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Oct 25 2013
Need To Know: Stone FOX, Madonna's Swanson Swan Song, Bieber Butt & Jock Jelly, Empty Collection Tray + MORE Comments (0)

Gio GrazianoHe once worked under Shep, but his specific position now is unknown. Maybe they switch?

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundBREAKING NEWS: Shepard Smith's BF is half his age and twice as hot as you.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundNOT READY FOR HER CLOSEUP: Madonna sells Sunset Boulevard manse. Halloween-costume

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundBieber booty call. (Work Unfriendly)

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundFunniest kiddie Halloween costumes.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundBettie Page Reveals All opens 11/29 in NYC.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundGaga getting weirder and weirder...!

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundBridegroom trailer.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundRobin Thicke had a Kramer vs. Kramer naked-lady run-in as a kid.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundSANTA GAY?: New Mexico likely the 15th state to legalize gay marriage.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundABOVE: This animated gif is like crack for me. A lot like crack.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundU.N. hosts HIV event in Trinidad...which bars entry to gays.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-Rettenmund"Christian" writes open letter receipt note to "fag"-waiter refusing tip.

Boy-Culture-gay-LGBT-Matthew-RettenmundBELOW: Are you achin' for Cody Draiken?

Oct 09 2013
Need To Know: Hitch Cock, BRIDEGROOM Got OWNed, Schell Yeah!, Muscling In + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureLate government official amassed erotic photos of hitchers. Thankfully! Royalpantc

*widget boy cultureOprah's OWN to broadcast Bridegroom.

*widget boy cultureMadonna at 12 Years a Slave premiere from Shame director.

*widget boy cultureObama to nominate Janet Yellen as Federal Reserve chair.

*widget boy cultureAmerica's Next Top Model's Marvin Cortes struts for Felio Siby.

*widget boy cultureDerek Schell is first out NCAA Division II basketballer.

Derek-Schell-OutsportsOut, proud, and great at swishing baskets.

*widget boy cultureTeam USA soccer player Abby Wambach marries GF in Hawaii.

*widget boy cultureTransman is high school's Homecoming King. Instagram-hot-guy

*widget boy cultureMy Instagram is where to find hot, real men.

*widget boy cultureThe Duggars seeking 20th baby.

*widget boy cultureBruce and Kris Jenner: IT'S OVER(exposed)!

*widget boy cultureAnother Disney Channel star gets racy.

*widget boy cultureRosie O'Donnell will be going Down Under.

*widget boy cultureFor those who can't get enough muscle.

Pat-LeeHere's the beef.

Oct 07 2013
Need To Know: Getting Your Sidekicks, Poster Eyes, Serial Killer Simon Cowell, More Than Once Upon A Mattress + MORE Comments (0)

Aj-trauth-1338931181A.J. Trauth of Even Stevens held up better than Shia LaBeouf.

*widget boy cultureDisney Channel sidekicks as they appear today. Pink-Flamingos

*widget boy cultureJim Parsons & partner getting GLSEN Inspiration Award.

*widget boy cultureMatthew Chojnacki's film art book is eye-popping.

*widget boy cultureGlee to bid farewell to "Finn."

*widget boy culture"The dog is not a human." Neither are some humans.

*widget boy cultureSinead O'Connor continues to make sense, crazily.

*widget boy cultureRyan Steele hits the hay, the hay hits back:

*widget boy cultureSupporting Russian gays via underwear modeling. Tumblr_mmxgjy3dqF1qd9433o1_1280-471x670

*widget boy cultureLive art curation via  Twitter for Madonna.

*widget boy cultureAnother hard-on-athon by Bruce Weber.

*widget boy cultureA new da Vinci has been found in a Swiss bank fault.

*widget boy culture"Honk if you hate my son." Not sure this works.

*widget boy cultureKanye West loves Versace.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Saunders gets very real about her cancer fight in her memoir, sharing a chemo photo:

Jennifer-SaundersNo laughing matter.

Oct 03 2013
Need To Know: Worst Mother Ever, Worst Nobel Nominee Since Hitler, I Want Henry Cavill In The Worst Way, Worst Daughter Ever, Worst Movie-Editing Decision + MORE Comments (0)

EUTHANASIA_2689242bIn transition.

*widget boy cultureBelgian trans man chooses euthanasia after botched gender surgery; Mom shrugs.

*widget boy cultureVladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. (Not j/k.)

*widget boy cultureCher can't get played on the radio...doesn't need to.

Even if you're a Britney stan, this is hilariously written.

*widget boy cultureEating out with Henry Cavill.

*widget boy cultureJacobs pens letter to showgirls, gramps pens note to homophobic daughter.


*widget boy cultureVotes are there to pass a clean budget bill, but Boehner cries foul.

*widget boy culturePop-Up Museum of Queer History in Brooklyn.

*widget boy cultureRihanna humps the air in a throne.

*widget boy cultureHere's the video of the 54 kiss between Phillippe and Meyer.

*widget boy cultureBethenny Frankel and Hoda Kotb get inspired by Macklemore.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Super Bowl garb is a 2013 Halloween costume.

Madonna-SuperbowlWho's this hot trick-or-treat?

Sep 20 2013
Lance Bass Knows Lots Of Bi, Bi, Bi Stars Comments (0)

My "Would You Ever?" game with Lance Bass backstage at "bethenny" came out great! He talks about potental fatherhood, eloping and—most juicily—how he knows tons of closeted gay celebs and has lied for them...

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I'm A Barbie Girl, In A Barbie World Comments (0)
I'm now officially a senior digital writer/producer at "bethenny." From bethenny.com, here's my backstage game of "Would You Ever?" with Snooki. Gay angle: She's ready for her son to come out as gay later in life and is happy to let him play with Barbies...

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Sep 13 2013
Need To Know: Circle Twerk, A Little Brit, How Does RUMORS Get Started? + MORE Comments (0)

TWERK-ANdrew ChristianYou better twerk!

*widget boy cultureAndrew Christian boys "Twerk Off" together.

*widget boy cultureBrooklyn: Pop-Up Museum of Queer History. Tumblr_msbloo4Eve1rqj88io1_500

*widget boy cultureSee the cover for "Work Bitch!"—the new Britney single.

*widget boy cultureStarry reading of Neil Simon's Rumors...Broadway-bound?

*widget boy cultureI'm not the only one wanting to puke on Putin's op ed.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga likes her men to be as aggressive as lesbians.

*widget boy cultureOFF THEIR CROCKERS: Wingnuts boycott Betty C.

*widget boy cultureGet FREE ART for a minimal donation to Chirp Radio.

*widget boy cultureDavid Tutera and partner, bitterly divorcing, will split up their twins.

*widget boy cultureKNOCKIN' 'EM DEAD: How to enjoy your tunes even after death.

*widget boy cultureJulie Chen cops to eyelid surgery. (And? And?)

*widget boy cultureSomeone who's single and shouldn't be pointed me to this heart-warming proposal:

Sep 05 2013
Need To Know: Coming Out Of The Dark, Weiner Roasted, A Positive Outlook + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAcclaimed gay flick Out in the Dark plays Newfest September 9.

*widget boy cultureAnthony Weiner in shouting match with man who insults his wife. Rod-Daily

*widget boy cultureGay pornstar, like his GF, is HIV+...feels "blessed."

*widget boy cultureGwen preggers at 43? Madonna preggers at 55???

*widget boy cultureGina Gershon slays as Donatella in Versace movie still.

*widget boy cultureGoldfrapp's gender-themed "Annabel" video.

*widget boy cultureJulie Andrews, Tony Bennett and Fey & Poehler to honor Carol Burnett.

*widget boy cultureOhioans dead even on gay marriage issue: 47 to 47.

*widget boy cultureM.I.A.'s "Come Walk With Me" lyric video.

*widget boy cultureSara of Tegan & Sara on performing with Taylor Swift:

Sep 03 2013
Pretty On The Outside Comments (0)

Alain Delon, himself a walking billboard for homosexuality, has slammed the idea of gay adoption. He's also quoted as saying that being gay is "against nature," and that men are here to love women, not to get "picked up by guys."


Aug 18 2013
Need To Know: Kissed Off, Bacalling It A Day, Cute Guys Are Cute + MORE Comments (0)

Russian-kissRunning at the mouth.

*widget boy cultureRussian runners kiss...protest or pat on the back? High-jumper's nails hijacked. Shirtless matthew_evangelisti_201202_1

*widget boy cultureDisaster in Egypt: Attacks on the people and on the press.

*widget boy cultureIf you're a singer...don't smoke!

*widget boy cultureWinning  $33,000 on The Price is Right can suck.

*widget boy cultureFake Examiner.com writer, once gaga for Gaga, has flipped.

*widget boy cultureWoz on Jobs: Kutcher's image of Jobs sinks the so-so movie.

*widget boy cultureNew inquiry into Princess Diana's death. Murder?

*widget boy culturePR considers gay adoption & LGBT-inclusive education.

*widget boy culturePrize-winning portrait of Pride.

*widget boy cultureMatthew Evangelisti is just plain hot.

*widget boy cultureManhunt Daily discovers Venfield 8. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureIs The Butler good or just good for you?

*widget boy culturePiers Morgan still jealous of Madonna.

*widget boy cultureYou're not the only one to think of Bacall when "Applause" dropped.

*widget boy cultureWorld of Wonder's idea of Sunday brunch:

Tumblr_mqqy6yXxU11qaak3fo1_5001Very untuckable.