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Apr 23 2017
Some Things Are Black-And-White Comments (0)

Klan3(Image via Str8UpGayPorn)

Meet the idiotic gay-porn actor from Europe who thought a gigantic, full-color tattooo of an aroused Klansman gazing upon a black “native” was a great idea. (Work Unfriendly)

Apr 17 2017
Allegations Of Racism At NYC's Newest Gay Bar — Truth Or A Smear? Comments (0)

RebarRebar NYC's main Facebook image — another, nude one, here (Image via Facebook)

Rebar NYC just opened where G Lounge used to be, a much-needed new gay night spot, and already there are multiple claims that its marketing strategy and door policy are less than welcoming to men of color, particularly black men.

Edugaytion found detailed personal accounts from black men who claimed they were told the club was full, but who later got in and saw it was not full — and that the clientele was mostly white. They concluded the club was deliberately keeping the black quotient down, which as we all know has happened at clubs in the past.

But is it happening at Rebar NYC?

Quite a few people on the bar's FB page have spoken out (not counting the people who weren't even there or the lunatic who responds to positive reviews with Do you hate black people?). One noted that Rebar may be trying to thin out black attendees with a random policy — no hats after 10 p.m. I don't get that at all, but it reminds me of how incensed white people get at various black fashion statements (sagging jeans for some reason can turn white liberals into Strom Thurmond):

Here is a firsthand observation from a patron who was at the bar three nights in a row. Earl Fowlkes is not someone who is looking to drag a new gay establishment or to cry racism where it does not exist, so if this was his experience, it should be taken seriously: 

Some of the complaints might just be people exaggerating (“there were only five black people inside”) , but I think it is a huge mistake on the part of the club to push back defensively. Edugaytion quotes an unknown person answering the phone as saying:

We have no statement. The situation is not real ... We're not going to give it credence at all ... We do not want to expand upon that. If we did, we would do it online.

Though they were not posted in response to the uproar, some photos from opening night do not show an all-white establishment.

Images from opening weekend posted by the bar's owner, Frank J. DiLuzio: 

There appear to be arguments on both sides, but I think if the club owners and staffers get too caught up in pushing back and telling people who honestly felt excluded  that they're just plain wrong, they're not going to achieve success. If I were them, I would rededicate the establishment to inclusivity, be mindful of who gets to be on special lists if the line outside is disproportionately black, think twice about marketing images that don't include black men and finally, issue a more conciliatory statement — they can definitely word it to express their profound disappoinment to be accused of something they did not do intentionally, while still acknowledging that a number of patrons organically felt shut out.

Better to fix their optics, especially since I assume they would say they're not deliberately trying to keep black people out.

Apr 16 2017
6-PACK — Unhappy Ending? + Gay BFFs Bite Back + Gaga Cured + GO, OSSOFF! + Speedo Sunday + Ivanka Is Complicit, Can Go Stuff It! Comments (0)

170414-navy-officer-porn-star-feature(Image via Twitter)

WIDGETNewNowNext: The U.S. military is mad at a Navy SEAL for doing very-happy-ending-massage and other kinds of porn.

WIDGETBuzzFeed: Another retrograde listicle about what women need to stop doing in if they don't wanna annoy their gay BFFs. Some of these ... I dunno.

Lady-Gaga(Image via Interscope)

WIDGETExtraTV: Lady Gaga performs 90-minute set at Coachella, including a new single — “The Cure.”

WIDGETPolitico: God, I hope Jon Ossoff can pull off a win in Georgia.

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): He looks like Robert Urich, in his prime, in a mankini. (Plus: A f*ckable Easter Bunny!)

WIDGETInstagram @swimsuit_issue: My feelings exactly on anything to do with “the voice of reason” Ivanka Trump: 

Her response is after the jump ...

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Apr 13 2017
6-PACK — Trans SURVIVOR + Mar-A-Lago Health Code Mess + North Carolina Anti-Marriage Equality Bill Dead + Does This Filipino Make Me Look Racially Insensitive? + Protests Against Chechen Gay Camps + Chicago Would-Be Terrorists Nabbed! Comments (0)

Zeke-smith-cbs-825x580Zeke said he wishes his rival well — from afar. (Image via CBS)

WIDGETExtraTV: Survivor's Zeke Smith cruelly outed as trans by gay fellow contestant Jeff Varner. His thoughts, post-show, are well worth reading. Varner's apology:

WIDGETFreak Out Nation: Don't eat the chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago — you'll get worms or you'll help set a missile strike into motion.

WIDGETWRAL: North Carolina Republicans declare that ridiculous anti-gay marriage bill DOA.

WIDGETTelegraph: Pietro Boselli blows off racism claims after he uses a Filipino man as a prop in his latest monetized YouTube clip. Video after the jump.

Pietro-Boselli-FilipinoThe optics aren't great, but Boselli won't even entertain that notion. (Video still via Pietro Boselli)

WIDGETJoe.My.God.: Protests outside Russian embassy in London as Chechen gays cry out for international help over modern-day concentration camp.

WIDGETPink News: Two Chicago jihadists were arrested on terrorism charges Wednesday. One of them thinks gays should be tossed from the Sears Tower.

Schimenti_640x345_acf_cropped-1One of their moms told the press, “Eddie is no terrorist.” (Image via FBI)

Pietro Boselli video after the jump ...

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Apr 05 2017
Tone-Deafness: The Choice Of A New Generation Comments (0)

This is an appropriate use of the current mood in a video:

This is not:

Apr 03 2017
6-PACK — Once, She Had A Secret Birthdate + Bernie Sucks Up To Trump Voters + Trump Savaged In L.A. TIMES Editorials + Trump's Warm Reception For Egyptian Dick-Tator + Mousey Baby's Hate Crime Charges + Madonna As CPR! Comments (0)

SourceBack in the Day — and see her now, at 95! (GIF via Mandy-Rascal)

WIDGETThe Guardian: Happy 95th to Doris Day — my pick for #1 most important living star over 80 — but LMGAO if she wants me to believe she just found out she's not 93.

Tumblr_ni56afhJ7D1qicfexo1_500With 95, you get eggroll! (GIF via Giphy)

WIDGETSalon: Bernie Sanders has a great record on race, but here's why he's full of shit to suggest Trump voters are not, by and large, racially motivated.

WIDGETL.A. Times: On Trump: “It is impossible to know where his presidency will lead or how much damage he will do to our nation.” Plus: Part 2!

WIDGETHuff Post: Trump called out Obama for not condemning Egypt's human-rights record, now meets its dictator, shakes hands, says that's best done privately.

2017-03-31_7-17-03Mousey Baby should not hang out on beaches if he's a-scared of gay guys. (Image via Facebook)

WIDGETTowleroad: Brooklyn rapper Mousey Baby faces hate-crime charges for slashing two men just because he thought they were gay.

WIDGETNPR: How you can save somebody's life using Madonna's “Who's That Girl.” Speaking of Madonna: 

Apr 02 2017
6-PACK — Ryan Phillippe Flexes His Sex Appeal + Bill O'Reilly Gropes 'Em In? + Trump's Incitement Of Violence + I Do Know MANDINGO + Speedo Satisfaction + The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.27.04 AMSex on the beach. (Image via Instagram @ryanphillippe)

WIDGETInstagram @ryanphillippe: Ryan Phillippe is everybody's pick for sexiest dad. BTW, even his photographers are hot:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.29.46 AMRyan with the Riker Brothers (Image via Instagram @rikerbrothers)

WIDGETThe New York Times: Five women have been paid about $13M in exchange for not pursuing sexual harassment claims against Fox News star Bill O'Reilly.

WIDGETAP: Judge rules that Trump has no free-speech defense in lawsuit alleging he incited violence against protesters. And he's POTUS. Unreal.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.33.06 AMQuentin Tarantino correctly IDed Mandingo as a rare instance of a big-budget exploitation flick. (Image via Paramount)

WIDGETPoseidon's Underworld: One blogger checks out the goods on Mandingo (1975), the film Roger Ebert called “racist trash!”

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Huge dude, hairy bod, Speedo. Happy Sunday!

WIDGETTwitter: Every pet owner's life:

Mar 27 2017
People Have The White Power Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.12.50 PMHe thinks because he has statistics that they're real. He has no idea. (Video still via ABC7)

Hot on the heels of the story of a white supremacist who traveled to NYC with the stated intention of killing black man, residents of Lewiston, New York, started receiving white lives matter flyers courtesy of a new-to-town racist, anti-tooth activist.

Dude says he's proud of his people. Because of people like him, I ain't.

The white supremacist killer, James Jackson, has been hit with terrorism and hate-crime charges. I know this story has been in the news, but can you imagine for a moment how different the coverage would have been had the murderer who traveled to the big city to kill had been a Muslim after Christians? A black man after white men?

There is simply no way the story would not be fueling several news cycles and on Trump's Twitter account for days.

The victim slain by Jackson with a sword left this world with an unanswered question. Via NY1:

A childhood friend of Caughman is speaking out about the murder and says he can’t believe Caughman was a victim of hate.

“A friend of mine called and said his last words were, 'Why you doing this to me? What is wrong?'” said friend Carl Nimmons. “And that part just keeps on playing in my head.”


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