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Jul 08 2014
Need To Know: Madonna's Guilty By Association + Astro-Illogical + Grin & Bear Week It + Sherri's Not Kidding Around + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-at-jury-dutyThey told her the jury was hung.

*widget boy cultureMadonna serves jury duty in NYC, jury out on accusations of special treatment.

*widget boy cultureWTF does Zac Efron see in Michelle Rodriguez? A hot top?

*widget boy cultureWatch this and get way into—or forever renounce—astrology.


*widget boy cultureSupport Fringe Festival's Vestments of the Gods.

*widget boy cultureHere is a (Work Unfriendly) promo for P-Town's Bear Week.

*widget boy cultureIn a galaxy far, far Ariana Grande.

*widget boy cultureSherri Shepherd is SOOOO very Christian.

*widget boy cultureBrandon Routh to play another superhero, this time on TV?

*widget boy cultureRight-wing reporter says Scott Pelley killed her anti-Obama stories at CBS. Banksy-2-e1402655468860

*widget boy cultureSpent $60 on 2 Banksys, sold them for $214,000.

*widget boy cultureFootball player comes out on the 4th of July.

*widget boy cultureJust a li'l peen-grab between buddies.

*widget boy cultureSen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) promises Hobby Lobby reaction.

*widget boy cultureRepublican judge vs. Supreme Court: STFU!

*widget boy cultureWhat it's like to be Kidnapped for Christ.

*widget boy cultureLevonia Jenkins serving leopard-palozza Hobby Lobby realness:

*widget boy culturePope begs forgiveness of abuse victims.

*widget boy cultureHop into the Vaginamobile.

*widget boy cultureSome Nebraskans think Obama Presidential Library will be an outhouse.

*widget boy cultureRidiculous scandal blames Hillary Clinton for doing her job.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie not interested in Sandy Hook parents.

*widget boy cultureThe quirkiest homes of San Francisco.

Norma-Talmadge-houseGRECIAN FORMULA: Silent star Norma Talmadge's (May 26, 1894—December 24, 1957) home was her temple.

Mar 05 2014
Need To Know: All Mears, Kitsch-Kitsch-Kitsch, Tru Blue, Vlad The Invader, Drastic Plastic + MORE! Comments (0)

Chris-MearsTaking a dive

Boy-CultureChris Mears shucks most of his clothes for Winq.

Boy-CultureTaylor Kitsch is openly gay. It's on the Internet, so it must be true.

Boy-Culture"When I'm single, I don't bareback on purpose usually." Best Truvada read ever. 6a00d83451b8c369e201347ff749cd970c-150wi

Boy-CultureGood news on Truvada.

Boy-CultureHillary (correctly) compares Putin to Hilter.

Boy-CultureMANNEQUIN, TOO: This bitch is crazy. And I love her for it.

Boy-CultureBlake Skjellerup sweetly fanboys out on Jason Collins.

Boy-CultureNick chick blasts Disney tune to get through racy-pix scandal.

Boy-CultureLiza bounced back nicely from Ellen's misfired joke.

Boy-CultureBieber's such a dick, how will they know what to black out?

Boy-CultureIf watching Glee makes you want to kill someone, this is the movie for you.

Boy-CultureIf you noticed Kim Novak looked different, you're a bad person.

Boy-CultureBrett Favre looks really different now. (Is it okay to say that?)

Boy-CulturePope Francis thinks the Catholic Church has done lots against pedophilia.

Boy-CultureSORRY/NOT SORRY: Trohn Javolta understands that he murdered...that girl's...name.

Boy-CultureKirk Cousins thinks Michael Sam needs Jesus, thinks Mary Magdalene was a hooker.

Michael-Sam-Kirk-CousinsOne of these men needs Jesus in him, the other just needs Jésus.

Dec 20 2013
Need To Know: They Come And They Go, Faith Squealers, Have Mercy, Ryan's Big War-Haul + MORE! Comments (0)

Al-Goldstein-ScrewTotally Screwed

*widget boy cultureScrew's Al Goldstein, porn mogul and free speech pioneer, dies destitute at 77.

*widget boy cultureDuck Dynasty family equates slurring gays and racism with their "faith."

*widget boy cultureOld Dogs & New Tricks hits Netflix and Hulu.

*widget boy culturePussy Willow's "Whose Child Is This?" is a must-see.

*widget boy cultureLast-second gay gift guide: Tear porn.

*widget boy cultureIn a rare turnaround for retail, Barneys re-invades Downtown NYC.

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé kisses Madonna's daughter, Madonna calls Beyoncé "Queen B."

*widget boy cultureBeyoncé's creative director speaks out. (I hate that artists have "creative directors.")

Nik-Kershaw-Kim-WildeWouldn't it be good if we could live without a care?

*widget boy cultureNik Kershaw and Kim Wilde are still singing and in the holiday spirit.

*widget boy cultureRyan O'Neal wins his Farrah Warhol lawsuit.

*widget boy cultureThe Advocate is going to H-E-double-hockeysticks for that Pope blunder.

*widget boy cultureIs there such a thing as gay-friendly Christmas specials?

*widget boy cultureFLASHBACK: The "Burning Up" nearly killed Madonna. As in dead.

*widget boy cultureFLASHBACK 2: Today, who's being as daring as this was 30 years ago?

*widget boy cultureDiego Mello is a hunk for almost any day.

Diego mello @ ragazzo (9)_900x1200Mello fellow

Dec 11 2013
Heavenly Father Of The Year Comments (0)


After reading the Top 10 contenders for Time's Person of the Year, I figured it would be either Snowden or the Pope. The Pope came out on top, with Snowden right behind him. Number three on the list was none other than gay-rights hero Edie Windsor. (Four was the monstrous Assad and five the political nonentityTed Cruz.)

Dec 04 2013
Need To Know: Porn This Way, Lance Ass, Obamacare Pulling Through, Beyond The Velvet Pope, Weak Weir + For Ryan Out Loud Comments (0)

Gay-underarm-pornIf you can't lick 'em...

*widget boy cultureGuySpy is launching a series called I'm a Pornstar about...guess?

*widget boy cultureNot everyone finds Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley a hot couple.

*widget boy cultureObamacare will survive.

*widget boy culturePope Francis was a club bouncer.

*widget boy cultureJohnny Weir admits he doesn't have the "strength of character" to be an activist.

*widget boy cultureWould Reza Farahan cheat with Ryan Gosling? My Q&A from bethenny

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Sep 20 2013
Need To Know: Nick Time, Pope On A Soapbox, McCain Speaks The Pravda + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Nick Jonas and his biceps are more than just OK!

*widget boy culturePREACH: Pope thinks Church too "obsessed" with gays, abortion, contraception.

*widget boy cultureKabbalah's Philip Berg dies.

*widget boy cultureGay play feeling. has special Boys' Night October 16, code "feelingGAY."

*widget boy cultureAnti-trans zealot hounded out of porn debate.

*widget boy cultureJohn McCain writes pro-gay op-ed for Pravda.

*widget boy cultureDr. Frank Spinelli's sexual-abuse memoir Pee-Shy is on sale now.

Jul 30 2013
Gay Man Doesn't Judge Popes Of Goodwill Comments (0)
Jul 29 2013
A Couple Thousand Years Late, But WOW Comments (2)

In a major burn to every previous Pope, Pope Francis was quoted in Brazil as saying:

"Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord? You can't marginalize these people."

Now, this is not the same as "the Pope doesn't judge gays." But it's eons ahead of everything else the Catholic Church has said about gays up until now. I'm curious to see if there will be any shockwaves or if he will issue a "clarification."

Jun 15 2013
Need To Know: SILENCE!'s New Lamb, MADONNA At 30, Europe Chastises Russia, Is The Pope Married To Opposite-Sex Marriage? + MORE Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Charlie Williams joins final month of SILENCE!: The Musical. Brooke-Cerda

*widget boy cultureBrooke Cerda among Legacy of Pride award honorees: Tix.

*widget boy cultureGay Americans: "It got better."

*widget boy cultureAmanda Bynes crazily claims her crazy behavior is an act.

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson croons "Don't Look at Me."

*widget boy cultureMadonna's first album, 30 years later.

*widget boy cultureChampion, the opera based on gay boxer Emile Griffiths.

*widget boy cultureEuropean Parliament condemns Russia's anti-gay law.

*widget boy cultureCall Me Kuchu, about gay Ugandan activist, opens in NYC. Kuchu

*widget boy cultureWill the Supremes give the gays a "bronze-medal win"?

*widget boy culturePope Francis "wades diplomatically into gay marriage debate."

*widget boy cultureGrigor Dimitrov gets balled.

*widget boy cultureNOW QUEER THIS: The New Sound of Gay Pride by rdio.

*widget boy cultureJohn Oliver of The Daily Show roasts anti-gay laws:

Jan 16 2013
Need To Know Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Backstage at Splash! with Tom Daley.

*widget boy cultureBachmann's "unnatural relationship" sounds natural—seen 'er hubby? Peter-Nelson-Padre-Georg

*widget boy cultureSo I now LOVE Anna Kendrick.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Renner & his ex-GF were barebackers.

*widget boy cultureGLAAD announces its Media Award nominees.

*widget boy cultureElton & David welcome 2nd kid.

*widget boy cultureSan Francisco might name airport after Milk.

*widget boy cultureIt Could Be Worse official trailer could be worse.

*widget boy cultureLinus Roache-esque papal secretary is scorching hot...

*widget boy culture...but Peter Nelson is 10X hotter.

*widget boy culturePaper (shockingly) pulls disgusting anti-trans article.

*widget boy cultureEmmy Rossum sings "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)".

*widget boy cultureOn Victor Garber, Jodie Foster and "outing."

*widget boy cultureAleksandr Ovchinnikov's hotness by Ruslan Elquest. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureYet another sexiest-tennis-players list. (Can never be too many.)

Sexy-Roger-gif-roger-federer-31489235-245-245LOVE to LOVE you, baby