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Jan 22 2017
1984 Is Here: Kellyanne Conway Claims Spicer's Lies Are ALTERNATIVE FACTS Comments (0)

Even Chuck Todd knows that, “Alternative facts are not facts, they're falsehoods.”

Jan 21 2017
Trump Really Took The Cake — Literally Comments (0)

This may seem petty, but it's kinda weird that it even happened.

It seems that Team Trump, as ill-equipped as we all know they are, asked a baker to copy President Obama's last inauguration cake.

Makes me wish they'd employ the same lazy creative thinking to things like health care and LGBTQ rights.

Madonna's Full Speech & Performances At The Women's March — This Is A Leader Comments (0)

After the jump, see video of her two musical performances, a snap of her with Cher and a video of her with Fran Drescher...

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Bottom Of The Barrel: '80s Gay-Porn Star Kevin Williams Hearts Trump Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.31.35 PM(Screengrab via Facebook)

UPDATE: Kevin has blocked me from Facebook (we were never friends), but I am told he took the picture down. But not before he write, in response to his own friends chastising him about his absurd Trumpism, that Trump's pussy-grabbing was no big deal because that's what women want behind closed doors. Talk about someone with a truly warped vision of the world.

Eighties gay-porn actor Kevin Williams — real name Ted Currall — was definitely an icon of his era, studio, hair color and bedroom position — so it's kind of a head-scratcher in 2017 that someone who made his living in a field that doesn't jibe with Republican family values/anti-LGBTQ rhetoric has a boner for Trump.

The former porn actor updated his Facebook page to honor Trump's inauguration. It would appear some of his followers aren't on the Trump Train with him, as expressions of disappointment (so far) outnumber expressions of support.


I don't have any links to statements he's made in favor of Trump, and one of his uploaded photos is of the LGBTQ equality symbol, but the updated image kinda speaks for itself.

Unnamed copy

(Split image via Falcon)

Currall is certainly welcome to his opinion, and I am not inviting people to bombard him. But it's news to me when a gay-porn icon can support a man who within an hour of assuming the Oval Office made aggressive moves against LGBTQ inclusion — and who's promised to go much further.

Maybe he has some form of CTE from all the rough-sex scenes? It's a bummer because he is one of the few survivors of the biggest names in '80s porn, especially among guys who bottomed, and his page is actually often generous with personal photos from that era. I imagine many of the guys who died, their photos and effects were tossed in the trash by their families.

Just disappointing in an obviously gossipy and not very meaningful way. I mean, it's not like Ellen turned on us, y'know?

Women (And Men And Children) Stand Up And March For Women's Rights ... Everywhere! Comments (0)

The U.S. was a hotbed of massive, peaceful marches Saturday, in which millions of women (many hundreds of thousands in D.C. alone) and and men took to the streets as a show of force to demand that women's rights not be impinged upon by newly installed POTUS Trump.

16179241_10158063683050032_3072864955149784820_o(Video still via MSNBC)

The displays were exceptional — aerial views confirmed many times the number of people today in D.C. as yesterday, when Trump was inaugurated.

Countless stars showed up and added their faces and voices to the protests, but the real story was how many regular people got off their asses and seem to have been awakened by the reality of a Trump Administration — which has already raised mortgage rates for middle-class homebuyers and scrubbed official sites of LGBT and climate-change resources.

Jan 20 2017
Concert For America Brings Out Chita Rivera, Ben Vereen, Bebe Neuwirth, Brian Stokes Mitchell & More Comments (0)

DSC01473Ben Vereen gave it all he had!

Concert for America — the brainchild of Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley — was staged at Town Hall on W. 43rd St. in NYC today, attracting numerous big-time Broadway stahhhs to raise cash for progressive orgs (the NAACP, the Sierra Club, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood and the National Immigration Law Center).

The concert was streamed live on numerous high-profile platforms (People Magazine, among them), and will air once more at on Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET.


Kelli O'Hara beautifully belted out “A Cock-Eyed Optimist” from South Pacific, setting the theme as that of: HOPE.

Next, everyone involved with the show sang a massive “What the World Needs Now Is Love” by Hal David and Burt Bacharach, and the lineup included: Chita Rivera, Betty Buckley, Ben Vereen, Billy Porter, Bebe Neuwirth, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Kelli O'Hara, Alice Ripley, Stephanie Mills, Lillias White, Charles Bush, Brian d'Arcy James, Marty Thomas and many more.

If you buy the tune on iTunes, the money goes to the Orlando GLBT Center and The Trevor Project, 50/50.

DSC01395“America” Woman

Rosie Perez offered a hilarious personal story about not choosing poverty and not hating all nuns. She introduced living legend Chita Rivera, who sang “America” from West Side Story, still moving with ease and offering high kicks at 83. She admitted she was blown away that the musical's original cast recording is 60 years old, marveling aloud that she's still running around “like a 35-year-old.” Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.52.49 PM

Kate Mulgrew introduced the electrifying Betty Buckley (pictured; video still via Concert for America), who sang the hell out of the Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel song “Don't Give Up” that was utterly heart-tugging.

Judy Gold's comedic interlude was a nice opportunity laugh ahead of Jessie Mueller's “Beautiful.” Speaking of which, Billy Porter's new single “Edelweiss” could have been written to cheer up the I'm Still With Her crowd.

I found Caroline Rhea to be hysterical. It was a shocker when she said that she, like Mariah Carey, looks fat no matter how thin she gets, but maybe it was a welcome flash of teeth with everyone preaching about loving our enemies.

I think my musical highlight was actually ageless Stephanie Mills serving up 1980s “Never Knew Love Like This Before.” She's sung it a million times, but it sounded as fresh as she looks.

The president of the NAACP gave a fiery speech that got one of the evening's standing Os, leading into Brian Stokes Mitchell blowing everyone's minds with “America the Beautiful” and “Wheels of a Dream.” It was such a preach moment. Rivera returned to the stage to announce that the performances had “destroyed” her. She got angry speaking about Trump's abandoment (already!) of all arts and humanities funding.

Though I'd have been intimidated to follow even a spoken-word segment by Rivera, Carrie Manolakos followed up with an aggresive passive and pretty “Hallelujah.”

DSC01413Cagney & Rudetsky

Sharon Gless was a fun surprise — even she admitted she isn't a Broadway person... “yet!” I've loved her since her short-lived series Turnabout. She told a fascinating story about her work on the TV series House Calls. A decent hit back in the day, the show had starred Lynn Redgrave and Wayne Rogers, in that order, until Redgrave asked to nurse her baby on the set and asked to be paid as much as Rogers. For that, she was fired, and they replaced her with Gless, who asserted that she was the last-ever contract player in Hollywood. Gless knew she was a cheap replacement and was mortified, but had little choice. She reported that upon meeting Rogers, he gloated that he could have saved Redgrave's job had he wanted to. Okay then! 

After the show wrapped, Gless threw a party for the cast and secretly called Redgrave to come to the party and pretend to get into a fight with her to psych out the cast, which they did, scaring the hell out of the cast. Then they made nice and everyone died.

Funny story, and also an infuriating story. That icky male chauvinist Wayne Rogers, formerly of M*A*S*H, died a year ago on NYE after being a glib Fox News guest for years. Wish I'd been there to get Sharon's autograph. Her segment bled into a quartet of vocalists spitting out “I'm a Woman,” including Shayna Steele. Interestingly, it's kind of a regressive song if taken literally, yet is infused with a clear, early feminist vein.

Died laughing at manic comic Michelle Collins — I'd never heard of her, but she was pretty out-there and had me giggling. Piper Perabo was there on behalf of the Sierra Club, sounding very serious about nature. Judy Kuhn revived her “The Colors of the Wind,” a song inspired by the group's mission.

Bebe Neuwirth was too shaken up to say much beyond offering several quotes on the topic of carrying on, but she was able to intro Ben Vereen. The trouper brought down the house singing “What a Wonderful World” and leading Wesley, d'Arcy James and the cast in a spirited rendition of “Let the Sunshine In” — a song he sang in the original production of Hair.

Watch the full show below (if it's still up). If you missed it, take heart — there are plans for a similar get-together MONTHLY ...

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6-PACK/politics — No, Right-Wing LGBTQ A-Holes, Trump Is NOT On Your Side + Inauguration Bust + Trump Continues To Embrace Anti-Semitism + Trump vs. Homebuyers + Gore: Electoral College No More! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.35.13 PM(Image via White House)

WIDGETWithin an hour of Trump's inauguration, the White House's LGBTQ rights page was scrubbed. So were pages on climate change, Obamacare & civil rights.

WIDGETHere is how the Trump Administration will actively aid and abet the total destruction of all of Obama's LGBTQ rights progress — including marriage.

WIDGETTrump's inauguration was very, visibly sparsely attended. Sad. National Park Service tweeted about it — was promptly banned from Twitter by U.S. gov!

Ffhzrfihtvotr3kyr3n7(Screen grab via Twitter)

WIDGETTrump, in his inaugural speech, used a time-honored anti-Semitic slogan the ADL had asked him not to use. Dog whistle.

WIDGETOne of Trump's first acts makes it harder for first-timers to buy a home.

WIDGETAl Gore supported the Electoral College even after it screwed him. No more!

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Alex Wellerstein: The view from my apartment this morning: "We outnumber him! Resist!" #nyc #hoboken #interestingtimes

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