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Mar 26 2015
Need To Know: Model Citizen + Horning In On It + Universion = Racistists! + Vine Says It, Sprays It + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureBilly Kiraly—almost every inch of him.

*widget boy cultureCHILLING detail from Germanwings crash: Pilot locked out.

*widget boy cultureDoes this make you horny?

*widget boy cultureRodner Figueroa digs in deeper.

*widget boy cultureA 6-year-old who hooks you up with dick and ass???

*widget boy cultureCan't wait for Britney's sons to become her backup dancers!

*widget boy cultureThe New York Times hated Debbie Harry's lounge act...

*widget boy culture...but The New Yorker and Daily News were stricken pink by Debbie Harry.

*widget boy cultureMore religious assholes making sure you know they are.

*widget boy cultureMichelle Visage, on Madonna, ain't lie:

Mar 19 2015
Need To Know: Dean Of Models + Kathy Flying The Coop + Baby Got Running Back + Schock Report + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureJames Dean is alive! (Kinda.)

*widget boy cultureEveryone is rooting for Liza!

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper is Team Kathy.

*widget boy cultureYale running back has got back.

*widget boy cultureFrank makes sure the door hits Schock on the way out.

*widget boy cultureSchock's dad has almost figured it out.

*widget boy cultureZayn quits 1D?

*widget boy culturePresident Obama regrets not closing Guantanamo.

*widget boy cultureSeries-high ratings for Empire.

*widget boy cultureDressing up like a dog for sex is a thing.

*widget boy cultureWhite people are sad about Black History Month.

*widget boy cultureMeet Lady Gaga's stylist.

*widget boy culture*NSYNC's No Strings Attached is 15 years old.


Mar 17 2015
Gay You, Gay Me + Right Makes Might + Try Me A River + So Funny They Forgot To Laugh + Prodigal Son + Fresh Kills + MORE! Comments (0)

James-FrancoLoud and queer

*widget boy cultureJames Franco is not exactly gay. Let's say he's post-straight.

*widget boy cultureIsrael seems to be voting against peace, ever.

*widget boy cultureNetanyahu plays the race card, straight outta the Republican playbook.

*widget boy cultureRiver Viiperi gets pumped.

*widget boy cultureJokin' about a guy's dad dying in 9/11 and about Paul Walker's death.

*widget boy cultureWill Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy is queer for prison-rape jokes.

*widget boy cultureD&G exec quits over their gross comments. Piers Morgan plays bullying card!

*widget boy cultureThe Breakfast Club mini-reunion.


*widget boy culture(Almost) More Michael Hoffman than you can handle.

*widget boy cultureLET'S MAKE A DEAL WITH IT: Getting en-gay-ged on daytime TV.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay Chief Justice Moore's son is a career criminal already.

*widget boy cultureMiley's Bangerz tour DVD trailer is up.

*widget boy cultureI'm remembering Jane Krakowski's Madonna jokes on 30 Rock.

*widget boy cultureNatalia Kills is NOT sorry for her vicious words to wannabe.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 7.36.43 PM copyNatalia Kills, 2015, meet Madonna, 1988.

Mar 07 2015
Rights Here, Rights Now Comments (0)

Above, President Obama passionately argues for the restoration of the Voting Rights Act. It's an abomination that it even has to be said.

In other news, the Obama Administration has filed a historical brief on behalf of marriage equality. All those gay activists (and inactivists) who dragged Obama down in his first years, who refused to believe he would be a fierce advocate, who mocked him—where are you now? (Answer: Probably still shrieking that it's all too little, too late, because nothing this person ever did was ever going to be enough for them. Nothing.)

Mar 04 2015
Race Closed Comments (0)


The Justice Department didn't find evidence to charge Officer Darren Wilson with civil rights violations in the death of Michael Brown. Wilson has said he feared for his life.

It did, however, release a scathing report that paints a picture of a racial powder keg created by the Ferguson police department. #yeahnokidding

Feb 25 2015
Need To Know: Balking DEAD Fans + Twink First + Flipping The BIRDMAN + Ass-Backwards + FASHION POLICE Brutality + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureWalking Dead fans can't stomach...a gay kiss???

*widget boy cultureAs you know, I love a good word controversy. But is “twink” a slur???

*widget boy cultureThis Michael Keaton Vine makes me sad.

*widget boy cultureThe girl is on FIRE.

*widget boy cultureBoehner loses it over President Obama's Keystone veto. (Ha-ha.)

*widget boy cultureSaw Kingsman and found the final joke really tacky & weird.

*widget boy cultureIs your dog food brand killing your dog?

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper's murderer found guilty.

*widget boy cultureKelly Osbourne has some balls. I'm turning the corner on liking her.

*widget boy cultureGiuliana Rancic issues a legit apology for her racially insensitive comment.

*widget boy cultureGovernor of Arkansas is on Cher's Chit List.

*widget boy cultureSticky: A great place to find BUBBLES.

*widget boy culturePower bottom + Power Rangers + coke = must-see.

*widget boy cultureCongrats to Kevin Sessums on the publication of his latest memoir.


Feb 24 2015
Fashion Word Police Comments (0)


I support Zendaya Coleman for calling out (of all people, the relatively kind) Giuliana Rancic, who noted that Zendaya looked like she might “smell of...weed” because she was wearing her hair in dreads.

Though I don't doubt that Rancic was not trying to express contempt for black people, her defensive response that it wasn't about race isn't really true. More accurately, it wasn't intentionally about race. 

Giuliana RancicRancic's non-apology, complete with assurance that she can't ever be racially insensitive.

It also raises some interesting questions about the existence of shows like Fashion Police (which I realize a lot of my readers love). 

So many times—always?—in cases like this, people are quick to say that it's humor. Get a sense of humor!

That's such a thoughtless (in the literal sense of having no thought process behind it) proposition. It's okay to say anything if the intent is to be funny, and anyone directly targeted, affected or offended by it has to either laugh or shut up? That's an example of policing language, which is what defenders of comedy at all costs usually cite whenever a joke is perceived to have gone too far.

So if you disagree with anything I'm saying in this post [insert clown horn], too bad, it's meant to be humorous!

Zendaya Coleman

I once did a scathing post that I semi-regretted, but the concept was: I pulled one of those would-you-be-caught-dead-in-this-outfit? type of pages from a weekly tabloid and I found photos of all the celebs who were on the panel. They were not extremely attractive, nor were they good dressers, and this is coming from a guy with about three pairs of pants and seven T-shirts. I posted them and roasted them. One of the women wrote me, humiliated and angry, and tried to excuse it by saying the magazine wrote most of the stuff for them to say anyway.

I've also commented, and did so again on Facebook regarding the Oscars, on the ridiculousness of having certain people being put forth as arbiters of beauty and taste in order to judge others. The optics of seeing some of these commentators in comparison to the women they think didn't quite do it right stink...worse than pot.

And there is no denying that the feel of a barb changes based on the age and the gender and the race and so on of who is making the barb. I don't think Zendaya needs to get a sense of humor in this case. I think she's got every right to be ticked off, not least of all because she looked outrageously beautiful and chic, and if that's not the point of Fashion Police, what exactly is?

Feb 23 2015
Miss Speak Comments (0)


Anyone can misspeak, but how anyone could grasp for a word and come up with “jigaboo” innocently...let's just say it takes a very FOX News brand of stupidity.