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Aug 26 2016
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Lunatic Governor When Challenged By C*CKS*CKER Lawmaker: I'M AFTER YOU! Comments (0)

Come ON, Maine, you can do so much better than racist, anti-LGBTQ, mentally unhinged Gov. Paul LePage. Check out his crazy rant to a Democratic lawmaker.

6-PACK — Cry Me An Ocean, Universal + SPA NIGHT's Casting Call + Big Fraudia + Troye Sivan & Lucky Blue Smith + Wrestlermania + Marti Gould Cummings Back For More! Comments (0)

Frank-Ocean-Blonde(Image via Boys Don't Cry)

*widget boy cultureFrank Ocean's Blond is a #1 chart and critical smash, but it's also the music industry. How he did it.

000068.26549.16574_spanight_still1_joeseo_bykijinkim_-_h_2016(Movie still via Spa Night)

*widget boy cultureGay-themed Spa Night has an Asian lead, so producer saw 100 (instead of 1,000+) actors for the part.

*widget boy cultureBOUNCE ON OUTTA HERE: Big Freedia gets three years of probation for Section 8 fraud.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.58.45 AMBig Freedia (Video still via WGNO)

*widget boy cultureOut artist Troye Sivan covers V ... with a half-naked girl.

Cqtm6i5VIAA5Jhs.jpg-largeTaylor Hill & Troye Sivan, Lucky Blue Smith & Kacy Hill (Images via V Magazine)

*widget boy cultureSomeone should tell this wrestler about the concept of bad touch. Or maybe not. Plus, Alexander Ludwig's butt.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.10.41 AM[GIF still via Kenneth in the (212)]

*widget boy cultureMarti Gould Cummings is returning to 54 Below to rock with you.

Aug 25 2016
Russian Loyalists Trump & Assange Assail Clinton As She Rises (Further) In Polls Comments (0)

Yesterday, Donald Trump—the most outspokenly racist major-party candidate for the office of POTUS since before racism had a name, boldly called Hillary Clinton an out-and-out “bigot” at a rally yesterday, claiming she didn't see POC as people, but as mere votes.

That's big talk from the man who has said—well, you know all the glibly racist things he has said. If this is his black outreach, it's a fail.

Even more iron—or moron—ically, he said it at the same rally at which he shared the stage with Brexit architect Nigel Farage, whose own entire raison d'être is racism.


On the same day, accused rapist Julian Assange, whose Wikileaks is now openly anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat and pro-Donald Trump, bragged on FOX News to Megyn Kelly that the shadowy organization—which recently outed gay men in decidedly gay-unfriendly Saudi Arabia—would dump thousands more pages on Hillary and her campaign, and that the information would be significant, hinting (perhaps desperately?) that it could be a game-changer.

This is an unacceptable situation, to have a foreign entity who stands accused of rape running an international hacking organization sitting back and waiting for just the right time to release information in order to swing a U.S. election. How is this fair or ethical in any way? It isn't. This man and his accomplices need to be removed from their hiding places and tossed in jail. There is at least an argument for the value of leaking sensitive material in whistle-blower fashion—Snowden-style—but that's not what this is. This is election-tampering.

When Assange discovers that what he has isn't enough to sink Clinton, what's to stop him from manufacturing stuff that is enough?

Aug 24 2016
6-PACK — Bringing Democratic Back + Wikileaks Out Saudi Arabian Men + Meet Misty + Leslie Jones Humiliated By Hackers + Truman Capote: Remains Of The Gay + THE BRONX QUEEN Cheers! Comments (0)

CqkpQrQUsAApg6j(Image via Twitter @jtimberlake)

*widget boy cultureActual stars are not only not embarrassed to be seen with Hillary, they're paying $$$ for the honor.

*widget boy cultureWikileaks outs Saudi Arabian men, sex-abuse victims—does not care.

*widget boy cultureMeet Misty Snow, a trans woman who's running for the Senate in Utah.

Misky+K+Snow+1Misty K. Snow, who is the Democrats' choice for Senate in Utah (Image via

*widget boy cultureLeslie Jones's site hacked, stacked with stolen nude selfies, sex pics, gorilla images. Gay dick Milo gloats.

*widget boy cultureBURNT PUBLIC OFFERINGS: You can own Truman Capote's ashes.

*widget boy cultureThe Bronx Queen sounds good (rave review), but I don't wanna go to the Bro—oh, wait! It's at Joe's Pub!

UnnamedThe star, Joe Gulla, is hot, too! (Image via Joe's Pub)

Aug 22 2016
6-PACK — Hillary Rising + Giuliani's Sick Accusations + Jump For His Love + Can't Bicurious Me Love + Gray Bashing + Otter Madness! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: If Hillary were to win Ohio, the election would be over the second that state was called.

*widget boy cultureGiuliani insists Hillary Clinton is ill—mentally or otherwise—because: The Internet.

*widget boy cultureTaking a flying leap:

*widget boy cultureStraight guys' gayest experiences.

553(Image via Twitter)

*widget boy cultureAthlete Andre Gray, who complained about racist taunts, once tweeted homophobic messages.

*widget boy cultureLOOKING HOT'S THE BEST REVENGE: Former GLAAD guy who sparred with Baldwin is otterly adorable:


Sunday Funday better than a Monday! #fireisland #fip #sundayfunday #instagay #gayboy #otter

A photo posted by richferraro (@richferraro) on

Aug 20 2016
Self-Described White Supremacist & Trump Fan Stabs Interracial Couple Comments (0)

This is just one result of a campaign based on whipping angry white losers into a frenzy: A white supremacist witnesses an interracial kiss Facebook-linked_image___rowe-3-620x412and out of nowhere decides to stab the couple engaged in it.

Via Salon:

“He tells them, ‘Yeah, I stabbed them. I’m a white supremacist,’” said Lt. Paul Lower, a police department spokesman. “He begins talking about Donald Trump rallies and attacking people at the Black Lives Matter protest.”

Rowe told police he had come to Olympia, from nearby Richland, in response to anti-police graffiti that had been written over the weekend. He told investigators he knew law enforcement officers “couldn’t hurt the black people on the street” and he would “continue the fight against all of the Black Lives Matter people,” according to the probable cause statement.

Congrats, Republicans—you created and anointed the candidate of your dreams. (If that is not a true statement, you can always leave the party. If you don't, then it's a true statement regardless of whether you'll admit it in mixed company.)

(Image via Q13Fox)

6-PACK — Face-Eater Was A GOOD KID + Olympic Sex-cathlon + Fur Real + Trump Fan Profiled + Trump's Louisiana Ploy + RIP BOB NEWHART SHOW Vet Comments (0)

*widget boy culturePolice responded to this clearly drugged murderer—calling him “a good kid”—within shooting him.

*widget boy cultureCouple boning in background disrupts Olympics coverage.

*widget boy cultureSexy, furry musclebod. I think the right word is GRRR.

Screen-Shot-2016-08-19-at-10.13.23-PM-650x432-1-300x199Jake Anantha says he's definitely not a Donald Trump supporter anymore (why was he ever?). (Image via MSNBC)

*widget boy culture18-year-old Indian Trump fan booted from rally on suspicion of being a protester. For being brown.

*widget boy cultureTrump makes shamelessly political appearance in flood-struck Louisiana, helps for 49 seconds.

Jack-riley-dead1Riley as Elliot Carlin (Image via CBS)

*widget boy cultureJack Riley, of The Bob Newhart Show fame, dies @ 80. Seinfeld GF Cynthia Szigeti dies @ 66.

Sherry-becky-1991-the-library-seinfeld“What holds the work togethuh, as I have learned from bittuh experience, is sexual intercourse.” (Image via NBC)


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