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Oct 05 2011
Outtake A Bow 2 Comments (7)

Amongst the recent leaks are these test shots from the D&G shoot. To me, they prove how fucking much better she looked with undone hair, less makeup and less PhotoShopping. I mean, she looks great in most of these. Large images to follow...

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46694_129376823776363_122947104419335_156374_4586173_nWith Sophia Fucking Loren!

SafariScreenSnapz001 If you love Madonna, you love pictures of her—good, bad and never-before-seen. This Facebook page has the WORKS, baby. So many leaks!


Feb 03 2010
What An End She Has With Jesus? Comments (10)

Madonna's year-long love affair (if you believe Madonna) or showmance (if you believe some of her suspicious fans) with Jesus Luz is reportedly—accent on reportedly—ovah (if you believe the Chicago Sun-Times). He didn't like it, so he didn't put a ring on it, but that's okay—Madonna's more fun as a single lady with various suitors.


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