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Jul 07 2018
Sexy Latin American Pride Pics + How The NYT Helped Trump + Bear Week Bonanza + Shawn Mendes Phone-Sex Audio?! + Brazilian Gymnast's Nude + Jim Jordan Took Saunas With Teens + North Korea Wafles + Strike A POSE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds got seriously jacked.


Below: Latin American Pride, criticizing the NYT, Bear Week,  Shawn Mendes and Arthur Nury leaks, Jeremy McClain on vogueing, shutting down the Dan Ryan, and more ...

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Jun 07 2018
EW: Stan By Me Comments (0)

Pose(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

One step forward, two steps back for EW.

Great Pose cover, which correctly hones in on what the show does right (“heartfelt”), but did you see the embarrassingly gushy sory they posted online about the A Star Is Born trailer? The film has good buzz and it's not crazy to talk about Oscar buzz based on that, but the header says Gaga already deserves an Oscar based on the snippets of her performance seen in the clip, and then goes on to describe the film almost as if it were being reviewed, not previewed. 

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Jun 04 2018
Male Model's Curve Ball + Gay Vlogger's Alien Encounter + Everybody Hates Roseanne + Giuliani: Trump Could Shoot Comey + Troye On TODAY + POSE Review + Where In The World Is Melania? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)


Above: Surf and turf! Austin Wolf with some of the latest RDR girls.

Below: Keep reading for a show-off model, an interview with a Pose pioneer, Troye Sivan Today, the death of a Soap star, a game of Where's Melania?, and more ...

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Jun 03 2018
Strike A POSE: Inside The FX Show's Premiere Party & Drag Ball Comments (0)

IMG_7458*****_newIt couldn't hear, but I hope he won something. (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Last night, FX threw a hybrid drag ball/premiere party for tonights debut of the series Pose.

The show, set in the '80s, focuses on the community for whom vogueing was a way of life and not just something you do at weddings every once in a while.

IMG_7814*****_newRyan Jamaal Swain, one of the stars of Pose — and a great beauty

The event was packed, leaving many luminaries stuck on line outside. I was lucky enough to get in, so I shot all the shameless hotties, queens without subjects, living legends, and Pose cast members in my way.

IMG_7720*****_newLegend!!! Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza

Keep reading for a bunch of my shots (many more on Facebook!), and watch Pose on FX, Sundays ...

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Apr 12 2018
Ryan Murphy Strikes POSE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.45.14 PM(Video still via FX)

Ryan Murphy's next project is his gayest yet (next, he'll do a dramatic series based on those ultrasound images of penises in rectums): Pose.

The new FX musical series looks like he watched Paris Is Burning and recreated it as fiction, no? But he did it with LGBTQ people, including trans actors, which makes this series unique out of the gate.

Check out the trailer ...

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