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May 09 2017
It's Randy Rainbow's #GreatBigWorld, And We're All Just Travelers In It Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.21.36 AM(Video stills via Orbitz)

A few weeks back, Randy Rainbow was dropping hints about working with an idol of his on some special project, and now it's out!

In a splashy, gay-friendly (hell, it's actually straight-hostile) Orbitz ad, Randy does what he does best while flanked by Bianca del Rio and Miss Richfield 1981, and all three are joined by Captain Margaret Cho.

Oh, and a half-naked gymnast.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.22.55 AM

It almost makes me want to go to Egypt. Almost.

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Mar 20 2017
Randy Rainbow & The Beast! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.50.02 AM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

Randy Rainbow kills it with his Beauty and the Beast tribute. (Also worth noting: The movie smashed every record in spite of a right-wing boycott).

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Mar 06 2017
Randy Rainbow Probes A.G. (For Today!) Jeff Sessions Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 11.36.50 AM

(Video still via  Randy Rainbow)

Randy Rainbow is puttin' a musical hit on Jeff Sessions ...

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Jan 24 2017
Just The Alternative Facts, Ma'am: Randy Rainbow Takes On Kellyanne Conway Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.28.55 AM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

You knew this one was coming — Randy Rainbow gets catty with Kellyanne Conway ...

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Jan 12 2017
6-PACK — Michelle, Yeah! + Muscle Dudes + Blue-Eyed Babes + Caitlyn Jenner Seriously Has Got To Go + Obamacare Not! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 10.26.14 AM(Video still via The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)

WIDGETMichelle Obama's final late-night talk-show appearance as First Lady just twists the knife — what a change we're in for. Video after the jump.

WIDGETRandy Rainbow's latest parody is so funny it hurts:


WIDGETMuscle otter packed into his tee. The BIGGEST Hemsworth's meaty butt. (Work Unfriendly) Author with no pants, nice spread.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 10.42.40 AM

WIDGETFamous blue-eyed beauties of the male persuasion.

WIDGETCaitlyn Jenner sells out LGBTQ community, will attend Trump's installation inauguration.

WIDGETSenate sprinting toward kicking 20 million off health care, and “emerging autocrat” Trump thinks they'll have their AS-YET-UNWRITTEN replacement next week.

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Dec 14 2016
Randy Rainbow Is, Like, A Smart-Ass (Thankfully) Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.48.24 AM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

Donald Trump gets a pre-inugural entrance interview via Randy Rainbow ...

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Nov 07 2016
Randy Rainbow: TRUMP/PENCE ARE BAD Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 12.29.19 PM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

Randy Rainbow—sing it, sister!

New video after the jump ...

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Oct 25 2016
Bigly News: Randy Rainbow Announces LIVE Shows! Comments (0)

Randy Rainbow is bringing his songwriting skills and lightning-fast rhyme-spitting to the stage.

On November 7, Randy will host an election-eve party at NYC's Birdland (315 W. 44th St., New York, NY). Tickets 14441131_876527719115839_2288868381607329396_n are $30 and available here.

On Election Day, he'll host an Election Night Watch Party (I want to have an Elizabeth Taylor-themed Night Watch party) at Orlando's Parliament House (410 N. Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL). Tickets are $29 (competitive bitches) and are available here.

I think Randy's wit and style are uniquely entertaining, and I witnessed him do his incredibly complex thang live in NYC. Bitch brings it: 

In case you're new to the party, here is Randy's full bio, via press release. Also worth noting — he is single:

RANDY RAINBOW (yes, real name) is a comedian, actor, writer, host, and internet sensation best known for his viral comedy videos, including "Randy Rainbow Works at Chi-fil-A" and "The Kim Davis Cell Block Tango." His political spoofs, including "Randy Rainbow Interviews Donald Trump" and "Ya Got Trump Trouble!" have garnered international acclaim and millions of views. His song parody "GOP Dropout" series was called "the best thing about the 2016 GOP race" by Dan Savage and his musical tribute to the first presidential debate of 2016 ("BRAGGADOCIOUS!") received 28 million views in its first two days. His videos have appeared regularly on the popular blogs Towleroad, Queerty and Perez Hilton.
Randy has written for comedian Kathy Griffin and hosted and performed in numerous theatrical events for the Broadway, cabaret and gay communities, as well as for the Tony Awards and some of New York City's most popular night spots, including 54 Below, XL Nightclub and Therapy NYC where his own weekly show ran successfully for two years. He's been seen as a talking head on VH1 and has been heard regularly as both a guest and co-host on Sirius XM radio. He is the creator and star of the web series Chewing the Scenery with Randy Rainbow and Last Minute with Randy Rainbow.
(Image via Randy Rainbow)

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