of hers—"It is not the kind of music I [prioritize] in my iPod. But like everyone else, I knew her hit songs." (I wonder what word he said in place of "prioritize?")

About his womanizing past, Zaibat says:

"When I was younger, I had a number of female conquests. The dance helped me a lot. I am a dancer first. I have not yet shown the world the extent of my talent."

I figure Madonna would agree.

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