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Nov 27 2013
Art's In Pop Culture In Me: An Interview With Street Artist Pegasus Comments (0)

Prince-Harry-nudePrince Harry: Private servant.

I'm a fan of street art, so yes, I was pissed I didn't find any Banksys to steal (or buy for a song) during his NYC residency. But I have had a Mr. Brainwash run-in/own some of his stuff, once pried a piece of an Invader mosaic from a local bridge, and have found two stunning works by Ty Cummings on the street where they were left for—presumably—me to rescue.

So I was intrigued by the work of Pegasus, which I think merges pop culture icons in ways that are more playful and quirkier than Brainwash's cynical-feeling concoctions. If you're wondering what I mean, look no further than "Strike a Pose," his clever, sweet marriage of Cher, Madonna, Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Elvis Presley...and maybe more:

PegasusThe ultimate celebrity mixer.

Unlike all of the artists I've mentioned, Pegasus is highly reachable...and reacted favorably to my interview request. What follows is my chat with this emerging artist, whose work is destined to decorate my walls one day...

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Jun 09 2013
Someday, His Prince DID Come Comments (2)
Prince Harry stepped in to help a fellow soldier in a scary anti-gay attack.
May 31 2013
Need To Know: Lady Gaga's Slice Of Life, Bieber Backlash, The Gay Golden Rules, You Better Twerk + MORE Comments (7)

Lady-GagaBlade-y Gaga

*widget boy cultureTrailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills looks...uh...???

*widget boy culture5 types of guys on Instagram. (Including shirtless.)

*widget boy cultureCelebrities UNDERWHELMED by Justin Bieber.

*widget boy cultureIs this Amelia Earhart's plane?

*widget boy cultureInternet superstars try to explain their fame.

*widget boy cultureGet ready for Prancercise:

*widget boy cultureMariah Carey officially leaves American Idol.

*widget boy cultureGuy Oseary, Scooter Braun & Troy Carter discuss the tech & music biz @ D11.

*widget boy cultureWhat's black & white & red all over? Prince Harry in a tux.

*widget boy culture10 gay lessons from The Golden Girls.

*widget boy cultureFree twerking lessons at the beach.

TewerkingI love videos you can laugh at while masturbating to them.

Sep 04 2012
"I'm glad you've got your clothes on!" Comments (0)
Im glad youve got your clothes on Prince Harry
One of Prince Harry's fellow Brits gets right to the point. While darling, I couldn't disagree more.
Aug 28 2012
Prince Harry: Movie Star Comments (0)
Apparently, Prince Harry's Las Vegas stripping episode was also caught on video. Either that, or an outlet that didn't get to buy the still photos needs some attention. But it does kinda make sense that you'd video Harry if you were already getting away with snapping photos.
Aug 27 2012
A Harry Situation Comments (0)

Over 10,000 people have joined a Facebook group to support Prince Harry, who has upset his military overlords by cavorting naked in Vegas. To show solidarity, Harry's fans are stripping down and covering just the essentials for a series of photos that look less like the one above and more like the one below.

Dog supports Prince Harry

Aug 23 2012
His Royal Firecrotch Comments (4)
Playgirl, sensing Prince Harry wouldn't pose nude for a million dollars, offers Prince Harry a million dollars to pose nude.
Aug 21 2012
Prince Hairless: Harry Gets Naked In Vegas Comments (9)
Prince Harry
Prince Harry apparently got naked in a roomful of people—some of them girls he'd just met—and of course someone took photos and sold them to TMZ. (As I would.) This was in the context of a drunken game of strip billiards. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there—that's just an advertising slogan like, "This will eliminate all your belly fat or your money back!"
Jan 12 2009
Harry Situation Comments (4)
Kick a bit higher and that foot'll slide right into your mouth.

Monarchy is fascism, so is it any surprise that even one of the much-fawned-over children of the late Princess Diana (herself a mixed bag of good works and astonishing self-involvement) would be caught uttering racist and homophobic remarks? No more surprising than the fact that instead of abjectly apologizing, he had a spokesperson do it for him:

Harry's excuse is he was just joshin' around with his army buddies, but doesn't anyone remember when he—a Prince Of England—was caught cheerfully sporting Nazi gear as a fun costume?


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