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Aug 20 2014
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Aug 19 2014
Mantiques: Richard Dean Anderson & Richard Chamberlain Comments (0)


I think the above crotchtastic shot of Richard Dean Anderson (b. January 23, 1950) might be among my favorites that my buddy Bob Deutsch ever took. He remembers taking it on the roof of his West 82nd Street apartment, not long before Anderson, then known for General Hospital (1980), booked MacGyver (1985—1992) and became a star.

After the jump, still more Dick...

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Aug 18 2014
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Aug 17 2014
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Via DNA #75: Constantine Rousouli by Lewis Payton.

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Aug 16 2014
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56 Unusual Madonna Images In Honor Of Her 56th Birthday! Comments (0)

Madonna 1991Shot by Mario Sorrenti backstage at her 1991 Rolling Stone shoot


Madonna-Liz-RosenbergFantastic shot of Madonna with her publicist (and her wit!) Liz Rosenberg by Armando Gallo

$_1Bonus image #57 from here

In honor of Madonna's 56th birthday, here are 56 not-so-common images (including lots of oddball pic-withs) of the not-so-common beauty, thinker, musician, performance artist, provocateuse and popstar...

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