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Jan 12 2017
Bean Bag Comments (0)

Ultra right-wing sow/LL Bean heiress goes on Fox & Friends to cry (wait, who's the snowflake again?!) about the boycott against her Trump-loving company, and uses the term bully to describe boycotters.

It's rich how Republicans shamelessly co-opt terms like that to provide cover for themselves. She's a billionairess, not a kid in middle school.

Watch her get a big government job soon.

If she could sing, the bitch would be performing at the inauguration.

Jan 11 2017
Trump's Russia Problem Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 9.07.04 PM(Screen grab via Vox)

Vox lays it on the line regarding CNN's Russia report, which claims that U.S. intelligence agencies believe Russia has blackmail-worthy personal and financial info on Trump:

There is one thing, though, that we can say with absolute certainty. If the allegations are true, they will spark criminal investigations and the types of congressional probes that could end Trump’s presidency before it fully begins. If the allegations are false, Trump will accurately be able to say that he’d been slandered by a politicized intelligence community looking for ways to undermine his legitimacy.

I'm voting for: True.

Trump In Russia: NOW I BELONG! NOW I BELONG! Comments (0)

011117_extra_aj_trump_russia_preview_v2(Video still via Extra)

Some embarrassing footage has surfaced of Donald Trump giving an interview to Extra in 2013, ostensibly about his Miss Universe franchise. (He no longer owns it.)

During the brief chat, he is gifted with a traditional Russian fur hat — puts it on (bad image! — and declares, “twice, Now I belong!”

My reaction to this development:

Me: That's ironic.

Trump: What's ironic?

Me: Well, that in 2013 you were wearing a Russian hat, and it's now alleged Russia swung the election to you.

Trump: No, what does ironic mean?

Video after the jump ...

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6-PACK — Rubio Rumbles With Pro-Russkie Tillerson + Trump's Lawyer: Weak Argument + Say No The Inauguration Dress + I'm Still Queeeer! + Hot Dudes + Trump's Press Conference: Bigly Bad! Comments (0)

WIDGETABOVE:  Even Marco Rubio gets it on Vladimir Putin. Watch him grill Rex Tillerson, Putin's best buddy. (“Body of record?”)

WIDGETTrump's lawyer denies he went to Prague to meet with Russian operatives; pic of closed passport offered as visual proof:

WIDGET“There's never been less demand” for inauguration dresses. One vendor says it's the lowest in his 38 years.



WIDGETSpeedos in the snow. Diver is spread 'n' ready

WIDGETTrump's 1st presser in 6 months = disastrous. Admits Russia hacked, dismisses pee-pee report (“I'm a germaphobe”), still loves Putin.

6-PACK — That Russia Report ... What A Pisser! + Trump & Kennedy Team Up To Fight VACCINES + Trump Denigrated Marie Osmond's Religion, But She'd Serenade Him + Armacost Asexual + Obama's Good-bye + Not A Very Fiennes Michael Jackson Portrayal! Comments (0)

15894707_1194468887256606_6483479526266173430_n(Image via Trump Tower Mumbai)

WIDGETRussia allegedly has info on Trump's sexual proclivities, including his penchant for (watching) golden showers.

WIDGETTrump offers vaccine skeptic Kennedy a job. Perfect. Now idiocy will be contagious.

WIDGETMarie Osmond: Dead (to me) at 57.

WIDGETAustin Armacost claims to be asexual.

WIDGETObama calls for hearts to change in his final speech as POTUS. yeah, that's not happening. :( 

WIDGETStockard Channing as Liz Taylor — yes. Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson — NO:


Jan 10 2017
Signs Of The (End) Times Comments (0)


Utterly awesome yard signs from Verona, New Jersey. Millions of Americans should copy this.

Taking Her Broken Heart, Making It Into Art: Madonna Covers The 150th-Anniversary Issue Of HARPER'S BAZAAR Comments (0)
  Gallery-1483653357-hbz-madonna-february-2017-02 Gallery-1483653454-hbz-madonna-february-2017-03 Gallery-1483653538-hbz-madonna-february-2017-09 Gallery-1483653595-hbz-madonna-february-2017-05 Gallery-1483654120-hbz-madonna-february-2017-07 Gallery-1483654871-hbz-madonna-february-2017-08

(All Harper's Bazaar images by Luigi & Iango)

Madonna is no stranger to Harper's Bazaar, having posed memorably for the magazine numerous times inside and out since her debut, in Harpers_bazaar_Scan10098 a series of ungodly-cool Francesco Scavullo shots in November 1984 (pictured at right).

Now, Madonna has been granted the cover of the magazine's 150th-anniversary issue, and she uses the opportunity to vamp for the very first time for Luigi & Iango. The shots are pure Madonna — black-and-white images, a garter belt, sheer material, plenty of skin — and even recall a couple of shoots from her past (her “Deeper and Deeper” music video, some odd Miami shots I've never been able to place, her Rolling Stone spread from 1991 that time she spoke with Carrie Fisher). 

UnnamedI thought of this mysterious shot, from a social occasion around 1995, when I saw the first pic in the Bazaar gallery. (Credit unknown)

But they still manage to be fresh. New and classic, they are just the right approach for an anniversary issue of one of the most influential fashion mags in history featuring one of the most influential fashionable icons.

In her interview with Difficult Women and Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay, Madonna speaks a lot about time.



Gay gets her to confirm her next big project, a movie she co-adapted from the novel The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, and that she will direct. The story is about a woman navigating three lives across three eras, including a woman living in the '80s with her gay twin brother, who is dying of AIDS. Madonna refers to it as “an extremely timely story to tell.”

Choice quotes follow ...

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6-PACK — Do As I Say, Not Who I Do + Unsafe Bette + South Dallas Flirty + Fleeing Fox's Henhouse + Gay Vet's Vindication + Resistance Is Feudal! Comments (0)

Screen-Shot-2017-01-04-at-10.55.00(Image via Atlanta Police Dept.)

WIDGETGay-porn actor Jared Louis Velazquez allegedly attacked his boyfriend ... for watching porn.

WIDGETBette Midler's 1980 Golden Globes acceptance speech was ... not about Trump!


WIDGETCameron Dallas's bubble, and a flash of his junk. (Work Unfriendly)

WIDGETSome LGBTQ people have said Vivica A. Fox barring gays from her male strip revue is okay — but she lost her producer/director over it.

WIDGETA 91-year-old gay veteran finally sees his “undesirable” discharge for his sexual orientation changed to “honorable.”

WIDGETYUZIMA's response to Trump's pseudo-election is the rock song “Resist.”


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