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Feb 12 2016

Now Hear This: STARF*CKER Comes To Audio

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This is pretty cool—for the first time ever, one of my books is available in audio form: Lethe Press has issued my memoir Starf*cker as an audio book.

You can sample the narration at Amazon. It's not my voice; it's Alex Blue Davis's voice. I rather like it. He sounds a bit like David Sedaris, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Buy the audio here, or buy the book here. Also, Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 is finally consistently in stock at Amazon as well.



To KNOW Him Is To Love Him: Davis Mallory's Romantic New Song

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  Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.29.49 PM Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.59.05 PM 4320074_orig Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.38.25 PM 6199662

Images via Davis Mallory

Former Real World star Davis Mallory, whose sweet song for the late Diem Brown went viral, is back with the Valentine's Day-rrific “Anyone Would Know.”

Check out sexy images of the scruffy crooner in the gallery above, and keep reading for the video ...

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You're Welcome: Matty Maggiacomo

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MaggiacomoImage via Instagram @mattmaggiacomo

Meet Matty Maggiacomo on Instagram to find out why he's excited to join this campaign.


6-PACK — Young, Smart & Full Of Art + Sex Ed: Gay Teacher Fired Over Sex Tape + Chaz Bono Goes BOLD + Hate-Crime Killer In Denial + Shkreli's Tax Nightmare + Acting Out Of His Clothes!

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Logan Miller out magazineFormer Disney Channel actor Logan Miller (Image via Out)

*widget boy cultureOut releases its Young Hollywood list.

*widget boy cultureGay teacher fired after his sex tape was stolen & leaked.

*widget boy culturePeople Magazine: Chaz Bono joining The Bold and the Beautiful.

*widget boy cultureParoled killer Jon Buice: Slaying of gay banker wasn't a hate crime.

*widget boy cultureMartin Shkreli owes over 4 million bucks in back taxes. Yay!

*widget boy cultureActor Bram Hoover looks good in and out of clothes.

Bram-hoover-23-blast-movie-interview-three-rivers-actor-acting-showtimes-serving-cinema-beth-st-john2-726x386Film still of Bram Hoover as seen in 23 Blast (2014)



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Via my hot-guy Instagram


Daddy Issue: Ryan Reynolds Named SEXIEST DAD ALIVE

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Ryan Reynolds People MagazineImage: Ryan Reynolds by Peggy Sirota/shot for GQ, via People

People Magazine has named Ryan Reynolds the Sexiest Dad Alive. He says he's fine being surrounded by estrogen, which is a good thing because looking at that cover makes me ovulate.

In the interview, he also confesses having a daughter was a dream come true for him. Loves estrogen, adores his li'l girl ... at this rate, women will be dreamily envisioning him posing for a 1980s black-and-white poster holding his baby while shirtless.

Meanwhile, Ryan (39) is easily old enough to be teen heartthrob Shawn Mendes's (17) dad. Just saying:


Met this great guy @shawnmendes at @fallontonight. #goodcanadianlad #MississippiGrind

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on


More on Daddy Ryan here.


NYPD Officer Peter Liang Convicted Of Manslaughter In Akai Gurley Shooting

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PeterliangLiang prepares to hear the verdict. (Video still via HuffingtonPost)

A cop is finally punished for unnecessarily killing an unarmed black man—and he's Asian.

Rookie cop Peter Liang was convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting death of Akai Gurley in a dark stairwell. 

Via Huffington Post:

Liang said he drew his pistol as he and his partner patrolled the darkened 8th floor stairwell of the Louis H. Pink Houses in Brooklyn. He said he flinched when he was startled by a noise, which he said caused the gun to fire.

The bullet ricocheted off of the stairwell wall and struck Gurley, who was on the seventh floor. Gurley, who was unarmed, died from a wound in his chest.

Liang tearfully recounted the shooting in court, claiming his finger was never on the trigger.

“I was panicking. I was in shock, in disbelief that someone was actually hit,” he told jurors.

Neither Liang nor his partner came to Gurley's aid, claiming they felt improperly trained to do so. SHOCKER: Patrick J. Lynch, head of the NYPD union, decried the verdict. He thinks police never do wrong. Ever.


Gwen Stefani: This Is What Her Single Looks Like

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Gwen Stefani is serving Marilyn Monroe realness on the cover of her new single, “Make Me Like You.” Read about its live music video here.

After the jump, full track list for her album This Is What the Truth Feels Like, which is out March 18 ...

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