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Apr 15 2014
Need To Know: We'll Always Have PARIS IS BURNING, F.U. Airways, Logo-Go Boys, MOTHERS Pay + MORE! Comments (0)

Paris-Is-Burning-Sharon-NeedlesSharon Needles, learning she isn't the first queen with a mummified body in her closet.

*widget boy cultureNew book on classic movie Paris Is Burning.

*widget boy cultureU.S. Airways shows disgruntled customer how to go eff herself.

*widget boy cultureGet attached to Logo's short-form series Montreal Boy: Some Strings Attached. Girl-gone-wild

*widget boy cultureMadonna does Buzzfeed, word-associates "Putin" with "gay."

*widget boy culture"Girl Gone Wild" is even gayer, more dance-oriented.

*widget boy cultureSky Ferreira is such a tease!

*widget boy cultureYES to this Quinn Jaxon video, NO to this one.

*widget boy cultureAaron Taylor-Johnson, undies model.

*widget boy culturePlease support The Mothers or they'll guilt you to death: 

*widget boy cultureGay Games driving some Cleveland Muslims crazy.

*widget boy cultureSome bookstores are actually thriving. How???

*widget boy cultureRobin Roberts still defending being glass-closeted for so long.

*widget boy cultureKansas City shooter also loathed gays.

*widget boy cultureThat laptop is a lucky bitch.

NakedLaptop...or lapbottom?

Mar 19 2014
Gifs That Keep On Giving Comments (0)


Via Tumblin With Hotties: Every banana-throating gif ever made.

Mar 09 2014
You've Got Male Comments (0)


Quinn Christopher Jaxon has been a favorite model of mine for years, and I was lucky enough to shoot him in L.A. this past year. (How have I not released those photos??? I'm like a dragon on a horde when it comes to my photos. Or maybe I just wish I were better and post-production?)

Now, the second book of photos by his manager, Bacchus, is out: Male Temptations is dripping with not only Quinn photos, but also photos of eight other hot subjects. Visit Quinn's site (Work Unfriendly) to snatch this e-book up for only $15...and then browse the unbelievably all-acces items Quinn offers on a daily basis.

Feb 05 2014
Instagratification: 9 More Hotties Dominating Social Media Comments (0)

Quinn-Christopher-Jaxon-Boy-Culture-Matthew-Rettenmund-shirtless-underarms-tattoos-pitsFrom my exclusive shoot with the mighty Quinn

My last "Instagratification" post went semi-viral. No surprise, since being boy-crazy is more contagious than the mumps.

This post spotlights another nine beautiful dudes—gay, straight and anyone's guess—who enjoy availing themselves of the exposure and brand-building that social media offers. They gain attention and build fans, and we get eye candy—everyone wins.


Check them all out and feel free to make suggestions for guys I can include in my next round-up, and don't forget to follow my own sexy Instagram, follow me on Facebook, follow my blog on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, check out my YouTube videos and/or venture into my filthy-dirty Tumblr (Work Unfriendly)...

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Jan 25 2014
Got Me Covered Comments (0)


Boy-CultureTime for a reminder that my collection of erotic short stories (all from the '90s) is yours for 99 cents. I would also be grateful for reviews—I received one good one and then a comically phony bad one from a disturbed person who initially wrote me to rave about it and is going through some issues. Thanks for the 250 or so I've already moved!

I'm looking to release Blind Items: A (Love) Story and some fresh stuff next. Here was the original cover of Blind Items, which I loved almost as much as the one for Boy Culture (pictured at right):


Jan 12 2014
Get It While It's Hot Comments (0)


So my first e-book sold 100+ copies in its first couple of days, landing in Amazon's Top 7 among gay erotic books. Not too shabby! Thanks for your support. If you haven't bought it yet, it's only 99 cents, so you can't go wrong.

Get it on Amazon here.

Get it on SmashWords here.

If you're frustrated by both, e-mail me and I can sell you a PDF directly.

Dec 13 2013
I'd Love To Go To Town On Santa Claus Comments (0)


Superhot dancer and go-go artiste Quinn Jaxon, the gayest straight boy alive, indulged his agents by playing "Naughty Santa" for a fellow agent, and here is what went down the chimney that night...

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Dec 05 2013
Glory Days: Patrick Mark's Hot Calendars Comments (0)


I am, of course, a big fan of Quinn Jaxon...who isn't? But I'm also a calendar freak. I must own 200 beefcake calendars from over the years. I especially love Patrick Mark's new shots of QCJ in his special 2014 calendar—a good (same-sex) marriage of model and photographer.

Mr. Mark's also got an inspirational No Excuses 2014 Calendar, filled with fitness models...

Fitness Inspiration Calendar 2014

...and—best for last?—his 2014 MANofAUSTIN Editor's Favorites Calendar has some of the sexiest real dudes ever, after the jump...

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Aug 05 2013
Need To Know: Quinn's First Time, Terror Message, Sexy Actor Doesn't Consider Himself Sexy + MORE Comments (4)

Quinn-JaxonThe Book of Hormones.

*widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon's First Book is only 10 bucks.

*widget boy cultureFOX News contributor compares gay love with Ariel Castro.

*widget boy cultureFOX News to Cantor: Why are you passing bills that won't become laws?

*widget boy cultureCACA-CHING: GOP abandons Ryan's budget plan.

*widget boy cultureFirst worldwide travel warning in two years as terrorist chatter spikes.

*widget boy cultureJustin Deeley: "I would never consider myself a very sexy person."

Robert-Conrad-Van-WilliamsRecipe for hunk soup: Robert Conrad and Van Williams; add water.

*widget boy cultureGreat FB page for Hollywood gossip new (Carter MacIntyre) & old (Robert Conrad). Carter-McIntyre

*widget boy cultureA very honest newscaster assesses her on-air skills.

*widget boy cultureRussia hopes to punish Lady Gaga and Madonna.

*widget boy cultureKitten set on fire is recovering nicely.

*widget boy culturePeter Capaldi, 55, is the new "Doctor Who."

*widget boy cultureLindsay Lohan swears off booze.

*widget boy cultureGov. Bob McDonnell (R-Virginia) is goin' down.

*widget boy cultureActor and photographer Ken Rambo dies of heat prostration.

*widget boy cultureActor Michael Ansara, ex-husband of Barbara Eden, dies at 91.

Barbara-with-husband-Michael-Ansara-and-son-Matthew-i-dream-of-jeannie-6448026-394-371Eden with Ansara and their late son, Matthew, who died of a drug overdose in 2001.

Nov 22 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Quinn-Jaxon-bulgeEnjoy this trip-dych

Widget boy cultureQuinn Jaxon, underwear godling, spills his guts.

Widget boy cultureJustin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Liz & Prick. Rupaul-Live_Forever

Widget boy cultureYou Better Re-Work: RuPaul releases a slew of remixes.

Widget boy cultureDon't Like It, Like It: Rihanna's outfit resembles Webster S/M chic.

Widget boy cultureDamiana does Thanksgiving.

Widget boy cultureIs Truvada effective in preventing HIV?

Widget boy cultureAnti-Planned Parenthood Komen ex-exec eyes Senate bid.

Widget boy cultureU.N. pushing for gender-ID protection.

Widget boy culturePulling Some Strings: Neil Patrick Harris's new Nerdist puppet series.

Neil-Patrick-Harris-Nerdist-Puppet-DreamsAnd they call it puppet love