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Mar 14 2017
What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (She Died) Comments (0)

17203174_10154205343201945_6015382084492594136_nBette & Julie, Joan & Gina (Image via Warner Bros.)

I'm very much enjoying Feud. I think Jessica Lange is sublime as Joan Crawford, and while Susan Sarandon is not up to the challenge of filling Bette Davis's shoes (she often sounds like she's trying to sound tough), she's not terrible and has her moments. as Crawford (Image via FX)

Overall, it's an entertaining look at a fantastic film's fascinating journey from desperate ploy to stay relevant to greatness. Gossipiy? Sure. 

S-l1600West German lobby card (Image via Warner Bros.)

It made me wonder a bit about the cast of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) Of course, Crawford died in 1977 and Davis in 1989, and I remembered when Victor Buono — so deliciously desperate as Edwin Flagg in the movie — died very young, at age 43, in 1982. (Impossible to fathom that he was in his early twenties in Jane!)

There were very few other memorable faces in the film, but among them, future soap diva Anna Lee made an impression as the warring sisters' neighbor (she died at 91 in 2004), and of course Maidie Norman was wonderful as the righteous housekepper Elvira (she died at 85 in 1998).

Maidie-norman-imagesMaidie as Crawford's smart-as-a-whip secretary in Torch Song. (Video still via MGM)

Norman had previously worked with Crawford on Torch Song (1953) — yes, the movie in which Crawford donned blackface:

That leaves the bit players and the kids:

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Mar 04 2017
Don Cheadle Accuses Trump Of Asking Friend's Father If He Ever F'ed An N-Word Comments (0)

Because we're children and Google frowns on dirty words, my header will have to suffice, but I hope this image won't hurt me in the future, as far as potential ads (of which I have almost nada anyway):

I'll never get over the fact that even a large minority of people voted for this crooked, racist, ungifted, incurious, megalomaniacal chimp.

Mar 03 2017
6-PACK — Like Him Or Lump It + They Hate New York + SORDID Details + Wait, There's More Butt + Now, On With Grant Show + Gay Choices! Comments (0)

Mar3Alfonso2(Image by Andrew Stubbersfield/DNA)

WIDGETDNA: Alfonso Ballestas (Instagram here) is hot, even when you douse him in water.

WIDGETThink Progress: Hate crimes have increased dramatically with Trump's ascendance.

WIDGETThe OUTFront: Time to RSVP for A Very Sordid Wedding, in which gays are goin' to the chapel — but are they gonna get married?

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 12.04.35 AMLeslie Jordan is a very sordid bride! (Image via Regent)

WIDGETVanity Teen: Carson Aldridge shows his best side. (Secret: He has actually has four — Instagram or it didn't happen.)

Carson-aldridge-by-horacio-hamlet-for-vanity-teen-4Carson Aldridge (Image by Horacio Hamlet for Vanity Teen)

WIDGETDlisted: Grant Show (!) will be the new Blake Carrington when The CW revives Dynasty. (Only 8 years younger than John Forsythe was on the original.)

WIDGETGlobal News: The woman pictured below thinks LGBTQ protections for students might lead to straight students going gay. No, really.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.57.03 PMMiss Education (Video still via Global BC)

Feb 28 2017
Next, We Loot The Museums! Comments (0)

Kellyanne Conway sits in a rather disrespectful way on the sofa in the Oval Office. I'm going to guess the only way they got so many black people into a meeting with Trump is something to do with religion.

If not, they need to get right with God.

UPDATE: Turns out it's leaders from historically black colleges. Uh, guys, girls, Trump would like to make your institutions history. But that explains why Kellyanne is rudely ignoring them.

Feb 25 2017
TS Madison Torches NEW TITTY-GETTIN' BITCH Caitlyn Over Privilege For Supporting Then Tsk-Tsking Trump Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 12.51.29 PM(Video still via TS Madison)

Why isn't TS Madison a Pride Parade Grand Marshal?

The outspoken trans activist took to Facebook Thursday to destroy Caitlyn Jenner at the molecular level, ranting for 15 minutes about Jenner's treasonous embrace of Trump and her faux shock that Trump is doing exactly what he said he'd do — stripping trans people of rights.

TS Madison says some things woman to woman that only she can say. I would pay to watch Caitlyn's face as she heard this part, for example:

You shoulda been fightin' the fight against these people. Don't get mad now. Don't get mad now, and don't get on the phone and tell the motherfuckin' president to call you. Bitch, y'all call me. That's who you do. When you get on the phone with Trump and Sess — Jeff Sessions?! Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Bitch, did y'all, did you do any res — man, ya'll piss me off. It's y'all motherfuckers like ya'll that piss me off. All y'all new titty-gettin' bitches, y'all new nosejob-gettin' hos, you bitches that just started takin' one goddamn hormone pill. I don't give a fuck if you took a pill back in '81. I don't give a damn about that. Bitch, you just sproutin' a nipple. you new, new, new bitches that just  that just now, are living your truths now, at the end, bitch, when you two days away from death, bitch, out here supportin' an administration that you cou—, you cou— Did you think, at any time or any point, ma'am, did you think that this, that these people had you in mind? You are a transmothafuckin' transsexual. You are a transsexual. You just a white transsexual with money — that's what you are, but bitch, you are a transsexual. They don't give a fuck about you. They don't care about you. And you shoulda felt that in the beginning.

She goes on to attack Caitlyn's trans status in a diatribe that touches on race as often as it touches on gender.

See the rest here.

Feb 24 2017
New Musical Will Support Cyndi Lauper's True Colors Fund Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 11.13.13 AM(Image via SSPR)

Award-winning novelist Marc Acito and Grammy nominee Amy Engelhardt have teamed up to create a new musical adaptation of the 1963 film Tom Jones.

The new work aims to highlight the plight of minorities discriminated against just because of who they are: gay, female, trans, black — all could be substituted for “bastard” in the not-so-distant past.

Check it out here — and do so knowing that all proceeds will go to Cyndi Lauper's nonprofit True Colors Fund, dedicated to ending LGBTQ homelessness.

Feb 23 2017
Enough Is Enough: His Face Has Got A Good Beat Comments (0)

Be5d02bd56ee7ee896327ee887de70dc(Image via Mute)

Watching Nazi Richard Spencer getting punched to the beat of “Just Can't Get Enough” — after he claimed, preposterously, that Depeche Mode is the soundtrack of the alt-right movement — is amazingly satisfying, even for pacifists ...

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Feb 15 2017
Chris Evans > David Duke (And Looks Better Unclothed) Comments (0)

Chris Evans has been in a Twitter war with racist-ass zombie David Duke, of all people. The good news is, Chris has handily won. The bad news is, David Duke is not only still alive, he's got tons of supporters, probably more than at any point in his life.

Thanks, NMPOTUS Trump.

Check out their chain of snipes:

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