Dec 17 2014

The Claus Comes Out

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Old Dogs & New Tricks is back, this time putting the X in Xmas...

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Ends Of The World

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For Your Thighs Only

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Santa Made Me Do It

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All that and he sings, too—buy Ricky Jarman's “Christmas Cheer” here and watch an uplifting montage vid after the jump...

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Just Like Heaven: NOT THE MESSIAH Preaches To The Choir

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  Not-the-Messiah-Idle-4 Not-the-Messiah-Idle-1 Not-the-Messiah-Idle-2 Not-the-Messiah-Idle-3 Not-the-Messiah-Idle5

BOY CULTURE RATING: *** out of ****

Eric Idle and John Du Prez's Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) raised holy hell at Carnegie Hall Monday and Tuesday night, marking the irreverent comic oratorio's New York debut. Based on the Monty Python movie Life of Brian (1979)—with which I'm very familiar, because it was illegal for any teenage boy growing up in Michigan not to be—the show featured Idle, Victoria Clark, Mark Kudisch, Lauren Worsham, William Ferguson and conductor Ted Sperling, all united for a bad cause: running down religion with sarcastic (but, ironically, beautifully sung) numbers along the lines of “We Love Sheep”.

Not-the-MessiahHigh crass

In this case, bad is good, with low humor, unapologetic wordplay (“She's great with child...and not half bad without!”) and Idle's genius delivery making for 90 minutes of fun worth the risk of eternal damnation.

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The Last Picture Show

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TCM's salute to the film community's losses in 2014 is here, and is guaranteed to make you weepy and probably surprise you with a few you didn't realize had departed...

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Express Your Selfie

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Tommy, aka Golden Boy, headlines The Adonis Lounge L.A. tonight.