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Aug 22 2014
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Check out this adorable pic of Paul Walker from over 20 years ago. Back then, my Madonna buddy (don't judge) Mark Greeno shot him because he was a Young and the Restless actor. Who knew he'd become a major star?

Oct 11 2011
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Feb 03 2010
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Paul Walker is so hot he earns the front and back covers of Men's Health (March 2010). Inside, he pines for something more meaningful than mere acting. Perhaps he could eventually follow in the footsteps of his look-alike, Paul Newman, and give back in ways so powerful you remember his big heart every time you toss a salad:

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Dec 21 2009
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Carter Smith shoots Paul Walker for GQ (January 2010). Walker looks quite thin, and that plus the suits conspire to make him kinda resemble Rob Lowe of all people. Might also be the unusual (for him) way he's holding his face:

Rob-Lowe-hot-and-sexy-rob-lowe-535396_324_400More after the jump...

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Jan 22 2009
Sometimes Big Things Come In Big Packages, Too Comments (2)


Paul will never need a Walker—he's already got three legs, by the looks of things.

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