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Nov 22 2013
The Four Faces Of John Comments (0)
  John-Stamos-1 John-Stamos-2 John-Stamos-3 John-Stamos-4

John Stamos posed for a great, tribute-to-Hollywood series of photos for People's Sexiest Man Alive issue. Even (especially?) at 50, he really is up there on the list!

Nov 21 2013
You Make Me Feel Alive! Alive! Alive! Comments (0)
  Adam-Levine-shirtless Adam-Levine-1 Adam-Levine-Sexiest-Man-Alive Adam-Levine-tuxedo-hot

 Somewhat controversially, Adam Levine has been named People's "Sexiest Man Alive' (winners are apparently killed each year, except for the precious few who have taken the top honors twice, OR they all lose their appeal after they've won once).

Adam-Levine-People-Sexiest-Man-AliveGot ya covered, Adam.

I wouldn't call him the sexiest, but he's gorgeous, fit and smart. Plus I like 'em cocky.

Meanwhile, who knew that Adam's dad was gay pornstar Chad Douglas??? (Not really, but...really!) Check out the comparison after the jump...

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Jun 02 2013
Need To Know: NFL Player A Gay Playa?, Leisure-Suit Obama, Amanda Bynes Slurs Gay PEOPLE, Hot Henry + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureThe NFL player has resisted outing; here is the latest. Obama

*widget boy cultureThe incredibly true story of 2 boys in love, yearbook edition.

*widget boy cultureINFOGRAPHIC: What's a meme?

*widget boy cultureBurn, baby, burn—Disco Obama!

*widget boy cultureYet another Obamacare success story.

*widget boy cultureLou Reed gets life-saving liver transplant.

*widget boy cultureNow Amanda Bynes is calling People faggots.

*widget boy cultureCould Illinois have marriage equality by summer...?

*widget boy cultureIndianapolis Colts player urges gay footballers to come out.

*widget boy cultureJesse Ventura considers presidential run in '16.

*widget boy cultureHenry Cavill video morsels from his Details cover shoot:

May 09 2013
Hottest Latino Men Alive Comments (5)

From People en Espanol (Junio 2013): A gallery of some of their choices for the hottest men alive. In order: Jason Canela, Bobby Pulido, Cristian De La Fuente, David Chocarro, Erick Elias, Eugenio Siller, Jencarlos Canela, Mane De La Parra, William Levy and Rafael Amaya.

Apr 25 2013
Need To Know: Pretty Bad Choice, Gay Puppets, More THOR, Midlers Mania + MORE Comments (0)

Bill-Clinton-Gwyneth-PaltrowDoes Gwneth fill the Bill?

*widget boy culturePeople calls Gwyneth Paltrow the "World's Most Beautiful Woman."

*widget boy cultureDarren Criss announces summer tour.

*widget boy cultureBill Clinton introduces gay documentary at TriBeCa.

*widget boy cultureThe gay puppet movie you've longed for is here.

*widget boy cultureThor: The Dark World trailer.

*widget boy cultureEx-gay poster boy finally calls it a day.

*widget boy cultureRhode Island is the tenth state to pass marriage equality...

*widget boy culture...but Colombia resoundingly defeats it.

*widget boy cultureDid former GOP Rep. Allen West (R-Florida) make an online threat?

*widget boy cultureAverage Walmart employer would work 785 years to equal CEO's pay.

*widget boy cultureClimate activist's first interview after 21 months in jail.

*widget boy cultureFrench Minister of Justice speaks following marriage vote. Le wow.

*widget boy cultureIt's the Night of 1,000 Midlers.

*widget boy cultureCan food make you angry (as well as driving you mad)?

*widget boy cultureFor lovers of shameless muscle. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureWoo-hoo! Iranian prez contender is a Holocaust denial denier.

*widget boy cultureScreamer painfully tries to equate homosexuality with adultery:

Apr 11 2013
More Than Once Upon A Mattress Comments (0)

From People (April 22, 2013): Lisa Vanderpump says her fave room of the house is her bedroom:

"I want it to feel like a sanctuary...I love great bedding. I wish I spent even more than a third of my life in bed!"

Mar 24 2013
JTT 2.0 Comments (4)
Via People (April 1, 2013): Jonathan Taylor Thomas has finally returned to acting. Unfortunately, it's on Tim Allen's crapola Last Man Standing. Oh, well. Can we please get someone to probe him deeply about that Advocate urban legend that had him coming out in the magazine (which never happened)?
Mar 06 2013
End Of The Rhoda Comments (6)
This one really hurts. Unbelievably, Valerie Harper—whom I've met and who is a vital and young 73—has announced she has terminal brain cancer. She has months to live. This will be the first major Mary Tyler Moore Show departure since Ted Knight decades ago. One of the most beloved TV actresses around, Harper is a class act, as her People (March 18, 2013) feature proves.