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May 25 2018
Hunks In Trunks + Weinstein's Perv Walk + Kim Jong-un Continues To Play Trump + Assange On The Move? + Sedaris's Twisted Advice + Madonna-Fan Dust-Up + Britney: The Musical + MORE! — 12 -PACK Comments (0)

Above: This interesting side-by-side of Madonna then and now is the subject of a hot, fancentric debate about credit for ideas and/or for the original work in question. (Details after the jump.)

Below: Swimsuit-clad studs, Weinstein arrested, Madonna mayhem, Britney musical, and more ...

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May 24 2018
West Hollywood Opens Its Heart To Stormy Daniels Comments (0)

Watch Stormy Daniels receive a key to the city of West Hollywood. As usually, she's well-spoken and defiant.

I hope she winds up being the straw that breaks the orange camel's back.

Bryce Hall's Package Deal + Sarah Paulson's Love Knows No Age + Trump Cancels His Own Nobel Peace Prize + New Gay Threads + Gay Man Won't Be Up Against Kim Davis + Shawn Mendes's Pronoun-Free Album + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Flight-suit heaven.

Below: Keep reading for Bryce Hall's package, Sarah Paulson defending her May/December love,  Trump's diplomatic blunder, new gay lines from H&M and American Apparel, gay candidate loses in Kentucky, Shawn Mendes's new album has no pronouns, and more ...

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Saved From Cancellation: Is There Any Way For Public Figures Who've Disappointed NOT To Be Exiled? Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.37.37 PMFreeman & Tambor (Images via Universal & Netflix)

In a widely shared New York Times interview with the cast of Arrested Devlopment that became very awkward during a discussion of Jeffrey Tambor's on-set behavior (he was in the room), Jason Bateman and other male cast members came off as minimizing what co-star Jessica Walter was saying Tambor had done to her at work — namely, verbally harassed her (not sexually) and yelled at her in a way she emphasized was not normal and not okay.

Bateman in particular was singled out for seeming to talk over Walter, and seeming to excuse Tambor's behavior as being a part of the creative process.

Giphy(GIF via ABC)

I for one felt it was fair to criticize him for how he came off in the interview, but I was also taken aback by the vitriolic response on social media, which made it seem as if Bateman and the other male cast members, in not coming to Walter's defense in a full-throated way, were as bad as Tambor, with people calling for boycotts of his future work. I felt it was more a tone-deaf response on Bateman's part; it was clear he was trying (way too hard) to smooth things over.

Is there no middle ground for public figures between flawless and canceled? Is it not possible to criticize Bateman, check his response, and go from there?

Now, Bateman has issued an apology, one that seems to reflect his understanding of what he got wrong.

If Jessica Walter can forgive Jeffrey Tambor and work with him closely again and call him her friend, I don't understand why fans of the show (full disclosure: I've never watched it) or just casual observers of the situation can't take a breath and calibrate the outrage. Bateman was wrong, he knows it; he's not Harvey Weinstein.

The same goes for the new revelations that Morgan Freeman sexually harassed women on movie sets and at work. The description of his behavior is gross — lifting a woman's skirt, telling a pregnant woman he wished he “was there” (at the time of conception, ick). The response from many has been akin to the relevations that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist. Really? What Freeman did (the stuff we know about so far) is boorish, it's wrong, it shouldn't be blown off, and that it happened at work makes it, legally, sexual harassment. But is it so beyond the pale that it cancels the 80-year-old's legacy outright?

Is there no way to acknowledge wrongdoing without completely rejecting a person's overall life and work?

I've been thinking about this a lot as a pop culture junkie. Joan Crawford abused her daughter. (And it turns my stomach when gay fans mock that daughter using words that minimize physical and mental abuse, like suggesting Christina was spoiled, ugh.). Joan Crawford was also one of the most compelling movie stars of all time. Charlie Chaplin was a genius as a filmmaker and actor. He also probably slept with underage girls. John Lennon was a brilliant poet and musician. He was probably physically abusive toward his wives.

The list goes on and on and on, and it includes household names who are/were racists, who are/were guilty of inappropriate sexual behavior, and who are/were flawed in very real ways nobody should be overlooking or underplaying.

But if Jason Bateman and Morgan Freeman and others who did wrong or who enabled wrongdoing are canceled, where do people stand on enjoying “Billie Jean?” Why are some icons spared, while others are taken to task, and taken out with the trash?

It is a difficult concept to wrap our heads around — on the one hand, if someone rubs you the wrong way (I despise Roseanne Barr), no amount of cajoling will get you to give them another look. On the other, should offenders be denied the chance to continue working? I think I take a more Sarah Silverman approach — in speaking of her great friend Louis CK, she abhorred his actions but said he should still be able to be an artist.

Keep reading for Jason Bateman's new apology for his ungallant New York Times quotes ...

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May 23 2018
Oh, All Of It SHADE: New Book To Contrast Trump & Obama Comments (0)

170524-stern-souza-shade-tease_piv8yx(Images by Pete Souza)

Pete Souza, who photographed President Obama and the Russian gofer who cheated to defeat Hillary Clinton, just announced a new book of photos to compare and contrast the two men.

It's called Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents, and this is me upon hearing the news:


Keep reading for the full release ...

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Chris Hemsworth & Other Stars With Their Doubles + RIP Philip Roth & Clint Walker + Harvey Milk Stoli Bottle + Cody Christian & Daniel Ezra Shirtless + Boy Scout Shamed + Caitlyn Turns On Trump + Stacey Abrams Triumps + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Keith Laue has a spring in his step.

Below: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth and his body double, Philip Roth dies at 85, the Harvey Milk Stoli bottle, Mimi Imfurst apologizes, Cody Christian and Daniel Ezra stripped to the wait, plus more ...

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May 22 2018
Adam Rippon Wins DWTS + Booty Call To Fire Island + Obamas' Higher Ground + Hatch Boobies + Benjamin Voisin's PROUD Package + Nightmare Seatmate + Shower Power + Royal Wedding Score + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Todd Sanfield only shot once in 2017, but he's back with a vengeance in 2018.

Below: Keep reading for Adam Rippon's glory, a butt that gets the party started, the Obamas' next move, Benjamin Voisin nude, a day to be gay and to give back, death of a legendary artist, royal wedding ruthlessness, and more ...

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This History Of Queer Dance Is GON BLOW! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.50.46 PM(Video still via BuzzFeed)

Eugene Lee Yang directed and produced these vids, set to “Gon Blow” ft. Rye Rye by Cakes da Killa, which are tributes to the history of queer dance.

The POV is Elijah Mack's, and it's supposed to specifically honor the drag queens and trans poeple of color who created vogueing.

Keep reading for a very fun time ...

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