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Sep 14 2011
The One-Night-Stand Comments (3)

Glen-rice-wife-cristina-fernandez-rice3 A new tell-all book on Sarah Palin alleges (again) that she used cocaine and fooled around with hubby Todd's business partner, but also that she used 6'8" basketballer Glen Rice (pictured with wife) for a single night. Yes—gasp!—a one-night stand. Will Tea Partiers be more upset that she had a one-night stand, committed adultery or indulged in miscegenation?

Aug 05 2010
Out At Sea Comments (1)

Queen Latifah may not be on the record as a lesbian, but good for her that she seems to be easing into living her life in broad daylight. I do appreciate that she is one of the only closeted stars to not completely expunge her life of any visual clues that she is in the life.

Jun 29 2010
Yep, He's Got Gay Tendencies Comments (9)
Jake Pavelka is being called out for having "gay tendencies" by a former contestant on The Bachelorette. From his lips to God's ears! Oh, and an anonymous bachelorette also says he has "gay potential." Potential...maybe if he just trains a little harder he could be a gay Olympian.
Jun 11 2010
Not So Great, Dane Comments (0)
Benardo294Flamboyant American Idol reject Ian Benardo claims that Dane Cook called him a "fucking faggot" and said he'd "burn in hell" off camera at their Idol taping, an incident he says was witnessed by Ellen DeGeneres.

Easy enough to investigate: Ellen?

Apr 21 2010
Sit On It Comments (5)

Far-right nut Scott Baio (he thinks all of his taxes go to support lazy bums) and his even more fucked up wife are in a war of Tweets with Jezebel, of whose editors the wife said: "You bunch of FAR LEFT Lesbian snatches shitasses! No wonder you're all Lesbos because what man in his right mind could put up with your cuntness? Scott Baio has more class in his piss than all of you all!"

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Apr 13 2010
What's Next, Finding Out He Killed Natalee Holloway? Comments (10)
Remember when Radar was a pointless magazine? Yeah, well, it's quite the little gossip scooper these days as a Web site. The latest is their unearthing of a nasty, anti-gay e-mail from Jesse James to a former employee from a few years back. I feel bad for Sandra Bullock, too, but let's see...sex addict, white supremacist, homophobe...how does this not, at some point, reflect on her in some way? He might not have been cheating in front of her, but was the racial and anti-gay stuff really done in out of the way motels, too? 
Feb 26 2010
How Did A Nice Jewish Girl Get Mixed Up In This? Comments (4)

Cindy Margolis pr
She's 100% Botox-leafed plastic, yet tons of straight men would give their left nut in order to sleep with Cindy Margolis. The guys competing on her reality show Seducing Cindy didn't have to give up that much—three of the finalists balled her, by her own admission. I guess she figured if they gave up a nut, the sex part would be less fun?

SafariScreenSnapz003 But anyway, as Radar Online points out, she signed off on the cruelest reality-show trick imaginable—the contestants witness an SUV they believe she's in crash and roll, then see her bloodied body removed and are told she will die without a kidney transplant. Will they volunteer?

Sick. Beyond. Belief.

She doesn't need a kidney, she needs a heart. And half of her face back from the landfill.

An Idiot Of Biblical Proportions Comments (1)

Lauren Ashley makes Carrie Prejean sound like Eleanor Roosevelt. (And still makes Eleanor Roosevelt look like Carrie Prejean.)

She also tells Radar Online (who the fuck is advising her to speak with Radar Online??? That's like Tiger Woods going on Dr. Laura!):

"Am I anti-gay? No. A lot of my gay friends tell me, 'that's your belief, I still love you. They know how much I love them and they know I still believe in them."

SafariScreenSnapz002 Great, so at least she believes in gays; we're not like the Cottingley fairies or anything.

I still want her tragic Beverly Hills fairy friends to please make their way to the nearest video camera and 'splain themselves.


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