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Sep 26 2014
Signs Of The Times Comments (0)


Sep 17 2014
Hate Connection Comments (0)

Chuck Woolery, the 73-year-old former Love Connection host, hates to say it, but he think (President) Obama is a Muslim, which is a problem because:

“Muslims are on the March, Coming to a town near U”

Pure idiocy.

Sep 15 2014
Need To Know: Can't Stand Him + Coming Out Of The Celluloid Closet + PSYCHO Thriller + UNCLE TOM'S GAY CABIN + MORE! Comments (0)

Kanye-West-wheelchairKanye needs to stand down.

*widget boy cultureKanye West still vying for title of Biggest Douche Ever. Uncontested.

*widget boy cultureOrange is the New Black writer divorces husband to get some “Poussey.”

*widget boy cultureThe making of a modern gay character.

*widget boy cultureGays and miners team up in Pride.

*widget boy cultureI'm busy looking at Viggo Mortensen's butt, Mother!

*widget boy cultureAnother man accused of spreading HIV purposefully.

*widget boy cultureStraight couples starting to snub anti-gay wedding venues.

*widget boy cultureNo, really, Bronx councilman Fernando Cabrera is anti-gay.

*widget boy cultureRight-wing Jewish gay children's book writer thinks gays provoke Christian hostility.

*widget boy cultureISIL allegedly hauls in $3 million per day from illegal activities.

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson marries boyfriend of a year.

*widget boy culture2 straight dudes marry each other, hilarity (?) ensues.

*widget boy cultureFrat boys attempt to “Shake It Off”.

*widget boy cultureWhen Mighty Real's Anthony Wayne & Kendrell Bowman met, beautiful music was remade.

Sylvester-Anthony-WayneOnline buddies

Sep 10 2014
President Obama vs. ISIL: The Plan Comments (0)


President Obama's entire speech on the U.S. policy for getting rid of ISIL...

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Sep 07 2014
God Damn! Comments (0)

This is you:

This is me:

Sep 06 2014
Jew Must Be Kidding Me Comments (0)


Promoting a Christian movie, Kevin Sorbo reflected on the Jewish concerns expressed regarding fellow right-wing nut Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, saying:

“News bulletin: You did kill Jesus.”

News bulletins for Kevin: Jesus was a Jew. The Romans killed Jesus, and yet Italians aren't continually reminded of it and it's not used as an excuse for violence against them. And you can't act.

Sep 05 2014
Christian Values Comments (0)


Donna F. Bethell, an outspoken anti-global warming science nut and more importantly, apparently the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Christendom College—a Catholic institution—left the above comment on a Joan Rivers video.

We're all entitled to our opinion, but what kind of a self-proclaimed religious woman uses an account linked to her Catholic employer to seemingly express happiness that an entertainer has died? I wonder what it was about Joan Rivers that Bethell so despised?

It makes Jew wonder.

And how is dying during surgery similar to the way pigs die? Most pigs are slaughtered and eaten.

Aug 28 2014
Kicked Out: Gay Man Disowned, Beaten By Family Comments (0)

Here is some real Christian love for you—a young gay man's family viciously, coldly disowns and then physically assaults him.

Too many Christians have zero idea what the word of God really is on the subject of homosexuality or anything else.

UPDATE: Help a brother out here!