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Dec 06 2013
Need To Know: Fashionably Late, Justin Time, Do The Hustle, Here's A Tip: Get Ready For Jail + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-gaultierFashionably great.

*widget boy cultureVintage footage of Madonna at a Gaultier show 22 years ago.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama will attend Nelson Mandela's funeral.

*widget boy cultureRoyals inside a Mandela documentary screening when told he'd just died. Justin-clynes-shirtless

*widget boy cultureHoly crap...Mark McGrath and Calvin Klein???

*widget boy cultureJustin Clynes looking GOOD.

*widget boy cultureLana Del Rey's short film Tropico unleashed.

*widget boy cultureThis hustling-memoir tome has a really good hook.

*widget boy cultureIt Gets Better message for Russian LGBTs.

*widget boy cultureTeabagger Gov. Paul LePage welcomes climate change.

*widget boy cultureGay-hoax waitress not only a liar, also a profiteer.

*widget boy culture1st week sales of Britney Jean half of Femme Fatale's 1st week, which sold half of Circus's 1st week.

*widget boy cultureLeslie Jordan's Super Bowl commercial for Doritos is...too bold?

Leslie-Jordan-DoritosJordan with the Lane Twins (who wrote/produced the ad) and the ad's cast.

Dec 03 2012
Knocked Up: Kate Middleton Is With Child Comments (0)

Kate-Middleton-pregnant"But we only ever do it in the arse!"

Buckingham Palace confirms it: Kate Middleton is pregnant. The Royal Fetus makes its debut.

CherThings are sunny for Cher fans

Even more importantly, Cher is due in late March!

Jul 11 2011
You Can Almost Tell Whether Prince William Has A Prince Albert... Comments (1)

Prince William packing
With thanks to Boy Culture reader Ruston: Prince William is bulging with pomp and circumstance while visiting the U.S.

May 12 2011
Where There's A Wills... Comments (5)

This is everywhere now...no idea where it originated.

Apr 29 2011
Hats Off (Please) Comments (16)


Fergie & Andy's daughters look a fright at the wedding, which was kind of them to do for Kate, so as not to detract from her movie-star prettiness. Oh, wait, it wasn't on purpose? Yikes. Those dresses...and those hats! Beatrice looks well and truly pleased with her selection even though she looks like something you'd encounter playing Call of Cthulu.

Sidenote: This is Prince Andrew? Randy Andy?  I can't believe he's only 50. He was once among the hunks of all times:


Okay, okay, so all this counts as interest in the spectacle I already pooh-poohed. But I couldn't ignore the hat! Aretha Franklin is rolling over in her grave—and she's not even dead!

Apr 28 2011
Young Fascists In Love Comments (8)

1303988643_william-kate-flashJust kidding. (Kind of.) But I just wanted to post to say I have never cared less about a story this hyped, and that includes Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, Michael Vick and Jessica, who fell down the well. The King of Swaziland is welcome to 'em.

Now, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden (with thanks to Hunk Du Jour) is another story...