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Nov 27 2014
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Via Brave Soldier Boy Comes Marching Home.

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Shirtless-runnerGuys with and without their shirts at my Instagram

Nov 26 2014
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Sexy-cool-dudeHipsters, geeks, musclemen and more at my Instagram.

Nov 25 2014
Front-Loaded: Davide Zongoli For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)
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New feature “Front-Loaded”...I think you get the title if you look at at least a couple of the shots above of  Davide Zongoli in Modus Vivendi by Joan Crisol, grooming by Jesus Serrano.

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Sexy-beardIf you like 'em smooth or hairy, my Instagram's got you covered!

Nov 24 2014
Here's The Beef: Billy Reilich's Affair With The Camera Comments (0)
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Billy Reilich—aka Ellen's “Nick the Gardener”—isn't letting any grass grow on his burgeoning career as as the camera's latest flame.

Billy-Reilich-1Touch me (up), feel me (up)

Here, he poses for Adam Leigh-Manuell, with styling by Pokey Walker and grooming by Lydia Brock and Kristen Pulice.

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MusclesHot muscles over at my Instagram

Nov 23 2014
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Muscle-studMy iPhone captures all the hotties...right here!