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Apr 23 2014
Need To Know: An Actor With Character, Daddy Issues, The Daley Grind, Dammit Janet, Battle Of My Bulge + MORE! Comments (0)

Tumblr_mt8ssniJRy1qexeroo1_500Peace out

Boy-CultureMean Girls' Daniel Franzese comes out with a letter to the gay character he played.

Boy-CultureFather of the Year Christie was seen as too powerful to out as corrupt.

Boy-CultureAvril Lavigne is so much worse than her detractors ever feared.

Boy-CultureVERY MUCH TO MY VIKING: Alexander Ludvig & Clive Standen get shirtless.

Boy-CultureZac Efron off to London.

Boy-CultureKiss your asteroid good-bye.

Boy-CultureWalter Delmar's bangin' Sprummer 2014 Mix

Boy-CultureConor Collins creates a Tom Daley portrait using hateful tweets:

Conor-Collins-Tom-DaleyDaley struggle

Boy-CultureDamiana Garcia meets Barbra Streisand...kinda.

Boy-CultureDark gay Web series EastSiders looking for a 2nd season!

Boy-CultureNew site for all you gay daddies.

Boy-CultureJoyce DeWitt from Three's Company is 65 years old.

Boy-CultureThe Obamas remember DJ Frankie Knuckles.

Boy-CultureOprah's step-mom set to publish balls-out tell-all.

Boy-CultureThe days when Mark Harmon and Gregory Harrison were treated like meat.

Gregory-Harrison-Mark-HarmonThe need for Speedo

Apr 15 2014
Need To Know: We'll Always Have PARIS IS BURNING, F.U. Airways, Logo-Go Boys, MOTHERS Pay + MORE! Comments (0)

Paris-Is-Burning-Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles, learning she isn't the first queen with a mummified body in her closet.

*widget boy cultureNew book on classic movie Paris Is Burning.

*widget boy cultureU.S. Airways shows disgruntled customer how to go eff herself.

*widget boy cultureGet attached to Logo's short-form series Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached. Girl-gone-wild

*widget boy cultureMadonna does Buzzfeed, word-associates "Putin" with "gay."

*widget boy culture"Girl Gone Wild" is even gayer, more dance-oriented.

*widget boy cultureSky Ferreira is such a tease!

*widget boy cultureYES to this Quinn Jaxon video, NO to this one.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson, undies model.

*widget boy culturePlease support The Mothers or they'll guilt you to death: 

*widget boy cultureGay Games driving some Cleveland Muslims crazy.

*widget boy cultureSome bookstores are actually thriving. How???

*widget boy cultureRobin Roberts still defending being glass-closeted for so long.

*widget boy cultureKansas City shooter also loathed gays.

*widget boy cultureThat laptop is a lucky bitch.

NakedLaptop...or lapbottom?

Apr 07 2014
Net Gain Comments (0)


Via The Advocate: Notre Dame senior Matt Dooley, a tennis star, was struggling with secretly being gay, unsure of whether he should come out. He started with his best friend, then his coach, then told his teammates. The school shot this fairly incredible video documenting the process...

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Mar 31 2014
Playing For The Same Team Comments (0)


College football player Mitchell Eby, a defensive end for Chapman, was allowed to address his team when he decided to come out as gay. His speech was moving and was said to elicit applause from his teammates.

Mar 29 2014
Need To Know: Underground Art, Bun In An Oven In A Genie In A Bottle, Extra-Wide Receiver + MORE! Comments (0)

Keith-Haring-1982-artArt attack.

*widget boy cultureKeith Haring was here, circa 1982.

*widget boy cultureGaga's sold-out Roseland shows are 12 songs, 1 hour long.

*widget boy cultureNovak Djokovic peen-pic scandal???

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera knocked up.

*widget boy cultureSwedish wide receiver comes out.

*widget boy cultureFall gal in Christie's pricy "exoneration" report fights back; ally resigns.

*widget boy cultureHOLEY MACKEREL: Ed Fury's fishnet "swimsuit."

*widget boy cultureAnother reason Trump is dumb: He thinks shots cause autism.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay wedding in London is a May-December romance.

*widget boy cultureJeff Timmons of 98 Degrees is still hot, still horny.

*widget boy cultureCharles Leslie has more gay-erotic art than you. By a lot.

Charles-LeslieNice piece!

Mar 11 2014
Gay GAME-er Comments (0)


Asked about his bear following, Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn one-upped his interviewer by coming out as gay. He says he's never hidden his sexuality from anyone, so why start now?

Mar 07 2014
Si, He's Gay Comments (0)


Former Sen. Roberto Arango of Puerto Rico—who resigned several years back when his photos appeared on a gay hook-up site—has officially come out as gay. This from a man who led efforts to enshrine anti-gay discrimination in Puerto Rico's constitution!

Que pendejo...

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Mar 03 2014
Aaron Renfree Pops Out Of The Closet Comments (0)
  Aaraon Aaron-hot-Renfree Renfree-Aaron
Aaron-Renfree-aaron-renfree-2823930-333-500 Aaron-Renfree-muscles Aaron-Renfree-Joseph-Sinclair1-600x899 Aaron-Renfree-S-Club-Juniors Aaron-Renfree-S-Club-Juniors

 Above, a gallery of Renfree hotness

Aaron023Had zero idea that S Club Juniors cutie Aaron Renfree was: (1) Now closer to 30 than 20; and (2) Recently outed as gay.

Apparently, he was IDed as the friend of Tom Daley's who had encouraged Daley to come out, and in the process, was called a "gay ex-popstar" in the press.

I imagine this was quite a shock for someone who's kept a relatively low profile since his kiddie-oriented pop group ceased to exist nearly a decade ago.

Aaron-RenfreeAaron Renfree by Joseph Sinclair for Attitude

But Renfree tells Attitude (March 2014):

"When I saw that front page—'says gay ex-popstar'—that was a bit of a wake-up call. I've never really seen that sentence on something I'm reading that everyone else in the country is reading. Since being in the band, I went straight back to college. I could have gone on living as if I was Aaron from S Club Juniors but I literally stripped that off me and went back to college...I'm actually proud of doing this piece in Attitude. There was a time I never thought I'd be opening up and speaking publicly about my sexuality. So it's an achievement for me and it's so nice to be proud of who I am."

He sounds—and looks—lovely! Aaron is looking to continue in his career as a dancer/choreographer.

Mar 01 2014
Out Of Control: The New Gay Heartthrobs Comments (0)

Wpid-tumblr_n0rmqpDu8K1rx2g3fo1_500Baring his soul...

"Out of control" hot, anyway. Now that more and more public figures are on the record as gay, more and more of them are downright hot. In the past, we've had to drool over straights and closet cases, but we have a huge array of hugely hot guys who are actually gay to now lust over. (Of course, their being gay means we stand a chance in hell with them. Right? Right?)

Case in point: Adorable Michael Sam, who should be getting drafted into the NFL, is not only out, he's photographed himself with Not-So-Little Michael about half out. (Work Unfriendly)

Collins-with-shepard-familyImage from here

Michael-Sam-hotAnd it's not only Jason Collins's heart that's big (seen here meeting with the Shepards because he wears a jersey number in tribute to their late son), it's pretty much all of him.

The most important thing to have is as many people as possible out of the closet as gay, bi, curious, transgender, questioning, asexual or straight, because that information destigmatizes the categories that are less dominant in our culture. But having gay figures who are also sex objects performs the function of further normalizing what gay is—it's not just about sex, but it's also not just a political declaration. The big picture is what it's about, and no facet of that picture should be left...out.

Who are the openly gay public figures you think are also superhot? I'm curious about your taste.

Feb 25 2014
Paris When He Fizzled...But Bounced Back Comments (0)
  Bob-Paris-muscles Bob-Paris-ass Bob_Paris_100 Bob_paris Bob-Paris-biceps Bob-Paris-muscular Bob-Paris-torso BobParis-FLX-WeiderHF-0JJ BobParis2 Bodybuilder-Bob-Paris

ABOVE GALLERY: Bob was one of the HOTTEST men of the '80s...biceps down!

Just thought about this guy the other day, and lo and behold, Oprah Winfrey is here with an update.


Oprah's Where Are They Now? series catches up with pro bodybuilder Bob Paris, who came out as gay in the late '80s, a time when coming out as gay was unheard of in any sporting field—and was rare in any facet of public life.

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