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Apr 28 2014
Need To Know: Hola Amiga, Chunk'd, Michelle Not The Ticket, NBKKK + MORE! Comments (0)

Andy-WarholAndy Warhol is dead...but his art lives on!

*widget boy cultureLost Andy Warhol works recovered.

*widget boy cultureThe overweight Vivian Maier gets artistic revenge.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Obama cancels commencment speech over ticketing shit-fit.

*widget boy cultureSterling's racist comments to his half-black squeeze negate “I date blacks” defense.

*widget boy cultureNew weakpoint discovered in HIV; may advance vaccine.

*widget boy cultureHIV-positive and 23, he may run for Florida's House of Representatives.

*widget boy cultureJason Collins on Obama's council for fitness/sports/nutrition.

*widget boy cultureVERY LITTLE TO DO: This guy's hobby is no small feat.

*widget boy cultureUnfortunately, none will probably starve to death.

*widget boy culture1800s Polish prison tattoos, still attached to dead convicts' skin!

Polish-prison-tattooLea DeLaria, is that you?

Oct 17 2013
Madonna Goes Hard In Berlin Comments (0)

Madonna-Berlin-Hard-CandyUpper left image by AfterParty.

Madonna appeared in Berlin to help launch a new Hard Candy Fitness gym. She signed for some fans and spoke to the media in bangin' leather separates.

To Polish fans, Madonna went Schwarzegger, saying, "I'll be back!" Fun video coverage by AfterParty here!

More video to follow...

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Oct 04 2013
Need To Know: Miley Isn't A Prostitute Because She Does It For Free, Teabagger vs. Irony, Ole Missing The Point + MORE Comments (0)

Miley-Cyrus-Terry-Richardson"I'll lick my Hannah Montana image yet!"

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus goes full-on skank for Terry Richardson. Real-housewives-new-jersey-bravo-teresa-giudice-prostitution-whore

*widget boy cultureSinead takes off the gloves, Miley wants to meet.*

*widget boy cultureRep. Randy Neugebauer (TP-Texas) demands ranger apologize for his shutdown. Dumb as a post.

*widget boy cultureLesbian teen accepts plea deal in controversial case involving sex with minor.

*widget boy cultureDramatic car chase after Capitol shooting. 

*widget boy cultureLesbian film Concussion available from Wolfe.

Dolores-ClaiborneThe role she was Claiborne to play.

*widget boy cultureDolores Claiborne, the opera.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's Twitter is updated.

*widget boy cultureThe Catholic Church in Poland thinks sex abuse should be free. XYoung-guy-with-ripped-abs.jpg.pagespeed.ic.I7QBKDugH7

*widget boy culture22 coolest tweets ever.

*widget boy cultureOle Miss football players heckle The Laramie Project.

*widget boy cultureGuys In Underwear totty: Young guy with ripped abs.

*widget boy cultureFirst Latrice Royale tattoo. We've all been there.

*widget boy cultureThe American Hustle posters are arrrrrt.

Hustleposter1I want him even in this outfit. Now.

*Okay, but what's Sinead got against prostitution?

Mar 05 2013
Need To Know: You Can't Stop Jackie Beat, Joan Rivers Heckled, Madonna's Haring Sharing + MORE Comments (1)

I-Want-Your-LoveDown Under? Over & out!

*widget boy cultureBanned in Australia, I Want Your Love gets Franco defense, NakedSword release.

*widget boy cultureSpeaking of smut, there's the dirty Boy Culture tumblr to consider. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTake a cruise with Audra McDonald and Will Swenson.

*widget boy cultureBradley Cooper doesn't want an Oscar???

*widget boy cultureJeb Bush moving backwards on immigration.

*widget boy cultureLech Walesa's own son embarrassed by his anti-gay comments.

*widget boy cultureCalvin Klein's Dark Obsession with Matthew Terry.

*widget boy cultureFollow me on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureBEATING OFF: A host of Downtown denizens raised $ for Jackie Beat's hips:

Jackie-Beat(Sorta L-R) Lance Cruce, Sherry Vine (behind), Frank DeCaro, World Famous Bob (behind), Chip Duckett, Joan Rivers, Murray Hill (behind), Formika (back), Jackie Hoffman, Robin Byrd, Jackie Beat  (behind) and Mimi Imfurst.

*widget boy cultureThis underwear is sheer ecstasy. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureBoehner's lawyer accidentally argues for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureCampaigning for the papacy? Margaret Avery would be proud.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers is being a dick about Adele.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's gift from Keith Haring, 1983.

*widget boy cultureCrazy-rare Madonna mag from Japan sucking the air out of eBay.

*widget boy culturePlease "like" Boy Culture on Facebook.

*widget boy cultureMakes me mad this only has 52 views.

*widget boy cultureHow many EY! Magateen subscribers live in and around the Vatican?

EY! MagateenHe's the latest (Do) "It" boy

Mar 03 2013
Pole-arizing Comments From Lech Walesa Comments (2)

Lech Walesa has flushed his reputation down the toilet, speaking out to say that gays need to go to the back of the bus, "or even behind a wall." He believes:

"They have to know that they are a minority and adjust to smaller things, and not rise to the greatest heights."

What a disappointment. The good news is that he represents the past. He'll soon be a part of it, and progress will march on.

Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (1)

MercuryWet behind the light years

Widget boy cultureWater discovered on Mercury.

Widget boy cultureDirector James Gunn apologizes for anti-gay, misogynist rant.

Widget boy cultureMichigan teacher suspended for playing pro-gay music video.

Widget boy cultureVOTE: Palestine state receives U.N. recognition. Thewanted-shirtless-300x289

Widget boy cultureIs Lindsay Lohan a Wanted woman?

Widget boy culturePolish court okays gay inheritance.

Widget boy cultureDominique Strauss-Kahn settles with maid.

Widget boy cultureColin Farrell rides in on white horse.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's corset sells for over $50K.

Widget boy cultureAnother DOMA case ruled unconstitutional.

Widget boy cultureIs Rep. Aaron "I'm not gay" Schock (R-Illinois) a gubernatorial maybe?

Aaron-schock-absCall me "Governor," maybe?

May 18 2011
Let's Get High Comments (0)

SafariScreenSnapz004 Madox is a 21-year-old Polish artist—he's a dude despite looking a bit like a mixture of Uma Thurman, Juliette Binoche Genevieve Bujold, Richie Rich, Ute Lemper, Amanda LePore and Adam Rickitt on a pretty interesting day—who's most famous overseas for an '09 performance of "Paparazzi"
on his homeland's version of the ...Got Talent series.


He didn't win.

But I kinda love his unapologetically clubby track "High on You," which comes complete with Waiting for the Girl-esque and Nine Inch Nails-ish remixes and, of course, a controversial video. The video is very end-days Marilyn Monroe meets "Justify My Love" Madonna, successfully displaying the style and sensuality with which so many more established artists struggle to imbue their own three-minute music movies:


Check out his video after the jump...

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