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Jun 01 2016
Canoe Information: Matt Lister Strips & Opens Up For ATTITUDE Comments (0)

Matt-lister-pic-799x1024Matt Lister (Image by Leonardo Corredor for Attitude)

Matt Lister, a canoeing champion, appears on and in the new issue of Attitude, saying:

I would never shame someone for not coming out because it’s a personal choice and it’s a difficult thing to go through, but I feel as if it’s a necessity for the LGBT community because you’re in the public eye. People are watching you, even people who aren’t involved in sport that maybe want to get into it, but they don’t try because they think it doesn’t fit them.

Makes sense!

Keep reading for revealing video ...

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Raven-Symoné Knew She Was Gay At 12, Hid It Due To Disney Image Comments (0)

Raven-symone-that-s-so-ravenRaven during her Disney Channel reign (Image by Disney Channel)

I coulda told you this one—Raven-Symoné has opened up about when she realized she was gay, which was around her twelfth birthday.

I didn't know she knew so young, but when I was a teen-mag editor, I interviewed her many times, as did my staffers, and we all thought she was a little weird. Nice, but weird. In retrospect, it wasn't that she was weird, it was that she was speaking around the subject. I definitely remember one interview in which I asked her about how she interacted with boys during high school and she have me a long wellllll ... in this little-girl voice that made me think it was how a gay person might say it if she were avoiding the subject.

Then were was the fact that she almost lived with Lindsay Lohan.

But Us Weekly reports she told a new docu-series:

[Growing up on TV sets was] not very healthy later in life for me. My likeness, whether you see it in an interview, whether you see it in print, however you see it at that time, had 15 people dictating what I should and should not look like. If I did whatever I want I’m not going to sell because it doesn’t go with the brand. I was branded at such a young age.

About her gay identity specifically, she recalled:

I kind of pushed myself to open myself up to look for boys ... I never thought I would come out because my personal life didn’t matter. It was only what was supposed to be sold as the Raven-Symoné brand.

Though I frequently find her opinions exasperating (maybe another side effect of her odd upbringing?), I must say Raven was always sweet and I'm glad she broke out of that closet.

May 31 2016
Everyday Sunday's Lead Singer NEVER WANTED TO BE GAY ... But Is Comments (0)

26056396_1280x720(Video still via SAU Pulse)

Via WaPo: Rocker Trey Pearson of the Christian band Everyday Sunday—a hugely successful act for 15 years—has come out as gay in a long letter posted to his fans.

Industry experts have theorized that coming out may ruin his career, but it seems like not coming out nearly ruined his life. For one thing, he married a woman to escape his sexual orientation.

His letter is heart-wrenching, as is the idea that he continues to embrace the very religion that caused him so much pain over who he is.

Read Trey's entire letter after the jump ...

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May 27 2016
Passing With Flying Rainbow Colors: Salt Lake City Teacher Comes Out To His Students Comments (0)

I was remiss in not reporting on this earlier; that sometimes happens when something Boy Culture-worthy (and then some!) 10700227_10152369283626326_5711565430615294410_o happens to emanate from someone I know. I almost overlook the obvious.

Dalen Howard is a very sweet guy I met within the past year through his boyfriend. He's from Utah, a recovering Mormon, a teacher and gay.

You must read his wonderfully inspiring story of coming out to this class, after the jump ...

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Attention Gawkers: Nick Denton Challenges Peter Thiel To A Debate We Should Already Be Having, Plus: Why I'm Not Against Outing Comments (0)

UPDATE: Pierre Omidyar, eBay founder, is backing Gawker in its appeal of the Hulk Hogan case.

Gawker CEO Nick Denton has challenged deranged billionaire Peter Thiel to a debate outside the courtroom, following the revelation that it was Thiel—long angry over Gawker's treatment of him—who has funded Hulk Hogan's so-far successful lawsuit against the site for publishing a portion of Hogan's sex tape.

Gawker insisted publication of a portion of the video was newsworthy, Hogan claimed it was a violation of privacy—and a trial ended with a ridiculous judgment: over $100 million for his embarrassment.

The case is interesting to me in that it goes to the limits of free press and free speech, and became much more interesting once Thiel's tyrannical touch was exposed. Do we really think it's okay that rich people should have the ability to squelch negative or unwelcome press? Are we becoming press-release junkies?

I tweeted about it and was alarmed to discover a highly regarded activist whose opinion is that Gawker could avoid being sued out of existence if they wouldn't out people. (Thiel was said to have been initially enraged by Gawker in 2007 when the site wrote about him being gay. It's worth noting that Thiel, an early Facebook investor who is still on its board, is a right-winger who has endorsed Trump, wants to create a Libertarian paradise, offers cash to kids who agree to drop out of school and various other charming things.)

This activist was shrugging off the battle between Denton and Thiel over her lack of support for outing, which implies that she believes people who publish information about public figures' sexual orientations should be vulnerable to lawsuits. I challenged her on this, but there was no budging; chillingly, she wrote (emphasis mine):

I don't believe there is any good in outing someone against their will. Especially people who can't impact policy

I actually don't think reports on celebrity marriages, divorces etc are news relevant to the wider public either.

I have actually talked about the problem with the idea that everyone that speaks in public deserves no privacy before today.

I'm sure a lot of people reading this would agree with some or even all of those statements, but consider what is being said by this writer and by those who continue to shrug off Thiel's thin-skinned meddling with the media, because this is how I wound up viewing the case through the lens of whether or not outing should be legal and acceptable in the press.

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May 24 2016
Gay College Swimmer: I'VE NEVER FELT MORE AT HOME Comments (0)

Ricard Vazquez, writing for Outsports, documents his awkward coming-out prior to college compared with how smooth his gay life was at the University of Mary Washington.

He remembers:

Coming out couldn't have been more awkward for me. The summer before my senior year of high school in Virginia, I was with my best friend, Katie Fitzjarrald, at Kohl's. I jokingly prodded her with my elbow and asked, "Do you think that guy is cute?" as I pointed towards an employee who was walking by us. “Yeah, you should go get his number,” she replied.

His college experience sounds like a dream:

With this team, I've never felt more at home. Everybody seemed to be comfortable with it, which in turn helped me grow comfortable with it as well. We treated each other like a family.  I no longer felt the discomfort of talking about my love life or answering their questions. Their support pushed me to excel as an individual in the pool.

Read the rest over at Outsports.


May 06 2016
6-PACK — Nick Covers OUT + Hillary Reaches Out To Victim Of Trans Hate + Bernie Boosters Bust Up Hillary Event + Gay Palestinians Get ORIENTED + Coming Out To Dave Franco + RIP To An UNTOUCHABLE Comments (0)

ChyvtdXUYAA0Krm-500x672(Image via Out)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiNick Jonas covers Out, says he would like to be vulnerable ... like Drake. Okay. As long as the arms are there.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiHillary Clinton sent a message of support to a trans woman assaulted on an NYC subway.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiMisguided or desperate, a band of Bernie Sanders Bros & Sisses shuts down a Hillary event in California. Helpful!

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiCheck out the FB page of Oriented, which follows three gay Palestinians who come out in the Middle East.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiComing out is a process, but imagine coming out to Dave Franco.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiRIP Abel Fernandez, who has died @ 85, one of TV's Untouchables. His final feature was 1991's Buster's Bedroom.

FernandezFernandez with Robert Mitchum, who he knocked out three times during the filming of his 1953 debut. (Image via RKO)

May 05 2016
Colton Haynes Officially Comes Out, Discusses Struggles With Anxiety Comments (0)

Colton Haynes, an actor who many assume came out when he replied to a Tumblr post, has officially come out as gay in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Haynes now says he was taken aback by the media attention to that Tumblr post:

“It was a complete shock. I wasn’t ready to be back in the headlines,” says Haynes, who is in fact gay but has never publicly addressed his sexuality (and, like many others on his path, took advice early in his career to subdue it). “I should have made a comment or a statement, but I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t feel like I owed anyone anything. I think in due time, everyone has to make those decisions when they’re ready, and I wasn’t yet. But I felt like I was letting people down by not coming forward with the rest of what I should have said.”

Haynes has a very good response for anyone who thinks the ready in their own time excuse regarding closeted stars is bunk:

“I’ve had terminal anxiety my entire life. Physically ill, fainting. I’m 27 years old, and I have an ulcer. I had to step back.”

I appreciate that the article explicitly acknowledges Hollywood's homophobia and the fact that Haynes took advice to go into the closet following the appearance of his racy XY photos. I'm very understanding of his emotional issues and period of adjustment, but it does send a chilling message to others when a closeted gay star (whose motivations and limitations may not be transparent) has lawyers sending cease-and-desist orders to gay bloggers threatening legal action for posting images that seemed joyful and gay-positive.

But that is in the past, as is any mystery regarding his sexual orientation. I hate when gay people come out after a period of closet-shaming and the response is, Duh, everybody knows that, or worse, Ugh, he took too long, who cares?

I think it is the very least we can do to welcome public figures out when they take the plunge. It still matters in the grand scheme of things, and in Colton's case, it clearly matters a lot to him.



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