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Sep 21 2014
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Hot-boy-glassesA hot boy like this has plenty of company over at my Instagram.

Sep 20 2014
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Ass-businessmanMore hot shots over on my Instagram

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Hot-workoutHot guys of NYC at my Instagram!

Sep 19 2014
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Amazing-assMore bootytastic guys at my Instagram

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Mark MacKillop

Mark MacKillop's book of sensual, hotel-room selfies, taken while he was on tour, is available for pre-sale now here. It's a damn impressive use of an iPhone, and gives new meaning to the word moneymaker.

Also, he's donating some of his proceeds to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, so there's that.

The copy I bought is signed. I'm hopeful he's dropping by to sign it in is underwear, since he apparently does everything without many clothes:


ShirtlessMark at the printer...no, really!

Also, he's got a show September 27—28 at the Leslie Lohman (127-B Prince St., NYC) from 12PM to 6PM. I imagine some of his fans will be in trenchcoats with carefully arranged newspapers mid-body, but this is art, you cretins! Save all of that for alone-time.

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Hot-boyHot boys like this are all over my Instagram.

Sep 18 2014
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ButtThe slit could be higher, but...c'est la vie! More here...

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Subway-hottieMore cute dudes if you follow me on Instagram.