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Dec 02 2010
Emmy's Grammys Comments (15)

Madonna's first Grammy nomination was for 1985's "Crazy for You," her first win was not until 1992 and she won no significant Grammys until 1999 (for Ray of Light). To date, she has nine wins and, by my count, 30 nominations. (At the rate she's going, Katy Perry should surpass that in an album or so...)

Madonna-4-280x400 This year, the Grammy nominations failed to include her for her Sticky & Sweet Long Form Music Video—even though it was quite a spectacular show not to mention the #1 solo tour of all time.

But David Guetta was nominated for his remixing services on "Revolver," a song a lot of Madonna's fans despise (I still like it, sorry!).

Here is his Grammy-nominated remix, the "One Love Club Remix":

Feb 23 2010
Brazilian Label Finds Jesus Comments (2)
Via Made In BrazilJesus Luz has signed his first record deal. His debut album will be called Ray of From the Light. Hopefully, rumors that he has no talent are unfounded. He looks pretty proud in this picture of him signing his deal. Good luck!
Feb 04 2009
Flashback: An "Homadge" To Joan Comments (1)


With credit to MadonnaTribe.com (and thanks to Giulio), this is an old discovery (probably first posted on that site years ago) about an old video, but one that still fascinates me—I never noticed at the time how directly the Joan Crawford film Humoresque (1946, dir. by Jean Negulesco) inspired Madonna's "The Power Of Good-Bye" director Matthew Rolston.

I wonder how Crawford—who died of cancer before Madonna made her mark—would have related to Ciccone? Probably about as well as Faye Dunaway is relating to Hilary Duff.

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