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Nov 16 2013
In The OUT Door: OUT Celebrates Its OUT 100 Comments (0)
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Thursday night was the Out 100 party, celebrating Out Magazine's issue in which its editors honor 100 influential out figures from all walks, the most famous of which get the cover treatment. (This year, Edie Windsor, Jim Parsons, Lee Daniels and the very recently out Wentworth Miller made the cut.)

1 OUTThe in-crowd with Out.

I'd never been invited to this party before, and kept complaining and being told, "Next year!" Finally, I got the invite, so no way would I miss what Kenneth swears is the year's most fun party.

The venue is conducive to having a fun party with live acts (Debbie Harry was headlining, with Steve Grand, The Dolls and Charli XCX of Icona Pop fame supporting), but not so great for a red carpet. Still, Out did a nice job with a second-floor carpet, my only complaint being that the DJed party music drowned out the interviews somewhat.

I was surrounded by nice people, except for an inconsequential sourpuss who looked about 12 years old who was frowning his way through the night for ET, and being near sane individuals helps loads.

A Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles: Gay as hay-ull.

The first person down the carpet was Sharon Needles, looking more glam (and alive) than ever. My question for everyone was to describe their best and worst coming-out experiences (see video above), but she said hers had all been good because she'd been "gay as hay-ull" since age 4 and had a supportive family who knew she liked dick. The most X-rated "awww!" ever.

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Nov 15 2013
Ladies And Gentlemen, The LATE Mariah Carey! Comments (0)


The biggest pair of surprises at last night's "OUT 100" party, honoring Out Magazine's 100 most inspirational LGBT figures, was the appearance of Mariah Carey, who came out (after about a 10-minute pause!) to accept an award on behalf of her buddy/director Lee Daniels.

Jonathan Groff and the cast of the can't-wait-to-see-it HBO series Looking announced her, then had to entertain the crowd by reading her Wikipedia page (!) for several minutes, including full birthdate and Tommy Mottola namecheck. Ouch!

Mariah has taken Madonna's cue, wearing gloves (though hers look like Rubbermaid in my screengrab, I am gonna guess they were satin). She had a great line:

"I'm a straight girl, so I don't really know why they asked me to be here...but my boobs have been out for years!"

It was a brief speech, punctuated by a nobody-listened-to-it heartfelt video speech by Daniels. After she was done, she asked for help getting off the little platform because her arm still had some damage.

The crowd at her up, and Groff referred to her as "the best-selling female artist of all time," which is of course what she demands to be called wherever she goes and which is the nugget around which every one of her press releases is built.

As much of a non-fan as I am, it was exciting to see her in person for the first time, and I give her and Out a lot of credit for such a wonderful surprise.

Full video after the jump...

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Nov 13 2013
Work It On OUT Comments (0)


Love the Out "Out 100" covers—great photos of deserving and diverse honorees Lee Daniels, Jim Parsons, Wentworth Miller and Edie Windsor.

Nov 08 2013
Running OUT Of Options? Nope! Comments (0)


As time marches on, Out is having an easier and easier time finding (1) actual gay people, and (2) actual hot gay people for its covers and honors. Check out this year's "Out 100" here. For the first time ever (I know, right???), I've been invited to the party, so I'll be reporting on that after November 14. I really need to meet Jonathan Groff.

Oct 09 2013
The Kids Today Are All Right Comments (0)
Josh Hutcherson is "mostly straight" and wants a Hunger Games three-way. Kids today!
Oct 02 2013
Need To Know: The Bone Us Brothers, Obama Shuts Down The Republicans, Crist-Like, Me & My Sal + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureJoe Jonas on gay rumors: "We have a lot of gay friends and gay fans."

*widget boy cultureObama on Republican shutdown: "Ideological crusade."

*widget boy cultureSpanish heartthrob releases nude photo on millionth Twitter follower.

*widget boy cultureRick Perry claims his wife misspoke on abortion.

*widget boy cultureHank Chen verbal vogues with Louis Virtel:

*widget boy cultureCloset queen Charlie Crist leads Rick Scott in FL guv poll.

*widget boy cultureWhat wouldn't Tamar Braxton ever do?

*widget boy cultureBeautiful boys romp around the New York set at Paramount.

*widget boy cultureStraight guy reacts to being defriended on Facebook over gay bro's wedding.

*widget boy cultureZac Hanson ('memba him?) takes a loogie to the face.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco's Sal Mineo biopic hits VOD and iTunes October 22.

Val-Lauren-Sal-MineoYou can call me Sal.

Sep 12 2013
Snap Judgments: JGL On OUT Comments (0)

Joseph Gordon-Leavitt covers Out (October 2013). The story begins with a look back at his Web movie Pictures of Assholes. I appreciate writer (and Out's EIC) Aaron Hicklin's POV on that fascinating clip, but it's incomplete—I know both of the shooters and they're lovely guys. I think they were upset that JGL didn't seem to want to pose, he was upset that they were after him, and the gay thing, well, they're right in saying that a picture of a sexy young male star with a male companion is intriguing and has (monetary) value.

Also, the movie has another element to it in that the younger photographer eventually admits to a crush on JGL. And they did encounter each other and pose together at a later event.

Still, a solid and interesting piece from Out as always about an extremely talented young actor.

Aug 29 2013
Gold Medals In Oppression For Everyone Comments (0)

Via Joe.My.God.: The home of Russia's leading gay activist, Nikolai Alexeyev (who has slammed, in anti-Semitic terms, porn kingpin/anti-Islamic activist Michael Lucas for a scorchingly personal takedown piece for Out.com), was raided and damaged indiscriminately by cops investigating a complaint by an anti-gay member of Russia's parliament.

I know the athletes have trained hard, but if they had real guts, they'd get together and individually boycott Sochi, forcing the IOC's hand.

Barring that, and since it seems that unless gay people are hanged in the public square in Russia (which is not unforseeable), I do hope gay and pro-gay athletes do well at the Olympics. I just really could not go to Russia to win a medal myself at this time. It's fast becoming Nazi Germany II.

Video after the jump...

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Aug 10 2013
On Point: Steve Grand's Q&A/Performance For Hilton & The Point Foundation Comments (6)
*DSC06333 steve grand
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DSC06594 steve grand

I'm in Chicago for a weekend visit with my family, but I'm making some time for "family" affairs as well—I'll be attending Northalsted Market Days, the music- and shirtlessfest featuring such diverse acts as Lynda Carter, Kerli and Olivia Newton-John. Hey, where else can you see David Cassidy open for Andy Bell? I'm going in spite of the visceral reaction I have to the world "Northalsted," which begs to be "North Halsted" or at the very least "Northhalsted." "Newsstand" comes to mine. But I digress!

*DSC06198 steve grandOut editor Aaron Hicklin had Steve on the hot seat.

The fest also features out singing sensation Steve Grand, who will open for Wilson Phillips tonight at 8:15. That would've been my first time seeing Steve perform in the flesh, but I was given access by the Hilton last night to a special event for the Point Foundation at which Steve appeared and performed.

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Jul 11 2013
Mr. Rogers's Gayborhood Comments (0)
Out (August 2013) doesn't miss a beat, featuring out soccer player Robbie Rogers on the cover of its Sports issue. Hot shot, too. His full story here.