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Jun 22 2017


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IMG_8805(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More hot guys here!

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Macy's Celebrates Pride And Joy 2017!

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IMG_5379I was only too happy to capture his flag. (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I hit up the Macy's Celebrates Pride and Joy event at — where else? — Macy's in Herald 1462205918_prideSquare Tuesday night, where I found hundreds of cutely attired gay men taking advantage of free drinks, fun games (one guy told me he won a gift card on the first try) and free music from Dragonette, Marty Thomas Presents Divas and more.

There was also a fun photo booth and the required shirtless male models.

IMG_5320Wait'll you see 'em in their swimsuits, below ...

Macy's is a big supporter of Pride, and this bash — in collaboration with the always reliable TheMenEvent — is a must-attend each year.

Keep reading for more pics ...

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Jun 21 2017

Circus Of Books: The Final Chapter

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The famous, infamous, charmingly smutty Circus of Books (formerly Book Circus) on the corner of Santa Cowboyblueboy2 Monica and La Jolla in WeHo is closing after 57 years in business.

The adult bookstore had something for everything, if by something we're talking about porn, and if by everyone we're talking about gay guys. (There's straight porn, too.)

I love this place, which will apparently stay open for one more Christmas before it vanishes.

One of the owners, Barry Mason — who owns the place with his wife, Karen — told WeHo Times:

“Book Circus and Universal News on Las Palmas and Hollywood Boulevard each took 600 copies of the gay Blueboy magazine when it first came out,” said Mr. Mason. “I would load my truck for these two stops. Guys would be waiting for us at the door. They’d come out and help me bring them in. They’d rip open the box and buy them fresh out of the box. I wouldn’t even do done unloading them and they were already sold. Blueboy was the first mainstream gay magazine. It was slick. The guys loved it.”

If you're under 30, he's talking about printed magazines of pornography for which people paid money.

RIP, Circus of Books!

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Your Nightly Briefing: Brad Baldwin

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Unnamed(Image by Lagaret for Garçon Model)

Brad Baldwin in his GMs by Lagaret — yes, please!

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Teri Garr Speaks Out On Her Past Co-Stars: Gene Wilder Was A JERK

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Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.56.19 PM(Video still via Studio 10)

Teri Garr opened up last month in a fresh interview for Australian TV, talking about her battle with MS as well as a bit about her movie career, which ended in 2007.

I was shocked at how blunt she was when asked about Gene Wilder (1933-2016), with whom she starred in Young Frankenstein (1974) ...

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You Can Always Count ON Sir Ari Gold To Do One Thing: MAKE MUSIC

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19441076_10158863649665228_1769978649_n(Image via GoldNation)

Sir Ari Gold is back with a Pride-friendly track, “Make Music,” from the album M. The video was debuted over at WOW.

Here is how he sums up his latest work in light of a recent cancer diagnosis:

After being diagnosed with blood cancer last year, and often feeling ignored by my own community about the impact I’ve had as an openly gay artist during a time when no one else dared, I continue to make my own path, my own music. Especially when all our human rights are now being threatened. It’s what I’ve always done and what I will continue to do for as long as I live. It’s awesome to share the screen with all the talented artists and musicians of New York City making powerful music together. This video is a tribute to all the folks out there making their own music, in whatever way that means to them.

Keep reading to watch and listen ...

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Artist Raury Protests Right-Wing D&G — On Their Own Runway

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Via Huff Post: Musician Raury, from Atlanta, was given the opportunity to walk the runway for D&G — but was grossed out that the gay designers have ties to Trump. In fact, they've made many right-wing statements that are in stark contrast to the trendy, millennial vibe of their work.

So he decided to do something about it, waiting until the end of the show to remove his D&G jacket to reveal he had written PROTEST D&G and other messages on his body.

Raising his fist in the air, he looked serene in the moment, and later wrote on Instagram:

I never felt so alone, so terrified, yet so alive... Found myself in tears when I realized the people understood, and I'm not just screaming in the dark anymore ... if ur in this industry remember that there is a god, and god protects the good... so do the work when aligned to. following my heart from this day forth knowing that I am living truth... If it ever means my end so be it. (GQ story in Bio) The future is now

Great statement.

Perfectly summing up how inauthentic and morally bankrupt D&G are, the company is cynically selling #BOYCOTT DOLCE & GABBANA T-shirts.

The kids are all right. I just hope I live long enough to see the people my age and older who are destroying the U.S. go bye-bye.

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Ravi Goswami(Image by Baldovino Barani for FACTORY Fanzine)

Ravi Goswami is styled and shot by Baldovino Barani in his new edition of FACTORY Fanzine, with Tom Ford for Men grooming and lots of skin.

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