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Mar 02 2017

Via WP Teleshow: Reporter Piotr Grabarczyk was in for a shock when he asked Public Polish TV President Jacek Kurski (a member of the government Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.58.33 AMparty Prawo i Sprawiediwość) if there might be a gay couple on the Polish reality series First Dates.

Kurski, on a red carpet, replied [Grabarczyk's translation]:

I can't see same-sex couple thing happening on First Dates since we are a public television and we need to go by the rules defined by the Polish law and constitution.

When Grabarczyk reacted incredulously, Kurski (pictured) doubled down:

The Polish constitution states that family is a relationship between man and woman. Dating provides a launch of a new family which, I'll say it again, by the Polish law, tradition and ethics, is a relationship between man and woman. That's why same-sex dates won't be happening in our version of the show.

The reporter quipped it was too bad, since he had hoped to be a contestant.

Of course, gay dating is not in any way banned by Polish law, let alone by its constitution.

Watch and listen after the jump ...

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Apr 28 2014
Need To Know: Hola Amiga, Chunk'd, Michelle Not The Ticket, NBKKK + MORE! Comments (0)

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Polish-prison-tattooLea DeLaria, is that you?


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