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Oct 31 2014
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Via Hero: Male super model Mathias Lauridsen by Hugh Lippe, styling by Gro Curtis.

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Oct 30 2014
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Oct 29 2014
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Above, check out more than 20 then-and-now split-screen images of stars!

Christopher-Riordan-1Last weekend was my third of four celeb-soaked encounters in the space of a month—first I hit up the Courts Celebrities Fan Fest, then New York Comic Con, then another edition of the Hollywood Show in L.A. (KEEP READING) and finally this past weekend's Chiller Theatre.

More on Chiller very soon.

First up, the L.A. Hollywood Show was quieter this time, leading some attendees to wonder if this type of non-genre autograph show might be dying off quicker than Old Hollywood. But it wasn't nearly as dead as the Courts version, so there was still a good flow of starfuckers to keep most of the celebs busy—at least on Saturday. (Sunday was a graveyard—never go if you can only go on a Sunday, when a chunk of the celebs will have decided to suddenly get a bad cold and not show.)

Above, in the gallery, check out juicy then-and-now photos. After the jump, my impressions of each star I met...

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Oct 28 2014
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Oct 27 2014
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Oct 26 2014
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