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Jul 19 2017
Greyson Chance Comes Out: I AM HAPPY, I AM HERE FOR YOU, AND I AM PROUD OF WHO I AM Comments (0)

Greyson-Chance-New-Picture-2014-23(Image via Greyson Chance)

Greyson Chance, who performed the second best version of Lady Gaga's “Paparazzi” of all time (Gaga's was the best — still my favorite of her songs) and shot to viral fame in 2010, has come out as gay.

Even though he's just 19, he wrote — in an articulate, expressive Facebook post — his coming out was “most definitely overdue.”

Chance wrote:

I came to fully recognize that I was gay when I was sixteen. I decided not to publicize my sexuality largely due to a matter of privacy, as I was still trying to find comfort and confidence within my own skin. Further, I always found conversations regarding music, politics, art, books — and the greatness of Nas' catalog — to be far more interesting than what type of guy I was into.

He went on to write:

... it took years to write this message. Nevertheless, I figured now was the time to let a few more friends know that I am happy, I am here fo ryou, and I am proud of who I am.

I covered Greyson when he was first becoming famous, which was spurred on by his signing by out role model Ellen DeGeneres, and he was always a sweetheart. It's great to read that he is out and proud.

Congrats, Greyson!

Keep reading for his full post ...

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Jul 14 2017
Thomas Dekker Comes Out Comments (0)

Some people — producer Bryan Fuller among them — may have thought actor 3Kypxobn_400x400Thomas Dekker was already openly gay. Not so.

Now? He's out.

Dekker, in response to a soft outing by Fuller (who called Dekker's agent out for not wanting Dekker's Heroes character to be gay), has posted that he is now officially, publicly out as a gay man.

He has also confirmed he is married.

Giphy“He can do it, Mr. Kramer. I know he can. He'll do it for me!” — Thomas Dekker on Seinfeld, age 7, 1995 (GIF via NBC)

He writes:

DEp_jHPU0AAtJtK.jpg-largeI really like most of his letter, and I'm not intending to slam him, but I do have to say that to suggest people are only ready when they're ready — and yet being openly gay personally to the point that you're married can still mean not ready — is a little disingenuous. To me. In other words, I don't feel Fuller was being a dick in talking about Dekker, not even by name, in the context in which he talked about him; there's no good reason to believe Dekker would be psychologically harmed by that.

Thomas_dekker_1216760067Thomas Dekker on Heroes in 2007 (Image via NBC)

That aside, I love his message and the positive tone, even as he settles that score.

Welcome out!

Jul 10 2017
6-PACK — Tyler The Gay Creator? + Trump Jr. Never Shoulda Tooken That Meeting + Sinclair's Mind-Warp + Webster Hall Closing + Tom Daley's First Time + Peppermint: The Movie! Comments (0)

1496235037566-golf_imageTyler the Creator — gay or bi or just messing with our heads? (Video still)

WIDGETHeavy: Tyler the Creator has been knocked for homophobic lyrics ... but is he coming out as gay himself? Can he be both?

WIDGETHuff Post: Donald Trump Jr.'s unprecedented meeting with a Russian operative on the hope of receiving damaging info about Hillary Clinton condemned by GOP campaign vets.

WIDGETPolitico: Sinclar continuing to brainwash viewers with its hard-right content.

GiphyMadonna at her 1995 PJ party at Webster Hall

WIDGETThe Nocturnal Times: NYC's iconic Webster Hall — after 130 years — has been sold, will be renovated and operated by Barclays. Bye, Old NYC. Bye.

WIDGETYouTube @TomDaley: Tom Daley's first-ever Pride experience is cute, but it's kinda sad that it was a paid endorsement of Barclays:

WIDGETOMG Blog: Project Peppermint is the doc of your dreams, if you were rooting for Peppermint on RuPaul's Drag Race!

Jun 21 2017
6-PACK — Charice Is Now Known As Jake Zyrus + Lossoff :( + Long Day-Lewis Journey Into 'Night + Former NFL Player Comes Out + Madonna Dating Hot Model? + Still More BARES Babes! Comments (0)

Giphy-13Broadway Bares audience members, post-show. See below for more pics. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

WIDGETOMG Blog: Charice, the Oprah-powered singer from the Philippines who also starred on Glee, now IDs as a male: Read his first tweets as Jake Zyrus!

Tu_PDdBZ_400x400Charice is now Jake Zyrus. (Image via Twitter)

WIDGETDailyKos: In a disappointing but not shocking defeat, Democrat Jon Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handel in Georgia's special election, 52.1-47.9.

Tumblr_mudeps1aqn1snmmclo1_500Daniel Day-Lewis tongues Gordon Warnecke in My Beautiful Lauundrette (GIF via Orion Classics)

WIDGETExtraTV: Daniel Day-Lewis — who starred in the gay classic My Beautiful Laundrette (1986) and won three Oscars — is retiring!

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Former NFL player Ryan O'Callaghan has come out as gay. His other option had been ... suicide.

WIDGETExtraTV: Madonna's rep denies she is dating her “Bitch I'm Madonna” music video co-star Kevin Sampaio.

Madonna-kevin-sampaio-825x580Madonna mackin' on Kevin Sampaio (Image via Interscope)

WIDGETFacebook: Follow me on Facebook, and check out 140+ Broadway Bares pics while you're at it!

DSC04620_newThe event raised $1.5 million for charity. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Jun 11 2017
Gay Behind The Eyes Host Kevin Spacey Jokes About Being Closeted In Tonys Opening Comments (0)

Kevin-SpaceyUpdated header: KEVIN SPACEY HAS A POINTLESS SECRET. (Image via Esquire)

Kevin Spacey, widely known to be glass-closeted — and no, practically being out is not the same as being out — engaged in some coy jokes about being closeted in the (effortful) opening of the Tony Awards tonigth, which he hosted.

First, there was a closet joke with Whoopi Goldberg.

Next, he dressed up as Norma Desmond and sang, “I'm coming out ... no, wait.”

I don't like rich, successful, perfectly well-adjusted stars with zero reason not to acknowledge they're gay who do not actually acknowledge they're gay. It's 2017. Speaking of which, it's almost a year to the day since the Pulse gay nightclub massacre, and it's LGBTQ Pride Month and it's the same day as the National Equality March, so whatever you think of stars who remain closeted for any reason, is this really the day to be making cutesy closet jokes?


Watch the opening number below ...

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6-PACK — Poison Ivy Weeded Out + May's Anti-Gay Pals + AMERICA'S NEXT MODEL TOP + Bit Of A Stretch + Why Coming Out Still Matters + Meet the BARES Boys! Comments (0)

Ron NirenbergRon Nirenberg beat Ivy Taylor, who called LGBTQ protections “a waste of time.” (Image via

WIDGETWOAI: Heinous anti-LGBTQ San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor ousted in runoff by Ron Nirenberg.

WIDGETThe Independent: Theresa May's new allies are nakedly anti-LGBTQ.

Dallas Flashman WadeDallas Flashman Wade lets it all hang out (Image via OMG Blog)

WIDGETOMG Blog (Work Unfriendly): America's Next Top Model contender Dallas Flashman Wade lives up to his middle name.

Rafael-twerk(Video still via Rafael)

WIDGETDListed: Celebrate LGBTQ Pride by watching Rafael twerk in a grocery store — like he just don't care.

WIDGETBosGuy: Young'uns, here is “Why Coming Out Still Matters” (and not just “to Him”!)

WIDGETAdvocate: Meet the mostly naked Broadway Bares dancers!

Broadway Bares(Image via Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS)

Jun 08 2017
6-PACK — Nico Tortorella's SEXPLORATION OF LOVE + Catholic Church Wins Suit + Gus Kenworthy Chats With Tyler Oakley + AT&T Hearts LGBTQs + Remembering Gilbert Baker + Fire Island Book! Comments (0)

NICO-TORTORELLANico will go nude-o. (Image via Instagram @nicotortorella)

WIDGETPrideSource: Luscious Nico Tortorella promises the TV version of his The Love Bomb podcast will feature nudity & be “a sexploration of love.”

WIDGETChicago Tribune: Man who sued Catholic Church for firing him after 17 years just because he married a man loses the suit.

WIDGETOMG Blog: Watch Gus Kenworthy open up to Tyler Oakley on sex, love and coming out.

Gus-KenworthyGet your hands off of my Matt Wilkas's man, Tyler! (Video still via Tyler Oakley)

WIDGETAT&T: AT&T partners with GLAAD to launch 5th Annual Live Proud campaign in support of LGBTQ rights.

WIDGETFacebook: Join fellow LGBTQ community members in remembering the late, great Gilbert Baker, creator of the Rainbow Flag.

Gilbert-Baker(Image via Photographer Susan Kravitz offers a bookful of images from Invasion of the Pines: Mascara, Mirth & Mayhem is here!

Mascara_Mirth_Mayhem_ Kravitz_soft_cover(Image via Susan Kravitz)

Jun 05 2017
Pride Month: 5 Actors You May Not Realize Are Or Were Gay Comments (0)

Today's Pride Month post is a roundup of actors you might not realize were gay. They may not have been out publicly due to the times in which they lives and the restrictions that guided their ability to have careers, but ever since reading The Gay Book of Days as a teen, I've always found it inspiring to see how many of us have been around in and out of the public eye for a long, long time.

Consider them like the hiking poles of our movement!

And for good measure, I've thrown in one gay actor who's actually (1) alive, and (2) out!

Check Out This List of Surprisingly Queer Folks (With 1 Repeat)

Kicking things off: 


Linda HuntHunt's most famous role probably wouldn't happen today. (MGM)

Linda Hunt (b. 1945)

The actress famous for winning an Oscar playing an Asian man — in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982) — came out in 2014 in an L.A. Times piece profiling the home she shares with Karen Klein, whom she married in 2008.


Jack LarsonLarson gets a lift from George Reeves (1914-1959) (Image via Warner Bros. TV)

Jack Larson (1928-2015)

Widely known as Jimmy Olsen on the early TV hit Adventures of Superman (1952-1958), found himself typecast in naive roles — a problem when you're an adult man. He was involved with Montgomery Clift (1920-1966) and was the partner, quite openly in Hollywod, of director James Bridges (1936-1993) from 1958 until Bridges died.


Kerwin MathewsKerwin then, and then (Image at L via Columbia Pictures, at R via headshot)

Kerwin Mathews (1926-2007)

That's right, Sinbad was gay; Kerwin Mathews, the dashing lead of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958) and a slew of B-movies like The Three Worlds of Gulliver (1960) and TV appearances, settled down with partner Tom Nicoll early on. He later ran an antiques shop in San Francisco. If you're ever in Janesville, Wisconsin, look for Kerwin Mathews Court, named for their native son.


IDr7A rare smile from Dr. Bellows (Image via CBS)

Hayden Rorke (1910-1987)

Though he had many parts in the theater and bit parts in early TV, Hayden Rorke became familiar to a generation of TV-obsessed kids as fussy Dr. Bellows on I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970). It was a well-kept secret at the time, but Rorke's life partner was TV director Jus(tus) Addiss, with whom series star Barbara Eden said he lived with their “menagerie of dogs.”


Carib15k-1-webSeales, along with James Woods (b. 1947) in The Onion Field (1979) (Image via Avco Embassy)

Franklyn Seales (1952-1990)

Caribbean-born Franklyn Seales accomplished a lot in his short career, including rave reviews for his stage work and a memorable supporting role on TV's Silver Spoons (1982-1987) as a smart-mouthed lawyer. Also a painter, Seales died of AIDS in 1990, never having come out professionally as gay.


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