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Jan 22 2015
Need To Know: Throwing SHADES + By Alien Means + Jeb & Mitt 2016 + Je Suis Idiot + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureFifty Shades of Grey looks ridiculous, but it's tracking to be huge.

*widget boy culture130,000 pages of declassified UFO files hit the Web.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's victory-lap Facebook post as hacker is arrested.

*widget boy cultureRunaways Svengali Kim Fowley has died @ 75.

*widget boy cultureMAYBE THEY'LL CANCEL OUT?: Jeb & Mitt meeting in Utah.

*widget boy cultureISIL executions were real, but not necessarily about homosexuality.

*widget boy cultureThese are the only states that care about transgender students.

*widget boy cultureParis vs. Fox News—“this guy's clearly a complete idiot.”

*widget boy cultureMinnesota dad vs. his black daughter's school bullies.

*widget boy cultureThis poor ball boy at the Australian Open really lived up to his name:

Jan 12 2015
Need To Know: 'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy + Ditto Heads Down The Aisle + Paris Is CHARLIE + Kyle Be Seeing You + Wild About Harry + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael Sam

*widget boy cultureMichael Sam got engaged!

*widget boy cultureBeth Ditto got married!

*widget boy cultureMassive rally in Paris vs. terrorism.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein & Justin Bieber insist he wasn't 'Shopped.

*widget boy cultureModel Kyle Crain as seen by 2 photogs.


*widget boy cultureStanding O for gay priest.

*widget boy cultureZimmerman arrested for aggravated assault. Who's the thug?

*widget boy cultureTime's love affair with tennis.

*widget boy cultureTiffany's ad stars same-sex couple.

*widget boy cultureStraight-for-pay popstar Harry Styles is taken, ladies.

*widget boy cultureGay-for-pay pornstar of the past Mark Dalton is back.


Dec 18 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Shortest_stars1Big-time small fries

Widget boy cultureHollywood's shortest famous men, from 5'0"—5'9".

Widget boy cultureGay-for-pay Cody Cummings is NOT gay-for-pay-for-pay! Obama-guys-shirtless-Cody-Cummings

Widget boy cultureLabour split on marriage equality?

Widget boy culture10,000s march in Paris for marriage.

Widget boy culture"I'm very much in love with you" = jail.

Widget boy cultureTea Party clown selected to fill Jim DeMint's shoes.

Widget boy cultureDavid Mixner's fave photos of 2012.

Widget boy cultureHeath Hutchins is...oh, la la!

Widget boy cultureProof Madonna's still awesome.

Widget boy cultureA hunk of this or any day.

Widget boy cultureDarren Criss as shirtless Santa.

Widget boy cultureGay love in the afternoon.

Widget boy cultureJesus had two daddies?


NativityNo wonder the Three Wise Men brought such fabulous gifts

Nov 21 2012
Ends Of Zee World Comments (2)
A Parisian reader sends me this shot of a proud—if somewhat too old for this look, though you can't tell—sagger.
Jul 26 2012
Crack Shot Comments (5)

Madonna MDNA Brazil
With thanks to Boy Culture reader Roger: The full Madonna MDNA Tour interview for the Brazilian market is filled with smart and interesting questions and answers, and includes Madonna's response (pre-Aurora) to concerns about her show being too violent. (It's supposed to be funny and cinematic, duh.) This is also the interview where she cheekily claims some songwriting points for "Born This Way", so enjoy or ignore that part.

Madonna Paris

Also, Madonna is a national treasure. Or a shamelessly violent hussy. And her Olympia show will be streamed live today from here.

Jul 18 2012
Once Spent, Can Love Be Earned Back? Comments (10)

Madonna MDNA
Of course no one can make all their fans happy all the time, but Madonna seems to have a special knack for making all her Australian fans unhappy all the time, canceling the Aussie leg of her MDNA Tour that was openly discussed as happening until a sudden change of heart/wallet.

Madonna cancels MDNA world tour AustraliaShe'll kangaroo the day she canceled on them!

Another semi-douche move (unless you're Parisian!) was announcing an amazing-sounding gig in Paris out of the blue—and putting tickets on sale in the middle of the night for those crazy fans overseas who might've made the trek. The fact that her Paris gig on July 26 will be live-streamed DOES help ease the pain of that last-minute sale, even if I hear it was darn near impossible to get through to buy tickets online.

Will the show be any different from her regular MDNA show? I'm thinking yes. The press release didn't make it sound like she would just do her same show, and fans have told me Madonna & Co. have rehearsed "Love Spent", "Beautiful Killer" and "Physical Attraction" at various Euro soundchecks. In Copenhagen, where she rehearsed "Love Spent", Madonna told fans they were "working on something special for Paris."

Speaking of which, what mix of "Love Spent" is this? It was captured in its partial glory at a recent outing to NYC's XL:

Ultimately, all will be forgiven by most of Madonna's diehard fans. I just wish she could fly her ass to Australia in 2013 and do a smaller version of her show—or even just a whole different, less choreographed "thank you" concert. Wouldn't give her lots of money ("I wish you would hold me like you hold your money"), but it would earn her lots of love.

Jan 22 2012
Les Derrières du Monde: Parisian Ends Of The World, Part 4 Comments (1)

Screen shot 2011-12-22 at 6.20.58 PM
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Jan 21 2012
Le Guydar: The Men Of Paris, Part 6 Comments (2)

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