Jul 28 2015

No Pride: Walter Palmer Of Minnesota Deserves Prison

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Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, is thought to be the hunter who paid $55,000 and colluded with locals to lure an iconic Zimbabwean lion from its protected habitat so he could kill it with a bow and arrow. Once mortally wounded, the lion lived another 40 hours in terror as the hunter tracked him before killing him, beheading him and skinning him.

The lion, Cecil, was a symbol in the country, much beloved and a gentle giant.

Locals who poach can get two to five years in prison.

Palmer, who is alleged to have killed the animal on or around July 1, is probably not even on the continent anymore. I can't imagine what, if any, punishment he will face. I would hope that by spreading word of who he is he will suffer drastic economic consequences from his local patients if it's proven that he is the culprit. What he did was disgusting and immoral, and while I am not a fan of hunting, period, his act has NOTHING to do with the acceptable standards of that so-called sport.


Fork, Yeah!: Anchor's Away Over HOT Chef

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Gay anchor

Via Buzzfeed: Inviting sexy chef Ryan Nicholas to interact with Scot Haney of Better Connecticut was a recipe for hilarity, especially when said food-preparer mentioned that he is not married.


You'll watch this on a loop for a few days ...

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Need To Know: Scout Masters Of Their Domain + Straight Shame + Marital Rape Truther + Chest Incredible! + Cait Engenders Viewership + Weird Science + MORE!

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*widget boy cultureMERIT BADGE: Boy Scouts officially allow gay leaders! Images

*widget boy cultureSeattle's Straight Pride Parade sucked cock.

*widget boy cultureMaybe Trump isn't a rapist, but can you really NOT rape your wife??? Tumblr_nrxvx0v97g1svdn2ho1_500

*widget boy cultureBobbi Kristina's family played Whitney music as she died.

*widget boy culturePopular true-crime writer Ann Rule dies @ 83.

*widget boy cultureDang, he looks good in them white shorts. Images

*widget boy cultureJamil Smith's Intersection discusses  SCOTUS marriage decision.

*widget boy culturePeople who hunt for sport have no honor. None of them.

*widget boy cultureTig Notaro Tom Cruise is an OK lip-syncher! Images

*widget boy cultureAround 3 million tuned in to see I Am Cait. (It was classy, BTW.)

*widget boy cultureDid Kim Kardashian hand Caitlyn Jenner her ass?

*widget boy cultureBilly Reilich's AMAZING chest.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup's island-wedding photo album.

*widget boy cultureArtificial sweeteners don't make people fat, people make people fat.

*widget boy cultureFINALLY: Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga will act together.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton has some real cards in her campaign. Images

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.53.53 PMScientist? I'd be surprised if he can spell it.


Guydar: Head To Toe

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Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 6.37.14 PM

Via my Instagram.

Jul 27 2015

Ends Of The World

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Via my Instagram.


Second To Nun: First REBEL HEART TOUR Teasers

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Just when you think Madonna's done EVERYTHING, she brings you pole-dancing nuns. These first teaser trailers for her Rebel Heart Tour are super enticing.

Can not wait to catch it in Montreal and again in NYC ...

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She Said X 35

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New York has gathered together 35 of Bill Cosby's accusers for portraits and to tell their stories. The cover is amazingly powerful.


Friendly Persuasion: Matt Shepard Doc On Logo TV Tonight

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Tonight, Logo TV will be premiering the second documentary in its Logo Documentary Films division, Matt Shepard Is a Friend of Mine

Filmmaker Michele Josue interviews many of Shepard's intimates and others associated with his life and death.


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