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Feb 15 2017
Chris Evans > David Duke (And Looks Better Unclothed) Comments (0)

Chris Evans has been in a Twitter war with racist-ass zombie David Duke, of all people. The good news is, Chris has handily won. The bad news is, David Duke is not only still alive, he's got tons of supporters, probably more than at any point in his life.

Thanks, NMPOTUS Trump.

Check out their chain of snipes:

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Feb 10 2017
6-PACK — Flynn Lied About Russian Wheeling, Dealing + Saudis Pay Trump + Trump's Easy D + RIP Porn Actor Max Schutler + Good Riddance Racist Porn Actor Cameron Diggs + CRUEL Hummer + Happy V.D. Day! Comments (0)

WIDGETFlynn reportedly lied about his pre-election chats with Russia, opening the door to allegations of treason — possibly ensnaring VP Pence.

WIDGETSaudis paid for Trump hotel room; no coincidence they're not on the Muslim ban list.

WIDGETTurns out Trump is looking for easy D. I would've guessed Pence, but okay.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 11.01.41 AMMax Schutler (Images via Darius/Jorge Schmeda)

WIDGETAnother gay-porn star dies young, with no cause immediately available. White-supremacist gay-porn star Cameron Diggs arrested after SWAT raid. (Work Unfriendly)

CqY2i8YWgAAFa7f(Image via Cameron Diggs)

WIDGETMy advice is to see as many musicals as possible: It's Cruel Intentions: The Musical.

16507968_752196124949276_7075836774052575177_n(Image via Cruel Intentions: The Musical)

WIDGETHappy Valentine's Day! Check out the incidence of STDs (gono and chlamydia) state by state. Spoiler alert: Deep South has a lot.

Map2(Image via

Feb 09 2017
Appeals Court Smacks Trump Down On Muslim Ban Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 11.17.03 PM(Image via Twitter)

Trump's Muslim ban appeal wasn't very appealing after all — the San Francisco-based court hearing the case voted 3-0 against the White House on Trump's probably unconstitutional ban.

He's going to stay pressed, and press on to the SCOTUS.

Feb 01 2017
6-PACK — Grindr Screwing Guy Over + Tastes Great! Less Xenophobic! + Serial-Killing Anti-Gay Gangs? + Mr. Philippines + Trump Equates Omarosa With Frederick Douglass + Mayor Comes Out As Trans! Comments (0)

14624813_1803955466550413_8755716043248238592_n(Image via Instagram @matthewstephenherrick)

WIDGETActor Matthew Stephen Herrick is suing Grindr for a malicious spoof account (by an ex?) that has sent 700 men to accost him.

WIDGETBudweiser's Super Bowl ad seems a direct hit on Trump's anti-immigration fiat:

WIDGETUp to 88 suspicious deaths of gay men in Sydney from 1976-2000 may have been hate crimes at the hands of teen gangs.

WIDGETInsta-personality Simon Loresca is achieving tens of millions of views for aping Miss Phillipines' distinctive gait:

WIDGETTrump awkwardly acknowledges Black History Month, name-checking Frederick Douglass and ... Omarosa.

WIDGETSmalltown Texas mayor Jeff — now Jess — Herbst comes out as trans in letter to the city she represents. (Click below to enlarge/read.)

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 12.00.00 PM(Image via New Hope, Texas)

Jan 27 2017
THAT PART'S NOT TRUE: Emmett Till's Senseless Murder Just Got Even More So Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.44.41 AMEmmett Till, a sweet-faced kid brutally murdered for being black (Image via historical family photo)

Carolyn Bryant, the woman whose claims led to the murder of Emmett Till and “catalyzed the 20th century civil rights movement,” is still alive (she's 82), hidden from view ... and apparently recanted her testimony nearly 10 years ago.

When she asserted that the 14-year-old black teen visiting Mississippi from Chicago had physically grabbed her and told her he had — done something — with white women before, shocking charges in the South 50 years ago, she was lying. This lie, and the now-shaky claim that Till (who had a lisp) had wolf-whistled her, led to Bryant's husband and brother-in-law abducting and murdering Till three days later, a crime for which they were hastily acquitted. The men were later paid $3,000 to admit to the slaying for a mass-market magazine's audience's entertainment.

Now, Bryant — the only principal still alive — is reported to have “tender sorrow” for Till's mother, who spent the rest of her life fighting for racial justice.

Bryant (not her name anymore; she remarried twice after her murderer husband) is reported to now think white supremacy in the South was wrong, but she is not making herself available as any kind of a public symbol of reconciliation — which is a shame.

She has written her memoirs, though ... and they'll be available in 2036, when it's too late.

Activist Shaun King is calling for her prosecution, which reminds me of Nazi-hunting and will probably engender the same types of responses: “Yes, of course, she must pay for her crime,” vs., “Aw, she's an old lady, let the past be the past.”

If you've ever seen the infamous image of Till's destroyed face (reproduced below in a vintage newspaper), you may think twice about having any tender sorrow for Bryant, however hopeful it is to hear that her opinions have changed ...

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Jan 20 2017
6-PACK/politics — No, Right-Wing LGBTQ A-Holes, Trump Is NOT On Your Side + Inauguration Bust + Trump Continues To Embrace Anti-Semitism + Trump vs. Homebuyers + Gore: Electoral College No More! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.35.13 PM(Image via White House)

WIDGETWithin an hour of Trump's inauguration, the White House's LGBTQ rights page was scrubbed. So were pages on climate change, Obamacare & civil rights.

WIDGETHere is how the Trump Administration will actively aid and abet the total destruction of all of Obama's LGBTQ rights progress — including marriage.

WIDGETTrump's inauguration was very, visibly sparsely attended. Sad. National Park Service tweeted about it — was promptly banned from Twitter by U.S. gov!

Ffhzrfihtvotr3kyr3n7(Screen grab via Twitter)

WIDGETTrump, in his inaugural speech, used a time-honored anti-Semitic slogan the ADL had asked him not to use. Dog whistle.

WIDGETOne of Trump's first acts makes it harder for first-timers to buy a home.

WIDGETAl Gore supported the Electoral College even after it screwed him. No more!

Jan 19 2017
Best & Whitest: Trump's Cabinet Is Whitest In Decades, He Says They Have The HIGHEST IQs Comments (0)

ABOVE: Donald Trump just said his Cabinet will have the highest IQ of any ever.

In related news: He believes his German/white heritage is superior and compares his family stock to that of racehorses, and he just became the first incoming POTUS to exclude Latinos from his Cabinet in decades. His spokesman says it's about “the best and brightest,” which apparently means old white people, black idiot Ben Carson and Mitch McConnell's Asian wife.

Such an odd coincidence that he's been endorsed by the KKK.

Jan 18 2017
6-PACK — (Even Gay) Cops Banned From Toronto Pride + Tony Orlando To Tie A Golden Ribbon 'Round The Oak Old Tree + But The Pants Stay Off + Gaga's Gag Order + IMMACULATE Collector's Item + Trump's Wildly Anti-Gay SCOTUS Pick! Comments (0)

WIDGETIn a highly controversial decision, Toronto Pride will ban police groups from marching, meeting Black Lives Matter demands. Reaction is racially charged.

WIDGETTony Orlando is now dead to me, although admittedly soon to be dead to everyone.

WIDGETThe guy you see below drops his pants here. (Work Unfriendly)

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.59.43 AM(Image via Andrew Biernat)

WIDGETLady Gaga has been told not to talk politics — or bring up Donald Trump, specifically — during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Madonna_ic-480x479Romeo & Juliet, they never bought this vinyl set. (Image via Rhino)

WIDGETFaboosh new vinyl set is available soon for Madonna's The Immaculate Collection.

WIDGETHey, LGBTQ Trump supporters — how will you feel when he nominates a frothy-mouthed anti-gay zealot to SCOTUS?


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