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Jul 05 2012
Not-So-Private Comments (0)

Private Structure Underwear Model Pubes
Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): I like Private Structure's model, who isn't very strict with his definition of what constitutes "private".

Jul 04 2012
Odd Man Out: Frank Ocean Is Not Straight Comments (2)

Odd Future hip-hop star Frank Ocean has come clean about a past relationship with a man in a poetic letter that could be considered a coming out (as a bisexual? he isn't explicit) but that feels much deeper than the usual "Yep, I'm Gay!"

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Jun 30 2012
You Better Twerk Comments (4)

Via Queerty: I'm torn about Lohanthony, a 13-year-old bitch who is anything but basic and whose YouTube videos have gone viral.

On the one hand, he redefines "precocious", is hilarious and is probably really smart. How else to explain his absorption and understanding of so many aspects of being a queen that are far beyond, or should be far beyond, his tender years? 

SafariScreenSnapz002"Fuck the haters!"

On the other hand, is this flaming version of McLovin going to grow up to be a huge asshole? The shade he's throwing is hysterical, but is he like this all the time?

And regardless, his "twerking" videos could very easily be deemed child pornography at any moment. He shakes his ass in a way no 13-year-old with should be doing, let alone on the Internet, while sexually explicit songs play. Actual cases where that kind of thing has been categorized as child porn do exist.


Taking all of it into consideration—I still think there is something genius about him, I hope he gets what he wants in life and I don't think for a second he's a kid we need to worry about ending up another suicide statistic. The confidence is shattering. I've met Britney Spears three times and I would gladly give him all three of those meetings if I could.


And for all you basic bitches itching to respond negatively to me for even so much as considering whether his videos are a net positive or net negative thing: YOU'RE BASIC.

Jun 23 2012
Too Cheyenne Comments (3)

Cheyenne Jackson is lickable—every inch—in the new Attitude.

Jun 13 2012
Hot Mike Comments (1)

The new Magic Mike trailer is naughty.


Jun 07 2012
Look Into My Eyes Comments (1)

Dracula stud Frank Langella (who used to make Whoopi) considered himself a hot piece back in the day—and everybody agreed!

May 30 2012
A Good Attitude Comments (1)

Gareth Thomas is looking good, like a bad boy should, and totally naked on the cover of Attitude. Now can someone please, please tell him he needs to get over the idea of heinous Mickey Rourke playing him in a movie? Granted, Mickey Rourke used to look like this:


...but Mickey Rourke now looks more like this:


May 17 2012
Splashy Colors Comments (0)

1 edixon-valdez-swimwear-1
Via Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Despite his disaster-on-the-high-seas-sounding name, Edixon Valdez is one sexy bastard in a rainbow series of bikinis.

Mar 10 2012
Pro-Gaydar Comments (0)

Conor Clary Travis Lowry Rainbow Chronicle

Conor Clary and Travis Mowry (pictured above, L-R) have founded Rainbow Chronicle, a new site that "allows users to rate businesses, events, organizations and individuals according to their perceived LGBT friendliness."

(I wonder what Khloe Kardashian's rating would be, given her recent B.S. "homo" comments on the radio? Queen bee? Queen B.S.!)

Sounds like a great resource and am curious to see if it helps to shine a light on businesses practicing discrimination or tolerating a hostile environment.

Feb 08 2012
You Know What Else Is "Gay-Ass"? Comments (6)


Connor Cruise, Tom's adopted son, blasted his gay publicist with a homophobic tweet after a Super Bowl message was taken a bit too hard. Jeez, the irony.