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Jul 13 2018
Gay Covers + Trump Slams CNN, Non-White Immigrants + Mueller Indicts 12 Russians + Harry Styles: TINA, SHE'S GAY! + Henry Cavil Scared Of #MeToo + Ariana Grande Argues GOD IS A WOMAN — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Abs-olutely flattering lighting.

Below: Keep reading for Steve Grand, Donald Trump & Theresa May, Robert Mueller, Ariana Grande & more ...

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When Racists Get Caught: Some Satisfying Updates Comments (0)

Anti-Mexican woman Laquisha JonesLaquisha Jones allegedly beat a man with her small child right by her side. (Image via video still)

Three high-profile incidents that have captured the public's attention have resulted in punishment and/or charges against the villains in the pieces ...

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Jul 12 2018
Model Citizen + Dye! Dye! My Darlings + Gay Emmys + Will India Un-Ban The Gay? + Kathy Griffin Gets Reel + Gay Mag Folds + Papa John Joins Uncle Remus + Michael Jackson: Castrated? + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: We've all been there!

Below: Keep reading for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and also a lot of things that weren't around in the 80s — like a hot male model named Tim and India potentially decriminalizing gay sex...

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Jul 11 2018
Thigh GASP + Jim Jordan's Wrestling Woes + Don't Mess With Auntie Maxine + Gay Dad Activists + Tom Of Finland Fever + Being Nice Never Works + Keeping Tabs + World Cup Protest + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All the feels, all the feels.

Below: Dancing on bourbon street, Jim Jordan's sticky mess, more power to Maxine Waters, a Tom of Finland cache, and more ...

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Jul 07 2018
Sexy Latin American Pride Pics + How The NYT Helped Trump + Bear Week Bonanza + Shawn Mendes Phone-Sex Audio?! + Brazilian Gymnast's Nude + Jim Jordan Took Saunas With Teens + North Korea Wafles + Strike A POSE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds got seriously jacked.


Below: Latin American Pride, criticizing the NYT, Bear Week,  Shawn Mendes and Arthur Nury leaks, Jeremy McClain on vogueing, shutting down the Dan Ryan, and more ...

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Jul 06 2018
Will Brittain's Big-Star Booty + Zac's Dread-ful New 'Do + Trump Mocks #MeToo, Warren, Civilization + Immigrant Soldiers Screwed + SCOTUS Wrangling + ScarJo's Dumb Move + Porn Legends + Have A #GlobalPrideMakeover + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Not a hard thing to ask, to watch Agustin Bruno.

Below: Keep reading for Will Brittain's big-star booty, Zac Efron's dreads, Trump mocking #MeToo, SCOTUS ruminations, Nick Jonas cuteness, porn dinosaurs, and more ...

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Jul 01 2018
UK Black Pride's Lady Phyll Tells It Like It Is, And Like It Needs To Be Told Comments (0)

Unnamed(All images via GT)

Lady Phyll speaks with GT about the founding of UK Black Pride, which has been around since 2005, saying:

In founding UK Black Pride, you'll have to really understand and recognize that this is more about a collective, a group of people. You know, the reason I always put co-founder is because the 'co' is about our community. The community founded this.

She grabs one of the July covers, and has much more to say inside ...

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Jun 30 2018
The Night The Gay Community Decided Against Kissing Richard Pryor's Happy, Rich, (Bisexual,) Black Ass Comments (0)

My friend Michael Michaud posted today about an event that happened nearly 41 years ago, and that 2-3-2013-6-36-00-AMwill forever stay with him — a benefit concert in favor of gay rights at a time when Anita Bryant was on the warpath to ensure that all gay people were disenfranchised even more than we already were.

His remembrance of being struck with a bigot's baseball bat, then having to endure (bisexual) Richard Pryor's homophobic, probably coked-up outburst from the stage is riveting.

Bootleg Betty also has a piece on how that evening went. Shocking that Pryor did that at such a fledgling moment for gay rights.

A bio of Pryor recalls the evening like so, and here's how Jet recorded the evening, starting with a slam that it was pompous to be about gay rights:

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