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Nov 24 2014
John Hancock-Tease: Penn Badgley Comments (0)


When I ran a teen mag, I knew what the fuck I was doing. I could spot stars in their embryonic form from a mile away. Less hyperbolically, I was pretty good at figuring out which kids would blossom—I made good, early calls on Zac Efron, the Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and lots more.

I was also on the money with Penn Badgley, who was such a cutie on a new show in 2002 called Do Over that we did an exclusive shoot with him.

When he ran in the mag, he sent me this adorable signed headshot. I can't tell you how rare it was to receive a thank-you.

May 02 2012
The Homosexual Gourmand Comments (3)

Hot William Levy TV Notas
Above, William Levy simultaneously flaunts bulges in the back and the front. Bravo. As seen in TV Notas (Abril 3, 2012). Below, TV y Novelas (Mayo 2012) has this scorching-hot Juan Pablo Llano shirtless shot:

Juan Pablo Llano TV y Novelas shirtless
More after the jump...

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Oct 13 2011
Bawling Penn Badgley Comments (1)

Penn Badgley looks superfine in People (October 24, 2011). In it, he talks about having to cry on cue:

"And the only times I've had to cry on-camera I've had to sob uncontrollably. Afterward I feel like I'm king of the world."

May 26 2011
The Bod Squad Comments (1)

Us Weekly's "Hot Bodies 2011" issue (June 6, 2011) makes some very wise choices, including Chord Overstreet (above) and Joe Manganiello (below):

Keep reading to see Idris Elba, Ryan Phillippe, Zac Efron, DJ Pauly D, Mark Salling, Scott Caan, Stephen Moyer, Penn Badgley, Roberto Martinez and Ryan Sutter after the jump...

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Oct 25 2010
It's Not A Gun Comments (1)

Queerclick has the goods on the promising bulge of one of the guys from Gossip Girls. See which one by clicking (NSFW) here.

Oct 26 2009
Gossip-Worthy Guy Comments (0)

Penn Badgley's smoldering side is captured in Cosmopolitan en Espanol (Noviembre 2009). Has Blake seen these???: 


Oct 04 2009
Makes Me Want To Scream Comments (3)


David Armstrong shoots Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley for Vman (Fall 2009), and Badgley takes great pains to mold his image:

"I'm not just a teen star idol. I'm not just that...You know what's fucked up? You barely have to be famous for people to scream when they see you."

Not sure why so many actors—usually movie actors, but snooty TV ones, too—are so hellbent on not being seen as teen heartthrobs. It didn't hurt Zac Efron's career one bit. I think the problem comes when you are nothing but a teen-mag creation, like Leif Garrett and other talentless totties of yore.

Still cute. Still more of his cuteness after the jump...

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Nov 21 2008
Drop-Dead/Sexy/Grudge/Recruit Comments (2)

From left to right, top to bottom: Attorney General Mukasey slurs his words and passes out on stage. It's sad, but then you remember he's speaking to the (arch-conservative) Federalist Society and you think, "Oh, wellz." (This from a guy tearing up over turkeys in the previous post.)

It's old, but I love Penn Badgley and I like "sexy," too.

Bush couldn't get arrested at the G20 Summit. Actually, he probably could get arrested and should watch himself outside the U.S.

I'd never heard of Davey Wavey before, but he is apparently a shirt-loathing gay ambassador.

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