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Feb 18 2011
Everything (Or Nothing) Looks Good On You Comments (4)

The Spring 2011 issue of Playgirl has been previewed in an e-newsletter, revealing that the mystery supermodel coverboy is none other than Tim Boyce.  Solidifying his status as an icon in the industry, he appeared on the cover of Arena Homme Plus in 1994 with Marcus Schenkenberg, Tyson Beckford, Gregg Spaulding and Larry Scott as part of the "High Five of the New Supermodel Army."

94fw2At the peak of his powers, for Armani

Currently the tatted up arm behind Equinox, his image was ubiquitous in the '90s. Tim's Equinox ad got him fired from working at a rival gym. But it was probably worth it:

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Dec 05 2010
Nudity? No. But Herman's No Hermit! Comments (0)

Straight ally and all-around cutie-pie Scott Herman (interviewed and photographed here) says no to Playgirl but yes to tightie-whities; that's a compromise I can live with for now, and a step in the right direction!

Sep 21 2010
Greg! Greg! Greg! Comments (2)

You're only a couple of clicks away from seeing absolutely everything Greg McKeon's got, front and back. For a corpse, Playgirl really gets around still.

Aug 09 2010
Grand Old Time Comments (0)

Ronnie Kroell's 90-year-old Grandma Carmella seems to approve of his Playgirl cover.

Jun 10 2010
Fighting Nausea Comments (8)

Forget about Ronnie Kroell, what about Hector Camacho's return to Playgirl in its Summer 2010 issue? It's, um, mind-bending that he would agree to pose nude with an unappealing...EVERYTHING at nearly 50. His dick—which I can't show—is shaved bald, has a tattoo on it and looks like a Pluto's snout or a spicy cocktail weiner. Time can be cruel to us all, but he started out looking like this in Playgirl ages ago: 


Jun 08 2010
Tasteful? Let's Have A Lick And See! Comments (5)
Ronnie Kroell's Playgirl pix are here—and he looks smokin' hot and shaggy. Plus the lead shot at this NSFW link will have people debating whether he's been CockShopped or penis-pumped or is just God's gift. Regardless, a very sexy spread that is tasteful and tasty. 

He's nice in person, too!

May 17 2010
Oh, Mickey, You Were So Fine Comments (1)

I'm not his #1 fan, but lest we forget, Mickey Rourke used to be pretty hot—and never hotter than in his May '95 Playgirl shoot with Kal Yee: 


Mar 29 2010
Fleshback: Scott Valentine Comments (1)


"One time this jock came up to me and said, 'You're either a motherfucking fag or you have a lot of balls between your legs. I was laughed at by all the jocks. I can still remember heading for the showers after finishing my ballet lessons, with the soccer team looking at me as if I was weird. I had my share of fights, and sometimes, I even won. But it was okay to lose because I knew I was fighting to be myself. You see, I always knew it was okay to stand out."—Scott Valentine, Playgirl (May 1988) 

Two more after the jump...

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Feb 08 2010
Once You Go Barack, You'll Never Go Back Comments (0)

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is sponsoring Dirty Show 11 in Detroit, Michigan (who says Motor City is melting down?), with events starting February 12 and ending February 20. Boy Culture reader Mark DeBauch (debauchery...) has two paintings on display, including "Barack's Boner":

Baracks boner sm

Oddly, he reminds me of Mark Dalton here.

Yes, I've edited it, but let's just say that if our prez actually had balls as big as this gouache on paper work, we'd all be basking in universal healthcare and marrying anyone we damn well pleased.


 I'd rather attend a teabagging convention with Levi than with Sarah.

Speaking of erotic art, haters gonna hate, but I think Levi Johnston looks hot (if overly made up) on his Playgirl cover. I had to crop this, too, but I think what I cropped out only helped him and the cover. (Via VGL.)

Nov 21 2009
Levi Drops Levi's Comments (7)

Via Dlisted (where there is a totally NSFW fake, also): Playgirl has posted their first 20 Levi pix. For $19.95, you can see them all and anything else you like for 30 days. I think they are undistinguished overall, but I absolutely love this one—I don't even need to see Levi's Johnston. So far, people are predictably unimpressed; I think we're spoiled by hardbodied, human growth hormonal guys whose entire lives are defined by working out and having sex for money, so I guess we've kinda seen it all.

But for a random guy, I still think Levi is pretty fuckin' cute. Moreover, I wish he'd spill on anything else he's got on Sister Sarah. I think I want that more than I want to see his nads.