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Dec 09 2016
Tonight's The Night: Madonna On Showtime Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 9.09.15 AM(Video still via Showtime)

Madonna's (amazing) Rebel Heart Tour will be broadcast on Showtime tonight, ready or not.

Keep reading for the full, lavish, colorful trailer ...

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Dec 06 2016
Undress You Up Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 4.05.34 PM(Video still via Showtime)

In a teaser for Showtime's December 9 airing of Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour, Madonna adorably sings to her (un-)dresser ...

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Dec 03 2016
A Madonna Musical Masterpiece If You've Got 2 Hours To Spare Comments (0)
Dec 01 2016

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 6.23.51 PM(Video still via Showtime)

Showtime's December 9 airing of Madonna: Rebel Heart Tour gets a meaty trailer, throughout which we hear Madonna singing “Easy Ride” from her 2004 album American Life, performed live only at Tears of a Clown in Australia.

Keep reading to hear and see ...

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Nov 17 2016
Counting Down Till CARPOOL KARAOKE With Madonna Comments (0)
Nov 08 2016
Madonna's With Her ... In Spirit!: Inside Her Washington Square Park Pop-Up Gig! Comments (0)

*IMG_3455(All images can be maximized with a click; all by Matthew Rettenmund)

Madonna was stressin' me out with her secret, election-eve gig ... would it be in Philly? North Carolina? Michigan? Streamed live from her john?

MADONNA PROMO(Image via Madonna Promo)

Turned out to be an impromptu, pop-up gig in Washington Square Park, which she broadly hinted at while I was en route and then confirmed shortly thereafter. The small window of time ensured only the craziest fans could hightail it over, ensuring a manageable but enthusiastic crowd.



*IMG_3449I'll remember ... to vote!

My buddies and I sat at the fountain, directly across from the arch. It seemed obvious she'd perform inside the (empty) fountain with her back to the arch for the best photos.


In no time flat, we realized she would make her exit and entrance RIGHT beside us, which she did after her SUV pulled up at 7:30 on the dot.



*IMG_3517Shiny and New Hampshire ...

Madonna strolled in, surrounded by minders but quite accessible, wearing a stocking cap, long golden locks and an extremely colorful bomber. Had she been at Hillary's North Carolina rally, the Internet may have decided her look was an Illuminati salute; after all, Gaga was accused of dressing like a Nazi (when she was, in fact, wearing an original Michael Jackson jacket worn by the King of Pop to the George H. W. Bush White House).



*IMG_3558Madonna with her running mate, her talented kid David!

The set-up was 100% simple, and Madonna performed with her trusty guitarist Monte Pittman and her young son, David Banda, who strummed the guitar in parts.

Sadly, she spent most of the concert with her back to us. It was a theater-in-the-round set-up, but she only looked back at us a few times.

In good spirits, Madonna asked us to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and urged us to believe in the power of prayer before launching into an engaging and charmingly rough-around-the-edges set. I was that guy demanding that his friends give him credit because I had predicted the first three songs—from her entire catalogue—exactly: “Express Yourself,” “Don't Tell Me” and a cover of John Lennon's “Imagine.” Then, asking if we believed in the power of love, she seemed ready to dust off “Rescue Me,” but instead launched into “Like a Prayer.” She finished with a vocally amazing “If I Had a Hammer”/“Rebel Heart” mashup.



*IMG_3642Hoping it's a celebration in a few hours!

The 25-minute performance was warm and cheerful, and all the fans kept their distance, showing great respect for her space.

Probably my favorite was Madonna needling Obama for never having invited her to the White House, and only meeting with her when he had one day left as president.

*IMG_3568She's got the write-in stuff!

I didn't get the jaw-dropping photos I had hoped for—she was pretty  shy coming in and out—but did get some, which I'm sharing here. Enjoy. Wish I could have brought all of you along.

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Oct 25 2016
6-PACK — Driving Miss Gaga + The Sean Hayes Code + Rihanna's Missing Backup + What Happens Gay In Las Vegas, Stays Gay In Las Vegas + Hairy Hunk + New Madonna Book! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 10.53.01 AM(Video still via The Late Late Show with James Corden)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Gaga and James Corden have some moves, bitch, in new “Carpool Karaoke” teaser.

*widget boy cultureSean Hayes speaks candidly about being closeted in the '90s: “I'm ashamed and embarrassed.”

*widget boy cultureRihanna and Missy Elliott beg the public for info on their missing friend/backup dancer.

*widget boy cultureGo to Las Vegas Pride with The Randy Report!

Johnny-scruff(Image via The Randy Report)

*widget boy cultureFor those who like men WITH facial hair, but WITHOUT shirts.

*widget boy cultureJeannie Buxo announces Madonna: Iconic Moments from the Rebel Heart Tour, $40. Email her.

14716181_1476611679021106_1979784117970282939_nA big book devoted to one of Madonna's best tours (Image via Jeannie Buxo)

Oct 14 2016
Madonna Is BILLBOARD's Woman Of The Year Comments (0)

Tumblr_nuiylfpZc61qhjm0go1_540(GIF via

Billboard has announced that Madonna is its Woman of the Year, and she'll collect her prize in NYC in December!

The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group President & Chief Creative Officer Janice Min said of the Queen of Pop:

Madonna is one of a miniscule number of super-artists whose influence and career transcend music. With her creative vision, relentless innovation, and dedication to philanthropic causes, she is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world, all while shattering every career record out there. She is an important feminist on top of that, a one-of-a-kind artist who’s used her influence to change the conversation around women, sexuality and equal rights.

Perhaps charitably, Billboard lists Madonna's widely—and, I would argue, unfairly—derided Prince tribute as one example of how she has remained a part of the “cultural conversation” in the past year. That, she has! In a myriad of ways.

A number of other assertions in the Billboard piece announcing the honor should be especially gratifying for her fans, since some have been contested:

Her Rebel Heart Tour, which wrapped in March, solidified her status as one of the biggest touring acts of all time. Madonna sold more than 1 million tickets and walked away with $170 million. That makes her the highest grossing solo touring artist in Billboard Boxscore history (the archives go back to 1990) with a staggering $1.31 billion in total concert grosses.

In addition to being the first female pop star with true control of her career and image, Madonna is the best-selling female recording artist of all time. She's earned 8 No. 1 albums (and 21 top 10 albums) on the Billboard 200 and 12 No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100. With her 46th No. 1 on the Dance Club Songs chart in 2015, she extended her own record for the most No. 1s on a single Billboard chart. She also holds the record for the most top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with 38.

Madonna is slated to receive her award at the 11th Annual Women in Music Event, held December 9 in NYC. It will be filmed for Lifetime, airing December 12.

It will be interesting to see who hands her the award, who shows up, if tribute performances are tied to this appearance and how quickly people being snarking that this award was bought and paid for.

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