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Sep 26 2013
Queen Of Her Castle Comments (0)
It's meant to be a silly roommate joke, and yet I wonder how none of Latifah's handlers thought this would also scream "lesbian lovers"...

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Sep 14 2013
24 Things You Don't Know About Me, 1 You Prolly DO Comments (0)
The above is from Us (September 23, 2013). The idea that this closet case would submit to a "25 Things" for the mag (in which she is willing to discuss plenty of personal things, just nothing gay) inspired me to ask a friend to alter #22.
Feb 02 2013
Out Soon? Comments (1)
Globe (February 11, 2013) has a list of stars it thinks are most likely to be next to say, "I'm gay." This list includes: Charlize Theron, Joe Simpson, Jessica Lange, Bradley Cooper, Queen Latifah, Michelle Rodriguez and Ryan Seacrest. I think a couple of those people aren't gay, a couple wouldn't say they're gay under penalty of death and the others probably will do so eventually.
Jan 25 2013
Get Out! Comments (8)

Five reasons for people to come out of the closet.

And after the jump, five people it would be cool to see coming out—not saying they are gay, but...

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Nov 08 2012
Most Lesbian Story EVER Comments (0)

Lesbian-Pink-Jeanette-Jenkins"Please don't leave meee"

According to Star (November 19, 2012), Pink played cupid between Queen Latifah and her estranged longtime partner Jeanette Jenkins—and the couple is back together now.

May 03 2012
Queen Latifah Comes Out... Comments (1)

...to perform at her first pridefest. I hope this is a big step in the right direction of actually coming out. Cool!

Jan 05 2012
Straight Talk Comments (2)

From Us (January 16, 2012): The often-rumored-to-be-gay Dolly Parton is asked about her great chemisry with her even-more-often-rumored-to-be-gay Joyful Noise co-star Queen Latifah. I'm actually going to be seeing this movie soon. I'm assuming it will be the non-sexual version of Shame.

Nov 06 2011
Popularity Contest Comments (3)

SafariScreenSnapz001Enjoy this strip...and it is a strip

Thanks for reading Boy Culture on its sixth anniversary today if you did; it was my fifth biggest day ever!

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0148c7fc90ef970cSparking some interest

It was just ahead of January 25 of this year, which was big due to my first post about Black Spark.

Zac-efronIt was behind August 11, 2009, which was plentifully peopled due to two "Channing Tatum used to be a stripper" stories (here and here); September 4, 2009, with its link from Perez regarding Queen Latifah behaving like Redd Foxx with a nasty stripper; and March 3 and 4, 2011, which were both hot due to the mother of all posts, the one where I went all out by scanning an article from National Enquirer claiming that Zac Efron had been spotted holding a guy's hand. Queenstrippere__oPtMarch 3, 2011, was not only my best day ever, it had more views than my third and fourth most popular days put together. (The Zac post was widely "stolen"—if people using my scan of stolen stuff counts as stolen—by others across the Web, so my hits could have been even higher with more attributions.)

The lesson? Sex sells. Even when it's being given for free.