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Oct 04 2013
Wow, Donna Mills Sings? Comments (0)
Sep 26 2013
Penn & Now Comments (0)
Not sure who did the PS job on the right, but it's an inspired look at how much—and how little—things have changed since the Poison Penns called it a wedding day.
Sep 15 2013
Doesn't Work For Me: Surprise! I Don't Like The New Britney...Again Comments (0)

I am less contemptuous of Britney Spears than I once was, since her fans at least will admit when pushed that she is an empty vessel. Her appeal is exactly that—she is an "It" girl for them not because she is the messenger (like Madonna or Gaga or a host of other alpha divas), but because she is a sort of stand-in for them. In a weird way, she's relatable. She is the girl who gets to do fun, fabulous stuff and be showered with attention, not the girl who sets the rules. (I don't really understand how her drugged state really works into her appeal or how it's overlooked, but it is.)

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Sep 13 2013
Need To Know: Circle Twerk, A Little Brit, How Does RUMORS Get Started? + MORE Comments (0)

TWERK-ANdrew ChristianYou better twerk!

*widget boy cultureAndrew Christian boys "Twerk Off" together.

*widget boy cultureBrooklyn: Pop-Up Museum of Queer History. Tumblr_msbloo4Eve1rqj88io1_500

*widget boy cultureSee the cover for "Work Bitch!"—the new Britney single.

*widget boy cultureStarry reading of Neil Simon's Rumors...Broadway-bound?

*widget boy cultureI'm not the only one wanting to puke on Putin's op ed.

*widget boy cultureLady Gaga likes her men to be as aggressive as lesbians.

*widget boy cultureOFF THEIR CROCKERS: Wingnuts boycott Betty C.

*widget boy cultureGet FREE ART for a minimal donation to Chirp Radio.

*widget boy cultureDavid Tutera and partner, bitterly divorcing, will split up their twins.

*widget boy cultureKNOCKIN' 'EM DEAD: How to enjoy your tunes even after death.

*widget boy cultureJulie Chen cops to eyelid surgery. (And? And?)

*widget boy cultureSomeone who's single and shouldn't be pointed me to this heart-warming proposal:

May 09 2013
MDNAirdate Comments (8)
Epix is airing Madonna's MDNA Tour on Saturday, June 22, at 8PM, and they're hyping it with this killer poster. (But who is that person in the middle of it? The, um, aggressive PhotoShopping makes her look like a Brigitte Bardot zombie.)
Mar 09 2013
Doing A Little Tina Comments (10)

At age 73, Tina Turner has landed on the cover of German Vogue (April 2013). Figuring out whether you're an optimist or a pessimist is as simple as deciding whether you think it more appropriate to call this her first Vogue cover or her last. Lookin' good, Tina.


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 12.24.37 AMFor starters, she's had at least one nose job, her eyes and brows done, uses fillers and probably a facelift at some point. This isn't the best shot of her on the right, but it is candid and shows what is happening. I think she looks good overall, but the notion (in the comments) that she hasn't had plastic surgery is not something I can just nod at. Then again, I can't think of any entertainers I feel confident haven't had procedures...can you? P.S. I wonder how much slimming Vogue's retouchers applied? I haven't seen TT lately so am not sure.

Feb 19 2013
'Shopped Till She Dropped Comments (5)
Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a preying mantis attending a quinceanera on the new Harper's Bazaar China...through no fault of her own. Perhaps the magazine's art department bought a bad PhotoShop bootleg?
Nov 18 2012
Hi, Volttage! Comments (4)

Ran into fabulous Jack Mackenroth—and just hours after having seen his most scandalous photo shoot EVER (Work Unfriendly X 10)—at the first night of Madonna's MDNA shows at MSG. Our slogan tees match, kinda. We had a nice chat about PhotoShopping, bitchy blog commenters and his butt. These are all normal topics at a Madonna concert.

Jack's next gig is a dating site for HIV-positive men, Volttage.

Oct 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (3)

Chris ColferA Chris before dying

Widget boy cultureNew trailer for Chris Colfer's Struck By Lightning.

Widget boy cultureAl Gore on Sandy: "Toldja!"

Widget boy culturePresident Obama: "Streamlined"assistance to Sandy victims.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney not a fan of flood prep.

Widget boy cultureRomney surrogate lies: Roe v. Wade would be safe under Romney.

Widget boy cultureBill Clinton gives out lesbian Tammy Baldwin an assist in her Senate race. Nate-silver

Widget boy culturePoll guru Nate Silver mocked, called "effeminate."

Widget boy culturePolling may be affected by Sandy; just vote in a week.

Widget boy cultureClueless Stacey Dash still LOVES Romney/Ryan.

Widget boy cultureBritney Spears fans—sticklers for keepin' it real—hated Lucky's fakey cover.

Widget boy cultureDamiana & Barbara are a fright.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper's daytime talk show canceled.

Widget boy cultureMadonna teases on Gaga.

Widget boy cultureJeff Stryker's penis does Vaudeville (Work Unfriendly) in Florida.

Jeff StrykerCan I have its autograph?

Oct 19 2012
Girl Gone Mild Comments (0)
Madonna censored
A couple of Madonna's recent promo images, as they have been altered for Muslim territories. This one still shows ample cleavage.