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Jan 24 2015
Front-Loaded: Quinn Jaxon Comments (0)


Via Late Lounge Lover.

Dec 24 2014
Midnight Snack: Cheap Undies Comments (0)


Via Accidental Bear: Colby Melvin, Quinn Jaxon and a host of other hotties are decking your halls with boughs of holly, aka, prancing about in CheapUndies...

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Oct 23 2014
Game Of Bones Comments (0)


The Quinn Jaxon video—it's got outrageously explicit nudity throughout, so is (Work Unfriendly)—Up Close and Personal is a better way to spend an hour than binge-watching Game of Thrones, I promise.

Get yours here.

Oct 21 2014
What A Booty Of Work! Comments (0)


As I work on my upcoming books Starf*cker (Lethe Press, spring 2015) and Encyclopedia Madonnica: 20th Anniversary Edition (spring 2015), please feel free to sample my 99-cent collection of gay erotica from the '90s, Young and Horny.



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AssI love that it looks like people are staring at this and commenting on it like it's an art exhibit.


Oct 12 2014
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (0)

Stripper-Quinn Jaxon-ass

Sep 07 2014
Need To Know: She Would Be Caught Dead In That Outfit + Kiss-Off + Quitting Time + Straight Up The Ass + Delicious LEFT-OVERS + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers will go out with a red-carpet funeral. Dylan Rosser

*widget boy cultureMelissa Rivers kisses her mother's coffin before cremation.

*widget boy cultureA great take this job and shove it missive.

*widget boy cultureHot cover of the week.

*widget boy cultureStraight guy falls in love with his male BFF.

*widget boy cultureJustin Theroux talks about his flopping bulge.

Justin-TherouxThis scene flopped hard.

*widget boy cultureVicki Gunvalson thinks gays aren't “all boy.”

*widget boy cultureCommon criminal Piers Morgan believes Madonna gives a shit about him.

*widget boy cultureBusinesses to SCOTUS: Decide already!

*widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon assumes the position.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Thurber's live KCON performance:

May 22 2014
Are Str8 Guys Affectionately Oppressed? Comments (0)

Quinn-Jaxon-Jamie-StroudLet's hug it out, bro!

Two of the gayest-yet-still-straight straight boys on the Internet—Jamie Stroud and Quinn Jaxon—submit to a little experiment conducted by GLAAD scientist Davey Wavey: Can two straight guys hug without getting all weird 'n' shit?

Interestingly, Quinn brings up the fact that a lot of straight penises will, in fact, respond if manually enticed:

“If you rub up the wrong way, it's just gonna go. It's a blood-flow thing!”

But having spent an afternoon totally alone, just me, my cash-filled wallet and a naked and semi-hard Quinn, I can tell you that I believe him when he says he's not only straight, but not gay for pay. Jamie, on the other hand, has been nailed by dudes on camera, so while he may well be a straight dude who has done gay stuff for cash, I think his inclusion here somewhat dilutes the experiment!

But all three are adorable...

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May 19 2014
Instagratification: 9 More Studs Slaying Social Media Comments (0)

Matthew-terry-shirtlessI'd love to go a few rounds with Matt Terry...

Jeremy-Green-absHere is another in my running series of roundups (the first here, the second here, the third here), meant to highlight some of social media's hottest show-offs. They're usually aspiring or accomplished models or actors, but I'm also interested in un-shy narcissists who make persuasive visual cases as to why we should look.

As always, hit me up with your suggestions for guys I can profile in the future, and be sure to follow my own sexed-up Instagram just for (naughty) fun. Actually, my Tumblr (Work Unfriendly) is where the real action is at.

Pedro-Arnon-hot-sexy-shirtless-stud-modelPedro Arnon, professional face man

For now, enjoy the latest 9 who caught my eye...

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