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Apr 28 2014
Need To Know: Hola Amiga, Chunk'd, Michelle Not The Ticket, NBKKK + MORE! Comments (0)

Andy-WarholAndy Warhol is dead...but his art lives on!

*widget boy cultureLost Andy Warhol works recovered.

*widget boy cultureThe overweight Vivian Maier gets artistic revenge.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Obama cancels commencment speech over ticketing shit-fit.

*widget boy cultureSterling's racist comments to his half-black squeeze negate “I date blacks” defense.

*widget boy cultureNew weakpoint discovered in HIV; may advance vaccine.

*widget boy cultureHIV-positive and 23, he may run for Florida's House of Representatives.

*widget boy cultureJason Collins on Obama's council for fitness/sports/nutrition.

*widget boy cultureVERY LITTLE TO DO: This guy's hobby is no small feat.

*widget boy cultureUnfortunately, none will probably starve to death.

*widget boy culture1800s Polish prison tattoos, still attached to dead convicts' skin!

Polish-prison-tattooLea DeLaria, is that you?

May 18 2011
Let's Get High Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz004 Madox is a 21-year-old Polish artist—he's a dude despite looking a bit like a mixture of Uma Thurman, Juliette Binoche Genevieve Bujold, Richie Rich, Ute Lemper, Amanda LePore and Adam Rickitt on a pretty interesting day—who's most famous overseas for an '09 performance of "Paparazzi"
on his homeland's version of the ...Got Talent series.


He didn't win.

But I kinda love his unapologetically clubby track "High on You," which comes complete with Waiting for the Girl-esque and Nine Inch Nails-ish remixes and, of course, a controversial video. The video is very end-days Marilyn Monroe meets "Justify My Love" Madonna, successfully displaying the style and sensuality with which so many more established artists struggle to imbue their own three-minute music movies:


Check out his video after the jump...

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