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May 22 2016
Dick Gregory Has Lost It. Totally. Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.37.39 PM(Image via WGN)

Dick Gregory dramatically inflates the importance of his run against Mayor Daley, claims he got 9,000,000 votes in Pennsylvania when he ran for president (he didn't even hit 50,000 nationally), asserts that Donald Trump is “doin' so good” because voting machines are rigged, hints that Prince was killed with the help of Warren Buffett, says JFK didn't die in Dallas but lived as a “vegetable”—it's a mess, a conspiracy-theory-laden mess.

Oh, and he alleges he does 250 stand-up dates a year. Yeah, no.

Keep reading to watch this old man make a damn fool of himself ...

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For Liberal Purists Who Think Hillary Isn't Good Enough Comments (0)

This is an example of the kind of person whose wishes will elect our next president if liberals who have been fooled into thinking Hillary Clinton is a disaster refuse to vote for her.

I'm not shaking in my boots over a pre-election poll taken recently that shows Trump at 46 and Hillary at 44—he just clinched his nomination and is enjoying that boost. She has yet to clinch hers. McCain was ahead of Obama and Romney was ahead of Obama in similar match-ups much closer in.

But again, anyone who feels Trump just couldn't be elected is a fool, and I have to say anyone who cares about progressive issues who thinks there is no difference between Trump and Hillary is every bit as much of a fool. I get that a lot of people dislike Hillary, but when push comes to shove and you have to choose A or B, don't kid yourself—A and B are worlds apart and the selection of one over the other will change the course of history.

6-PACK — The $80K Gay Kiss + Military Meat + Hillary Dwarfs Trump + LGBT History In The Making In Dallas + Zimmerman's Gun Auction Slays + TSA Report! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureLesbians wrongfully arrested for kissing in Honolulu have settled their lawsuit for $80K.

*widget boy cultureInsanely adorable military dude! Also, this tall, lean looker ain't half bad, either.

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton's campaign infrastructure is 10X the size of Tiny Hands Trump's. Let's hope it helps.

 Hillary Clinton will start with a huge infrastructure advantage over Trump | AP Photo

*widget boy cultureCheck out the new Resource Center for LGBT people in Dallas, located in landmark building.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Zimmerman sells gun he used to murder Travyon Martin for $250,000.

*widget boy cultureMy experience at O'Hare with the TSA on Saturday: Insanely long lines, but I did get through quickly:

6-PACK — ATTITUDE's Trans Knockout! + Spacey As Clinton Lays Into Trump + Trump's Supremely Unqualified SCOTUS Pick + Cher's 70th + Still More Prince-Tribute Drama + Help Fund This Gay Movie! Comments (0)

Modello_trans_Laith_Ashley_mostra_il_pacco_su_At-500x665(Image via Attitude)

*widget boy cultureKNOCKOUT! Trans model Laith Ashley covers Attitude with a Speedo and a thrown punch.

*widget boy cultureKevin Spacey impersonates Bill Clinton, roasts Trump at amfAR Cannes event: “Foreign films contain 2 things Donald Trump hates the most: foreigners & reading.”

*widget boy cultureOne of Trump's Supreme Court hopefuls (Work Unfriendly) has a nudie past, thinks people have no right to sex outside wedlock, is rumored to be a Karl Rove plant.

Full-Bill-Pryor-Gay-Porn3A-page-0(Image via Badpuppy/The Sword)

*widget boy cultureCher turned 70 this weekend. She was touched by all her fans' messages of love and support.

*widget boy cultureLinda Perry inadvertently shaded various Paisley Park artists, especially Sheila E., while explaining Billboard's bottom line in asking Madonna to salute Prince. 

*widget boy cultureYour chance to help a film about an AIDS activist falling in love (starring Alan Cumming, Wilson Cruz, Zachary Booth) is waiting here!

May 19 2016
Jay Roach On Sarah Palin & Donald Trump: SO POPULAR, SO UNPREPARED Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 4.30.03 PM(Video still via Larry King Now)

As it becomes clear that Donald Trump is seriously considering Sarah Palin as his running mate, director Jay Roach (Game Change) speaks about how Palin ushered in the Obama era ... but also led to the rise of Trump as a serious contender ...

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May 18 2016
Bitter, Democratic Party Of Loss Comments (0)

It's not just Clintonistas sensing bitterness in Bernie Sanders—Mother Jones asks the question:

The one thing I do keep wondering about is what happened to Bernie Sanders. Before this campaign, he was a gadfly, he was a critic of the system, and he was a man of strong principles. He still is, but he's also obviously very, very bitter. I wonder if all this was worth it for him? By all objective measures he did way better than anyone expected...

The writer, Kevin Drum, closes on a note of what sounds like genuine concern:

Usually these things fade with a bit of time. Politics is politics, after all. But for Bernie, it's always been more than politics. I wonder if he's ever going to get over this?

I know that people have been reminding everyone of the rancor in the Hillary/Obama race. I don't buy it. That was genuine at the time, and got angry, but there was always the sense that both were party loyalists. That isn't a bad thing, that is a marriage to the system in order to make it work for one's principles. So, when the contest wound down, Hillary didn't drop out, but she changed her rhetoric. Then, when it was over, she gave a gracious, unifying speech at the Democratic convention and she campaigned for Obama, even going on to work for and with him, closely.

That is not going to happen with Sanders. He is not a party loyalist. He despises the party, now probably more than ever. I would venture to say his advisors actually have him believing his campaign rhetoric—it's not that he lost, it's that the system was rigged against him. If it were, it never would've allowed him to come so close.

At any rate, I'll be surprised, very pleasantly surprised, if Sanders politely pulls out after California (a month after he should have) and begins an effort to get his supporters to vote for Hillary over Trump. Right now, the question isn't how Hillary 2008 he will be, but how Nader 2000 he'll be. Hopefully, as little as possible.

P.S. I've said before and I'll say again: Hillary is no shoo-in, even against Trump. Trump is very persuasive to a lot of angry and in some cases reckless, and in many cases conspiracy-minded gullibles. Recent national polls are almost pointless (he's within a the margin of error behind Hillary, but he also just clinched his nomination, and we also know that national polls are not what elect presidents, the electoral college is), but still, they do show that Trump is anything but out of the question. Even President Obama appears to be taking the possibility of Trump as his successor very seriously, rushing out regulations before a May deadline so Trump can't simply undo them.

6-PACK/politics — Fanning Out: 1st Gay Army Secretary + Mayor Sean Strub + Meghan McCain Brands Hillary Clinton TRULY EVIL + Sanders Takes Oregon + Is The Sanders Campaign Selling A Fantasy? + Mexico Prez Pushes For Gay Marriage! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureEric Fanning has been confirmed by the Senate as the first out gay Army Secretary.

*widget boy cultureActivist Sean Strub was unanimously confirmed as mayor in Milford Borough, Pennsylvania.

*widget boy cultureMeghan McCain claims Hillary Clinton is “truly evil,” will vote Trump, says Hillary “is responsible ... for getting people killed.” Um, your dad is John McCain, hello???

*widget boy cultureSanders takes Oregon, a rare closed-primary win for the senator.

*widget boy cultureTalking Points Memo argues that the Sanders campaign is ginning up his supporters' threatening actions by lying to them: He can't win, it's not rigged, stop pretending.

*widget boy culturePresident Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico is pushing for country-wide marriage equality there, embracing rainbow imagery.

May 17 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.59.56 AM(Video still via Mercury Records)

Sir Elton John is not my favorite public figure to be sure, but he should be applauded for contributing a heartfelt essay on the outrageous North Carolina HB2 law that has roiled the nation.

Writing for The Hill, John argues:

But what’s worse than the discriminatory bill itself, and the millions in taxpayer dollars [Gov. Pat] McCrory is wasting to defend it, is that the governor signed it after admitting he had never met a transgender person. Although McCrory later walked his statement back, the message he sent was clear: the actual experiences of transgender people have no place in a debate over their basic rights.

John goes on to say:

Shouldn’t our elected officials be able to say the same about the problems they’re trying to solve? Stigma and shame drive some of the biggest problems facing society’s most marginalized populations. An unacceptably high percentage of LGBT teens are severely bullied. Only 30 percent of Americans with HIV reach viral suppression, many too ashamed to seek appropriate care. The transgender homicide rate is at an all-time high, driven by fear and prejudice.

To address these problems, our leaders must first acknowledge their existence, as well as the existence of the people affected. And yes, that starts with bathrooms.

In summary, the man who was once fine with civil unions (and once married to a woman!) offers this powerful statement:

McCrory and others who support these discriminatory bathroom bills need to reverse course, but moreover, they need a lesson in compassion. They need to recognize the existence of trans people, and they need to acknowledge that all people have a fundamental desire—and a fundamental right—to be treated fairly.

Bravo, Sir Elton.


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